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If planning on moving to The City of Angels, we recommend you start your journey by having strong and experienced professionals by your side. Feel free to call Golden Bay Relocation and let us help you get to LA in no time!

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Moving From San Francisco To Los Angeles? We Got You Covered!

More precisely, if you are looking for some Bay Area to Los Angeles movers, you are in the right place! Even though finding high-quality San Francisco to Los Angeles movers may seem like an impossible mission, Golden Bay Relocation has spent the last three decades proving that doesn’t need to be the case!

Given that Golden Bay Relocation has been providing moving services from San Francisco to Los Angeles for so many years, you can rest assured that our movers know exactly how to handle this type of long-distance move so that you can sit back and enjoy the view.

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The New Chapter of Your Life Starts by Moving From San Francisco to Los Angeles

Leaving one amazing city and moving to another one is a huge step, especially if we are talking about residential relocations. Switching to another model of living arrangements is difficult even a few blocks away, and the distance often makes it more challenging - even if it’s the City of Angels!

Like every other city-to-city move, San Francisco to Los Angeles moving has its difficulties. But if there’s something we have learned over the years is that a good support system can bring you places, and it’s exactly what our movers Bay Area to Los Angeles represent.

Moving companies from Bay Area to Los Angeles usually provide services per type of the services in question. We must admit that the general guidelines are truly helpful when it comes to the general frame and ways we organize the move.

However, what makes our movers San Francisco to Los Angeles - and our movers Los Angeles to San Francisco stand out is the unique approach to each and every move. So why shall we wait?

Let’s start the unique journey of moving you from San Francisco to Los Angeles today!

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Roman G.


Awesome crew. Packed everything carefully and quickly. Moving is pretty stressful, but the guys made the experience bearable. Good communication, prompt arrival, extremely nice packing, solid handling of several large pieces of furniture, flawless assembly and disassembly. We felt in strong, steady hands.


What Golden Bay Relocation can help you with is not just the operational part of moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We are there from the very first contact you make with our Agents to provide all the support you need, at the level you need it.

The process of hiring a moving company from San Francisco to Los Angeles depends on the company in question. What we at Golden Bay Relocation found to be the easiest way to track the progress of moving plans is to divide it into three logical sections:

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Getting a Quote for moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles

We at Golden Bay Relocation have tried to develop different options for the quote-obtaining process so that the clients can choose the one that suits them best.

Regardless of the option for obtaining quotes and learning more about our San Francisco to Los Angeles moving services, you can rest assured our Agents will go above and beyond in the intention to adjust our services to what you have envisioned for your upcoming moving project.

By getting the basic information about your move, we are basically starting the process of moving you from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

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Booking A Spot With The Best Movers From San Francisco To Los Angeles

After you have received a quote and learned about the price of having our professionals help you with moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you should bear in mind you can take all the time you need to think about the offer. Our quotes are non-obligatory, so you can relax and think about it at a pace that works for you best.

All you need to do in order to secure the spot on our calendar is to place the deposit - and the deposit is fully deductible towards the final cost of your move.

Unlike many other San Francisco to Los Angeles moving companies, or many Los Angeles to San Francisco movers, we want to make sure we are on the same page. There are no hidden fees that will surprise you at any time, and since we aren’t hiding anything, we like placing our agreement in writing.

That way, right after placing the deposit, you will receive a booking confirmation email with all the details, showing what we agreed and all the terms and conditions we agreed upon. We do what we can to make moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles as clean and simple as possible, and we believe that is what our clients appreciate.

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The Big Day

With our movers, Bay Area to Los Angeles - or vice versa relocations will be thoroughly planned and executed accordingly. You don’t need to worry about the possible challenges that may appear along the way, as our experienced movers have seen it all, and are ready to react in a way that secures the safety of you and your belongings, which is our main goal.

You will enjoy the flexibility, experience, and motivation our movers will put into your move like no other crew moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles will!

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What Is The Price Of Moving From San Francisco To Los Angeles?

One of the most significant, if not the most important characteristics of a certain moving company is the price for its services. With that being said, we would use the opportunity to point out that with Golden Bay Relocation you can enjoy moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or any other city, knowing the full and exact pricing upfront.

The main feature of moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles with Golden Bay Relocation is the flat-rate price.

Is The Flat Price Fair Price For Long Distance Relocations?

We have figured that charging hourly for nearly 400 miles moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles might not be in the best interest of our clients, and we have developed a whole assessment system for setting a price.

This simple questionnaire aims to describe to us the crucial details of your upcoming move, and helps us estimate what we will need to provide, the number of movers, vehicles, and materials we will need - and estimate the price accordingly.

We have mentioned that when moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles with us, you can expect your move to be approached individually, and this is a tool we use to assist us with that goal.

Evaluating the details obtained in the questionnaire is the process that allows us to estimate all the needed resources and provide you with the moving quote. As mentioned previously, quotes for moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles are all-inclusive and non-obligatory.

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Tools and equipment (padding supplies such as shrink wrap, moving blankets, tools, moving dollies);


The service of disassembling and assembling the furniture;


Packing all the pieces (using the packing materials you purchase from us or elsewhere);


Well-maintained moving truck to transport your belongings in;

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Basic Coverage Insurance;

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Moving From San Francisco To Los Angeles - Let’s Start Today!

No matter the direction of your move - and whether you need Los Angeles to San Francisco movers or vice versa, all you need to do in order to have our professionals complete everything for you is to get in touch with us! Let us take care of the rest!

Give us a quick call at (415)668-9562, request your quote online, or just send us an email at and let everything else be handled by the people who have been handling moving for the past thirty years!