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You don’t need to worry about the narrow stairs, tiny elevators, or confusing HOA requirements for safety anymore! We are here to show you that apartment moving can be simple and enjoyable if you know how to execute it!!

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Throughout the three decades of providing apartment moving services in the Bay Area, we have learned that people often think apartment relocations are small-sized and simple, especially if they’re moving locally. We’ve heard that many people base their choice on not even considering hiring professional apartment movers based on this misconception.

Apartment moving companies exist for a good reason, as they are meant to deal with all the difficulties that apartment moving brings. To alleviate all the stress you are under and make sure you complete your move successfully – find and choose the right apartment moving services as soon as you know you will be changing yours! We believe that we at Golden Bay Relocations have the right apartment movers for you!

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If there’s anything our experience has taught us - it’s that there is no non-complex move. If you’re about to move out or into a new building, you’ll have lots of things to do, even if you’re moving to a new place down the block. This places a lot of stress on your shoulders, and trust us when we say that apartment moving companies exist for a reason - to get that burned off your shoulders right away!

There are many Bay Area apartment moving companies to choose from, but you want to make sure you choose a trustworthy company and one that won’t burn through your services. So, let us introduce ourselves a bit and share some tips on how to move successfully!

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Getting a Quote for Moving an Apartment

First things first - in order to make sure which Bay area moving services provider works for you best, it seems reasonable to start comparing them by checking their pricing. Making sure that the price of receiving professional help for moving an apartment matches your budget is crucial and creates the very base of future planning. Price is often the one element that decides which apartment movers nearby you should go with.

With Golden Bay Relocation, you can rest assured that the process of learning our pricing won’t take much of your precious time. We will ask all the right questions in order to get the correct information about your upcoming apartment moving project and make sure to provide you with the most accurate estimate on the number of apartment movers and vehicles you will need.

But how do you exactly make the first step and request a quote?

You can request a quote from Golden Bay Relocations’ apartment movers by choosing one of the two options that suit you better:

Requesting a quote online - By entering the basic information about your apartment moving projects, such as your preferred date and time of your move, along with your contact information - you are leaving all the necessary info for our Sales Team to contact you at the time that works best for you. You can do that by filling in this simple form;

Give us a phone call - Call us at any time at (415)668-9562 as we are available seven days a week until the late afternoon hours! Our Sales Team will give you all the needed pricing information for our apartment moving services right away!

Unlike many other movers in San Francisco Bay area, Golden Bay Relocation offers a chance to learn about the cost of moving an apartment completely free of charge! Whether you decide to contact us via our website or by giving us a call, your quote will be provided at no cost! Our quotes are also non-obligatory, so you will have plenty of time to think and decide whether our apartment movers are the right choice for you.

The sooner you start enquiring about prices among different apartment moving companies, the sooner you will be able to compare them and choose the right movers in San Francisco Bay area! Since inquiring about the cost of apartment moving services with Golden Bay Relocation is completely free of charge and with no strings attached, we strongly encourage you to reach out and get your quote today! Our experienced Sales Agents will gladly assist you and answer each question that you may have.

Cost of Hiring Apartment Movers: It Doesn’t Need to Be High!

We often hear a misconception that hiring professional apartment movers who provide high-quality services costs a fortune. While we can’t really say that professional moving services are cheap, we can definitely say they can be affordable, and that we at Golden Bay Relocation take great pride in making sure our prices are.

We at Golden Bay Relocation believe that all apartment moving companies need to be fully transparent about each and every detail of conducting the business. The only fair way of working in the industry is by allowing the client to make an informed decision on what works for him best.

The exact cost of apartment moving services will depend on the exact number of apartment movers and vehicles that will be needed in order to complete your move.

Bear in mind that for every type of moving service, including apartment moving, our prices are hourly-based. There is a 3-hour minimum charge for every move, regardless of its size. Most importantly - there are no hidden fees that will pop up along the way.

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I had a great experience working with Golden Bay Relocation. They were punctual and very professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that our furniture was place in the right place(s). I would definitely work with them again!


How do we estimate the number of movers that will match perfectly your apartment moving needs and expectations?

What our Agents at Golden Bay Relocation will take into consideration when providing you with the individualized moving plan and quote are these crucial elements:


Stairs and elevators - Architecture plays an important role when planning on moving an apartment as it can affect the style, speed, and efficiency, especially when there are heavy items involved.


List of items - The volume of the items is an important factor, as a studio apartment can be packed from top to bottom, and a 3-bedroom place half-empty;

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Size of the apartment - its square footage will tell us a lot, given that the crew of 2 apartment movers will be able to handle a 600sqft flat, but it might not be the best choice for a four-bedroom place of 2000sqft;

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Heavy items - Pianos, gun safes, armoires, heavy desktops, or any other types of sensitive, bulky, or heavy pieces will require more movers;

Golden Bay Relocation takes quoting very seriously. This phase of move planning will set the basics for the future steps, and we will not only provide you with the written information after your move is booked as an agreement on terms and conditions on both sides but will also provide you with the apartment moving quote in writing as well.

Bear in mind that, unlike many other apartment movers, our prices are hourly-based and all-inclusive, so no hidden fees will pop up along the way.

In order to get the full, completely free, and non-obligatory moving quote that is tailor-made to match your exact moving needs - we encourage you to give us a quick call at (415)668-9562 or request a quote online, and we will be more than happy to make your commercial moving plan in the blink of an eye!

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Booking Apartment Movers Has Never Been Easier!

We have mentioned that unlike many other movers in San Francisco Bay area, our quotes are non-obligatory. Some people recognize right away that our services sound right for what they are looking for, while others would like to see what other apartment movers can offer. In both cases, placing your reservation on our schedule is just the cherry on top of the cake!

Scheduling a team of our apartment movers to help you out happens when placing down the deposit. The deposit is fully applicable towards the final amount of your move, which means that at the end when calculating the expenses, the leader of the apartment movers' group will deduct it right away.

Another perk of scheduling a move with apartment movers from Golden Bay Relocation is the flexibility of that process, too. Even though most bookings are completed over the phone, we have the online scheduling option available as well! Booking a move through the booking link on the Mod24 platform allows you not only to schedule your move but to get various discounts and benefits for your upcoming but also your future moves, as well!

Right after placing the deposit, you will receive a booking confirmation email, as we want to make sure we are on the same page - and to ensure our apartment movers know exactly what it is you expect from the moving day itself.

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Moving With The Best Apartment Movers Nearby!

We at Golden Bay Relocation believe that good organization and efficient planning is the key to a successful move. Before our apartment movers arrive, they will be fully familiar with the plan our Agents have individualized to specifically match your expectations.

No matter how big or small your apartment and move are – we can handle it with great efficiency and in no time. We will disassemble all your heavy furniture, have them even professionally packed if you decide so, and load them into our truck. If our apartment movers set foot in your home, you can rest assured that all your furniture will be handled with proper care so as not to be damaged.

We pay special attention to fragile items, so if you have any large mirrors, delicate lamps, glasses, and other sensitive items, know that they are safe in the hands of our movers. The same goes for the floors and walls of your old and new home – you will go damage-free through this experience, and it’s the goal we share!

Golden Bay Relocation: Apartment Movers You Can Trust

To alleviate all the stress you are under and make sure you complete your move successfully – find and choose the right apartment moving services as soon as the idea of moving starts to arise. There are many movers in San Francisco Bay area to choose from, but you want to make sure you choose a trustworthy company and one that won’t burn through your services.

There is no Bay area moving services alike, we are confident to say it!

Our apartment movers have 7-15 years of experience per capita and are hardworking, knowledgeable, dependable, and courteous. They can help you in every aspect of the apartment moving process and offer useful insight and tips you couldn’t get anywhere else. We pride ourselves on our reputation, so there’s no place to worry about any major disappointments – if you hire us, you will have a satisfied smile on your face when our professionals complete your move and set out to leave.

We have mentioned that preparing for moving into an apartment is a complex task that requires time. As soon as you learn you will need to move, start preparing! It may be good to emphasize that not only apartment-to-apartment relocations are what our apartment movers can help you with, as there are so many variations!

One thing remains certain, no matter the variations: Golden Bay Relocation can help you organize and execute any apartment moving project! Contact us so we enjoy the journey together!

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It is always useful to keep in mind some of the most recognizable features of apartment moving that we at Golden Bay Relocation find to be the standard of providing professional help when moving an apartment.

All-inclusive prices mean that other than paying for a crew of experienced and skillful apartment movers your rate also includes:


Tools and equipment (padding supplies such as shrink wrap, moving blankets, tools, moving dollies);


The service of disassembling and assembling the furniture;


Packing all the pieces (using the packing materials you purchase from us or elsewhere);


Well-maintained moving truck to transport your belongings in;


Basic Coverage Insurance;

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Apartment Movers That Not Only Move But Also Pack!

An amazing perk you might’ve not known is that when hiring professional apartment movers, you aren’t necessarily hiring just a team of movers. Depending on the volume of service you decide to go with, our apartment movers can also pack!

We have mentioned that we are one of the rare apartments moving companies that create tailor-made moving plans for each and every move we accommodate. The base of every moving plan is consisting of one of the three main volumes of services:

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Standard Service

Our apartment movers will provide you with the moving services only, with no packing of any kind included in addition. It is expected that you will be packed and ready to move once the crew arrives;

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Partial Packing

Includes everything that a standard service does, but there is as well partial packing help included – meaning that we do some light packing of certain items for FREE! If you’d like to purchase your packing supplies from us, be aware that these are additionally charged per item used - or you can purchase their own supplies for our packers and movers to use;

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Full Packing Service

The best choice for a carefree move! This means our apartment movers will pack everything, move everything, and unpack everything at your new place! We require 1 additional mover for this service, but the service itself is not charged additionally, which is not something you can expect of every other apartment moving company. And again, you can either purchase your packing supplies from us, for what you will be charged per item used, or we will be using yours.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

If you are getting ready for your apartment move but you aren’t sure if there is a Bay area moving company that can help you solve your unique situation – don’t worry. Our experienced apartment movers have dealt with various different kinds of moves, and they can help with every aspect of a move – from packing to storage. To put it simply – we’ve seen it all and done it all!

No matter how unusual or complex your situation may seem to you – chances are we’ve encountered such a situation at least once in the thirty years we’ve been in this business!

If you are hoping on going through your upcoming move with ease, give us an opportunity to show you that our apartment movers can make that idea come true!