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Since most of the local moving companies are charging hourly rates, you should pay your local movers once the service is done and they calculate the number of hours they needed to finish your move. With Golden Bay movers you are paying at the end of the move because we have hourly rates and 3 hours minimum. After that minimum price is the same, but prorated into 15 minutes increments.

This is something that depends on a moving company. If your local movers in the Bay Area have a storage unit, they will be able to store your furniture. On the other hand, if that is not the case, you should find a storage unit and your preferred movers will move you in or out of a storage unit.

Ikea furniture is usually light weighted and your local movers will help you out with moving Ikea items. When it comes to Ikea furniture the only thing that almost every professional moving company will decline is disassembly or reassembly of Ikea furniture because it is not safe and the quality is not the best.

If you want to have a smooth and stress free local moving, you should consider hiring professional movers. No matter how big or small your move is, moving can easily get overwhelming. Professional moving help will support you throughout the local relocation. They will help you with planning, organizing and performing your move.

The safest option is to have someone who moved recently and can refer you to a local moving company to help you out. If that is not the case, the internet is your best friend! Type on your search ‘local movers near me’ or ‘furniture movers near me’ and start reading about them. You will have to call a few places to get moving quotes and hear more about their services.

When you call professional movers their customer service department will listen more about your move and based on all the information you provide them with, they will recommend you a number of movers that can safely and efficiently and you should listen to their advice because they have experience with different types of moves. >

Every professional moving company has its own policy when it comes to weight or the type of items they don’t move. Usually movers won’t take anything that is out of their limits. In case you have something you are not sure can be moved, don’t forget to mention to your local movers and confirm with your movers whether they can take it or not.

Local movers that are experienced and professional offer service of disassembly and reassembly of your items as a part of their standard service. Not only is it safer, but this is the only way they can utilize the space in a moving truck in order that everything fits.

Unfortunately, not every local movers are licensed. When hiring a local moving company you should always check if they are licensed because you don’t want to have someone who is shady handling your belongings and spending time in your home.

If you hired a licensed moving company, you have someone who is insured as well. Most of the local moving companies in the Bay Area are offering basic coverage insurance that is regulated for all movers. But if you would like to have third party insurance, you can feel free to do so.