The Ultimate Moving To-Do List For Your Relocation

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Organizing a move is an exciting opportunity to show your creativity and explore different options. Making a substantial moving to-do list should be your first goal – after that, if you follow your plan, everything should go smoothly and easily. If you don’t know where to begin with your plan, reading this article will give you a precise timeline that you can follow in order to organize everything in the best possible way.

One of the essential things to consider when writing down your list and planning your goals is the option to hire professional local movers in the Bay Area. Depending on the size of your move, priorities, and other responsibilities, you should decide for yourself if you need this kind of assistance. If you feel overwhelmed with many other obligations and find this process too stressful, hiring them can save your time and health.

How Do I Start Preparing to Move? Create the Ultimate Checklist

Preparing for a move is never easy, no matter how many times you go through this process. Every relocation brings out many challenges, but it is also an opportunity to avoid past mistakes and go through the process smoothly. Where to begin and how to start preparing for this? There is no one universal way and it depends on many factors. Once you chose one of the best places to live in the Bay Area and find a dream home, you should decide if the chosen neighborhood is suitable for your needs. For example, you should check the commute time to your workplace.

Another thing to consider, if you have children, is to check information about schools and safety. You have to prepare yourself for a possibly difficult period where you have to make many more important decisions. Deciding if you are going to go through this process alone, do you need to hire professionals for assistance and what belongings you have to relocate should be some of the first steps. If you have to transport many belongings and don’t own a suitable vehicle, hiring professionals might be the best solution that will help you avoid relocation stress.

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

There is no one checklist that can be applied to every situation – each move is unique, and some changes are required depending on your specific circumstances. You can start by making a going-away party and discussing your options with your close friends and family. Some of them can give you interesting suggestions and tips, depending on their personal knowledge and experience. After deciding about your priorities, you can follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and determine what of these steps can be applied to your move. The following timeline will help you look at the process throughout the wider picture and give you ideas about some things you should think about.

A person writing a monthly plan
Begin preparing by making a strict schedule for every upcoming week

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

After filing a San Francisco rental application and deciding which of the Bay Area towns is perfect for your new home, you should think about other technical questions. Begin by gathering important documents and organizing everything you need. If something significant isn’t up to date, make sure you deal with it on time. For example, get your medical transcriptionist, get insurance and sign up a contract with one of the best Bay Area moving companies.

Think About Your Budget Plan

If you’re on a budget and want to stay financially responsible during this period, making a relocation expenses checklist can be one of the steps in your list of things to do when moving. For example, once you decide how much you’re spending on your new apartment, you can think about getting needed supplies or paying professional assistance. Some of the moving companies in the Bay Area can offer you a free quote so you’ll know an exact price for potential services. Also, if you are relocating a piano or other valuable items, think about how much you’re willing to pay for insurance for those belongings.

Transfer Utilities to Your New Address

Another important thing to add to your to-do list for moving is transferring utilities to your new address and changing your address. This is an essential step, especially if you are relocating on a budget – there is no need to pay utilities for two places in the same month, and that might happen if you forget to transfer them on time. You will also avoid mixing up your payments with other owners or residents.

Declutter – Donate, Sell, and Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

The beginning of the process is the ideal period for deciding which belongings you want to get rid of, what are the objects you want to relocate and use at your new home, and what are the items that are still in good condition, but you won’t be using them in the future. Apart from stacking everything in the storage, you can also donate some of these items or even sell them to earn some extra money that can be used for other things.

Man calculating if he has enough money to hire Bay Area movers
Plan your budget

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving?

If you want to move efficiently and stay organized, there are some steps you should follow as your relocation time approaches, at least a few weeks in advance. Once you made a moving and packing list and decided what belongings you are going to relocate and what you are going to get rid of, you can start making other arrangements like looking for child care and rescheduling work obligations. If you are relocating with pets, you should also make someone in charge of them and ask your friends if they are available on suitable dates.

Gather Packing Supplies

Once you take care of upper mentioned steps, it’s time to find quality packing materials. Some of the things, like boxes, you can gather from local stores and markets – without needing to buy ones. Unfortunately, the size and quality of these boxes are questionable, so if they don’t fit your needs, you should find better ones, as well as buy other supplies, including:

There are also some alternative methods to pack fragile belongings and protect them with things you already have at your home, like blankets and towels.

Start Packing Items You Don’t Use Frequently Weeks Earlier

Once you gathered all the needed equipment and consulted your relocation company about the items movers won’t move, you can finally begin packing, and the most important question is – what to pack first? Begin this process with objects you don’t use frequently – storage inventory, seasonal clothing, and Christmas ornaments should be first, as well as anything else you find unimportant for everyday usage.

Plastic wrap
Gather all the necessary equipment and supplies few weeks in advance

What Should I Do 2 Weeks Before Relocation?

When this period comes, you can slowly begin packing other, more significant belongings and leaving only essentials. If you have some furniture pieces that can be disassembled, you can start thinking about the way to do it and finding the right equipment for this procedure. This is also a period when you can check for potential delays and do necessary rearrangements – there is no need to leave this for the last minute.

Man using a tablet
This is a convenient period for potential rearrangements

Things You Should Do a Week Before the Big Day

Last week doesn’t have to be the busiest and most stressful one, especially if you followed all the previously mentioned steps. This week can be used for some routine expectations of your home once it is partly empty. If you find some damages, you can make small repairs. You should also get rid of opened food – you can either donate it or throw it away. Last week is also a convenient time for cleaning your home.

Prepare a Box With Essentials – You’ll Need it For the First Day at Your New Home

There is one more important step is preparing a box with essentials. This box should include all of the belongings you are using daily. For example, most people prepare toothbrushes and other toiletries, clean and comfortable clothes and shoes, medicines, and chargers. If you think there is anything else you are going to need on your first day and night at your new home, feel free to include it as well. This video can give you some interesting ideas.

What to Do on the Relocation Day

Moving list of things to do on the relocation day usually includes protecting your floors and fragile surfaces that might get damaged during the process. Do a final walkthrough to check if you left something behind. Professionals can remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. They can also assist you with assembling your furniture pieces. You should also supervise movers and give them instructions. If you’re pleased with their services, make sure to tip them according to your possibilities.

Professional Bay Area movers unloading the truck
Make sure to supervise your movers

What to Do Once You Get to Your New Home? First Day Tips

List of things to do when moving into a new house might begin with cleaning it. Apart from doing that on your first day, some of the necessary actions include checking the moving inventory list. You should also check if all the utilities are working and writing down if some of the things from your contract aren’t there. For example, you should check if previous owners left everything they included in the price. Apart from that, if some of the things are broken or damaged, make sure you notify landlords about it. After inspecting everything, you can start unpacking and exploring your new neighborhood, as well as making interior arrangements.

Man writing a checklist
Check if all of your belongings got to your new place

Make Hiring Professional Bay Area Movers One of Your Moving to-Do List Priorities

Choosing reliable movers in the Bay Area should be one of the priority steps in your organization. Golden Bay Relocation Company is a trustworthy moving company in the Bay Area. Apart from offering you excellent commercial relocation and residential relocation services, suitable for both or your home and business moves, they can also show you some interesting hacks – for example, how to pack fragile items or how to pack books for relocation. Our responsive customer service can answer any questions that you may have. You can also require a free quote if you want to calculate potential expenses. Contact us at any time and choose a suitable date for your local move.

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