Packing Tips

How to Pack a Computer for Moving When Living in a Tech Hub Like Bay Area

If you plan to relocate around the Bay Area and don’t know how to pack a computer for moving, you might start feeling anxious. After all, this is the place where most computer experts live in the USA, so it would be a shame not knowing this. There is no need to damage your device during the relocation process – just follow our tips, and you and your device will be safe and ready to go.

How Do You Safely Pack a Computer? You Need to Follow Some Important Rules

Not knowing how to pack a computer might lead to unplanned expenses and lots of moving stress. To prevent this, you have to arm yourself with patience. Now you have an opportunity to learn something fun and interesting that you can use during different situations and for relocating various electronic devices

For relocating fragile items, such as computers, it is essential to follow some tips and use quality packing materials. This is the only way to relocate your device appropriately. After carefully packing it, you’ll also have to be extra patient about relocating and transporting it in a truck.

Couple reading about safety rules before relocating with Bay Area movers
If you follow our instructions, you’ll reduce the chances of damaging your device

Step One: Plan and Organize Your Move on Time if You Want to Be Efficient

If you have enough reasons to move and you found a dream house in one of the best places in the Bay Area, you can slowly start planning your move. And the sooner you begin, the better. Start by making a to-do list, and don’t forget to write down all the steps mentioned below. If you want to have an efficient move, it is crucial to follow all the steps properly, even if you’re relocating in a hurry.

Consider Decluttering and Recycling Old Electronics Instead of Moving Them

One of the first things to consider should be if your device is really worth relocating. If you have had it for years and it doesn’t work properly, maybe it is time for you to let it go. Why bother going through all the necessary steps, only to find out that you have to buy a new device as soon as you get to your new home? If you want to get rid of some electronic devices, look for convenient electronic waste disposal locations around your area. You can begin with some of the following:

You Should Back Up Your Data

If your device is worth relocating or you recently bought it, it is time for other parts of preparations. Begin the process appropriately by making a backup copy of your data. It is always good to do this from time to time – just ensure you don’t lose any precious memories or important documents that you store on your computer. You can save your files online, so you don’t have to worry about something getting lost in the process. 

Take Pictures Before Removing Cords

Another helpful preparatory step is taking pictures of the back of your device. It probably has a lot of cords plugged in, and you probably won’t remember how to insert them back in properly. Snap a quick photo and save it for later. Once you unpack and want to plug it back in after the move, just take a look at those pics, and you’ll know exactly what goes where. 

Don’t Risk With Disassembling Your Device Before Packing

Every techie will tell you that it is not recommended to disassemble your device before the relocation. Usually, the fragile parts of your device are inside the tower. If you disassemble it, you risk that software gets damaged from all the bumps and things you put over it for protection. Its metal coverage is there for protection, so don’t take unnecessary risks by taking it off. 

Person taking a picture with a phone
Capture the back of your device to remember how the cords were arranged

Gather All the Necessary Packing Supplies and Equipment That Can Be Helpful for Protecting Electronics

If you’re wondering how to pack a computer for shipping or a relocation, it is essential that you know how big of a difference quality materials can make. Good packing supplies are an important part of every move – no matter if you’re packing glasses, computers, or anything else from your home. If you invest in quality supplies, the chances of something getting damaged will be reduced to a minimum. That’s, of course, if you know how to use them properly. Begin with adding some of the following materials to your relocation expenses checklist:

  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Moving blankets, 
  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Ziplock bags. 

If You Haven’t Saved the Original Box, Try Making a Custom Kit and Pack Your Device Like Pro Movers

Sure, same as for packing TVs, you should have original packaging. Unfortunately, in most cases, people throw original boxes away because they don’t have where to store them. If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t worry. There are a few things you can do to fix this sort of “problem.” Try making a DIY version of a perfectly shaped and sized box that will protect your device. 

Custom crating is one of the most convenient options for people in your situation. Just ensure you take all the measurements at the beginning of the process. Buy cardboard and cut pieces following these measures. Then tape them together and your device will be perfectly covered. 

Professional movers in the Bay Area picking the right materials
You need to be extra careful when choosing supplies for protection

How Do I Pack My Computer to Move? Just Follow Our Instructions

Is it bad to move a desktop computer? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you do it properly. Just follow our instructions and everything should be fine. This short guide is something you can easily follow if you don’t know how to move a desktop computer:

  • Firstly – turn off the device and disconnect all the cables,
  • Take the tower,  wrap it with paper, and secure it all with pieces of tape,
  • Take the monitor, wrap this part as well and secure it with tape,
  • Ensure that the tape isn’t touching the monitor screen directly,
  • Take a box and insert a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom,
  • Carefully place the device inside – if it’s heavy, ask someone for help,
  • Keep the device in the upright position,
  • Add cushioning to fill the rest of the space around the device,
  • Gently shake it to see if anything moves inside,
  • If you notice unwanted movements – add more cushioning,
  • Close the box and tape it to prevent it from opening,
  • Label the box and write which side goes up.

Don’t Forget Peripheral Devices

You should also think of other important things such as the mouse, speakers and the keyboard. Once you get to them, you should also wrap them generously. Wrap every piece in a towel or use some other cushioning materials. After the first layer, add another one – this can be bubble wrap, for example, and secure it with tape. Once you secure this gadget, put it in a chosen container and add more cushioning to fill out empty spaces and prevent unwanted movement inside the box.

How Do You Transport a Desktop Computer?

If you wonder how to safely transport a PC, it is important to take some measures of precaution. Once you secure the device in a box, you should carefully lift it and take it to the truck or car. Towers can be heavy, so be careful, especially if you’re lifting it on your own. It is always better to get some assistance – if not from professional Bay Area movers, than from friends or family members. Carefully lift it by bending your knees and keeping your back straight, and take it to the desired place. 

Once you put it inside the truck, ensure that it is positioned right and follow the label that says which side goes up.  Using straps is ideal for preventing unwanted movements inside the truck. You can also place it between too steady pieces of furniture. Ensure it will stay in the upright position all the time – same when relocating a TV. Also, try not to put anything on top of this carton, especially other heavy boxes. 

Bay Area movers preparing a computer for relocating
If you don’t know how to transport a PC, you can always hire professional Bay Area movers for assistance

How to Pack a Laptop for Moving?

If you want to relocate a laptop, the best way to do it is to use its bag or a sleeve. Having this protective bag makes the process much easier. If you don’t have a specially designed sleeve or a bag for carrying your laptop, you should consider getting one. Laptops are made to be relocated often, so they are usually much more resistant but still need some sort of protection. After you pack it in its bag, you can add it to your box with essentials. Just don’t forget to put the charger inside as well. You’ll probably need it as soon as you get to your new home in one of many Bay Area towns

Guy putting a laptop in a bag
Keep your laptop close to you

Consider Hiring Professional Bay Area Movers in Case You Don’t Know How to Pack a Computer for Moving

If your device is very expensive and you don’t want to risk damaging it, you can always hire professionals for assistance. Our Bay Area moving company can be your first choice for different relocation needs. We have a trained team of Bay Area movers who know all the relocation hacks and can show you various moving tips that can make this process much easier. There is no risk of moving scams – we are a reputable company with thousands of satisfied clients. Everything from your packing list can be safely packed if you hire our packers and movers. Apart from that, you can also rely on our residential relocation service to relocate your entire household. There is also an apartment relocation service ideal for those living in buildings. 

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