The List Of Best Bay Area Towns To Move To In 2021

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If you are a California resident, you most likely know all the amazing things associated with the Bay. This incredible part of the West Coast is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the country, and for a good reason. Many Bay Area towns have anything you can think of, from family-friendly communities to the best places to party for students.

What Cities Are Considered Bay Area?

The Bay Area is a part of North California, with approximately 7,1 million residents. If you wonder how many cities are in the Bay Area, there are 9 counties and 101 municipalities, with metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. In this part of The Golden State, you can find virtually anything and everything, from job opportunities to beautiful places for a staycation in San Francisco.

People of all ages and ethnicities come here in hopes of finding a great life, and most of them would tell you they have found just that. The list of cities is quite long, so there is no chance you won’t find your dream place. Towns vary in size and characteristics, but you will quickly realize which one is the best fit with our guide. We will mention some of the most popular ones, besides SF, obviously:

What Makes the Bay so Special?

Thousands and thousands of people are relocating to this region every year. For a local move, we have you covered. Golden Bay Relocation is here for everything you need, but first, you must decide which town is the right choice and within your moving expenses checklist. Our list of best towns in Bay Area can help you with this task.

The development of this region dates back to the days of the Gold Rush, and in recent days it has Silicon Valley (south part of the region) to thank for its remarkable economic growth. Silicon Valley is one of the world’s most successful tech centers. With San Jose as its largest city, Silicon Valley is one of the best places to be a young professional. However, don’t think that San Francisco and the surrounding areas are only for techies and start-up investors. Rural areas and beautiful nature are pretty standard. Just think of the Wine Country and numerous parks, beaches, and hiking trails you can find here.

Golden Gate area view
This place has it all, from nature to tech

What Is the Best Place to Live in the Bay Area? Let’s Choose Your Fit Among Different Bay Area Towns

Well, the answer to this question depends on what exactly you are looking to find in your new town. Writing down your criteria should be one of the first items on your to-do list, right after you go through tenants’ rights. What brings so much charm to the region is the contrast between high tech and nature. Whatever you need, you can find it relatively close to San Francisco. Who wouldn’t want to live around all that beauty? Now that we have your attention, let’s go through the list we’ve promised. Are you ready?

steep streets in San Francisco
Ready to find your dream home?

San Jose Is a Metropolitan City That Can Meet All of Your Needs

The seat of Santa Clara County, located in the south of the region, San Jose is an excellent example of economic growth. It has over 1,000,000 residents, and most of them own their homes. Of course, housing prices are sky-high, considering that this is the heart of Silicon Valley, but the life you get here is worth all that spending.

Close to SF and Has Everything From Great Schools to Restaurants

Having a home here means access to culture, nightlife, nature, highly rated public schools, and so on. Do you want a park close by because you’re relocating with pets, or a fancy restaurant, maybe a place to buy good coffee? No problem, you will have it all. Drive to SF will only take you about an hour, so this is one more benefit this place has to offer.

San Jose high rise
Silicon Valley is the tech heaven of which San Jose is a part of

Oakland Is an Eventful City in the Center of the Area

With its central location in the East Bay, Alameda County, the City of Oakland has excellent access to any town in the region. Residents say there are plenty of events and places to check out, so it’s unlikely you’ll get bored here. The population here is about 400,000, so if you don’t want an extremely large or too small city, this is the place somewhere in the middle.

Oakland Has Plenty of Diversity and Quick Access to SF by Train

The residents are of many different ethnicities, so this is a great place to fit in, especially for the kids. In addition to that, public and private schools are mostly highly rated. Families can easily find their home here, but so can singles. Opportunities are numerous, and in the unlikely case you don’t find the one for you close by, the train ride to SF takes about 15 minutes. Good thing there’s BART, right?

Oakland harbor during the day
Oakland is one of the most important harbors in the region

Walnut Creek Isn’t Just a Place for Retirees

Located in the east part of the region, just south of Pleasant Hill, this city gives such a peaceful vibe. People of all ages can find a place to call home in Walnut Creek. This is one of those cities with many career opportunities for the young, but you can also find a park or a nice restaurant to have a relaxing afternoon. Kids can attend A-rated schools, so if you’re relocating with a family, you don’t have to worry about that. No matter where you are in life right now, this could be a place you will love.

Walnut Creek Is a Shopaholic’s Heaven

If you like to shop, we have good news for you. Walnut Creek has so many shops and malls that you will have a hard time deciding your favorite place. Shopaholics will simply love it here – there’s no doubting that.

family with kids packing
Walnut Creek has been attracting many families lately

Palo Alto Is a Great Choice for Families With Kids

South of San Francisco lies a beautiful neighborhood called Palo Alto, part of Santa Clara county. One of the many great reasons to move here is that the community does everything they can to be eco-friendly and take care of their nature around the town they call home. The place is suitable for riding bikes, and the streets are pretty clean. You won’t have to worry about finding a park or a nice view, that won’t be a problem.

Palo Alto Is One of the Best Towns for Educational Opportunities

We must say that this is one of the pricey neighborhoods, indeed, but the opportunities to learn are enormous, so that would be an investment in your child’s future. Besides being the home to the prestigious Stanford University and a part of Silicon Valley, this town has several highly-rated public and private schools, which guarantees many possibilities. Students also like it here, and the proximity to San Francisco only adds to that. It won’t even take you an hour – you need about 40 minutes to The City.

Stanford University yard
One of the Palo Alto bright stars is Stanford University

Berkeley – Best Town for Students and Young Professionals

Even though Berkeley is considered one of the best places in California, period, we should emphasize that it is extra suitable for students. Berkeley is the home of the University of California. Places for partying and fun activities are numerous here, so if you like fast life and excitement, look no further than Berkeley, this is the place for young people full of excitement.

Berkeley Offers Delicious Food, With a Lot of Choices That Will Make You Hungry Just Reading About Them

The town is commonly known as one of the cities with the most diverse food choices you can find in the region of California overall. It offers impressive places to eat good, old fast food, but if you want something a bit more sophisticated, there are countless great restaurants in Berkeley with any kind of international cuisine you can think of. For more ideas on what you can do in this city, check out the video below.

Santa Clara – One of the Best Places in California

This town in Santa Clara County, the south part of the region, is very highly positioned on the list of best places to live in California. It is expensive, truthfully, but any current resident would tell you that it is clean and safe here, which is worth a high price. Families and young professionals both like this city.

Santa Clara Is Friendly and Relaxing

Schools are pretty good, highly rated, plus the community is tightly bound and friendly. Coffee shops or a park with a pretty view are not hard to come by. Santa Clara is one of the cities where you can walk around or run in the mornings and just relax. So, if you like to feel like a part of the community and live in a peaceful neighborhood, we would suggest you keep this as one of your options

friends in the restaurant
Santa Clara is considered a friendly neighborhood where you can feel welcome

Lafayette Is a Small and Safe Suburb in Contra Costa County

Lafayette is a suburb of Oakland in Contra Costa County, and it is one of the best places in the region. It is considered a safe neighborhood, a small town close to all the big cities in the region and connected by BART, but it is spared most of the hustle and bustle.

Lafayette’s Strong Features Include Great Climate and Popularity Amongst Families and Retirees

The city is usually thought of as a popular place amongst retirees, and it is, but lately, there have been more and more families coming here since the educational system is quite good and offers a lot to the children. Climate is excellent, and it allows for a lot of outdoor activities. One of them is hiking, and there are many lovely trails nearby. All in all, this is a town with a strong sense of community, but not the most diverse one.

area view of Lafayette
Lafayette is one of Oakland’s most popular communities

Mountain View Has a Friendly Community and Outstanding Views

As the name suggests, Mountain View allows its residents beautiful views of the mountain ranges. The place, located east of Los Altos, is considered family-friendly and has an excellent school choice. It’s a safe neighborhood with a welcoming and helpful community, and they also have a community center that is offering a lot to the residents.

Mountain View Is an Excellent Choice for a Peaceful, Quiet Life

With various amenities, this place has everything nearby, and nothing is hard to find, park, coffee shop, restaurant, it’s all there. Only 45 minutes from San Francisco, this place is sweet and calm. If you are looking for something a bit more upbeat, this is probably not the neighborhood for you.

houses in the suburbs
If you want quiet, suburban life, look no further, choose Mountain View

Now That You’ve Decided, Let Our Local Movers in Bay Area Help You Move

We believe you have carefully thought through it all – which places are for families and which are for young professionals? Which towns are the best Bay Area beach towns, and which ones are for hiking? What is the most expensive, and what is the cheapest city to live in the Bay Area? All there’s left to do is hire the best out of all the Bay Area moving companies.

If you are ready to move efficiently and without experiencing moving stressGolden Bay Relocation is here to help. Enjoy your residential moving with the best Bay Area movers. Our packers and movers will make sure your fragile items stay intact during the move because they know all moving hacks, and they will ensure you don’t leave behind some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. All you need to do is relax and organize a moving away party with no worries because we’ve got you. Contact us to book your move with the most exquisite Bay Area moving company!

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