Here’s The Ultimate List Of Items Movers Won’t Move, So You Know What Not To Pack

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We hope that you don’t think leaving a relocation of a loaded gun to a professional moving company is a good idea. If you do, read this text about items movers won’t move, and we’ll show you many reasons why this isn’t a very smart solution and how it can get potentially dangerous. We’ll also give you more information about other things most of the companies won’t relocate and explain to you further how to deal with these belongings.

Even though approximately 45 million Americans move each year, many of them are surprised by the fact that this process begins before the packing phase. To ensure your experience goes smoothly and easily, you need to stay organized and well informed. Many restricted and potentially hazardous belongings can be found in your garage or storage space, and you shouldn’t find out they are forbidden on the day of your move. After reading this article and finding an ideal moving company in the Bay Area, contact them and ask about every item you find potentially inappropriate, and discuss your further actions with them.

What Items Will Movers Not Move?

Do movers move everything? Of course not. You might even get shocked once you find out how many things you possess in your home or storage are forbidden or even hazardous in the moving process. Apart from dangerous materials and belongings, there are some things you might find irrelevant such as living plants, but they are also forbidden. Other inventories you should include in your checklist before you start preparing are important documents are perishable items like food or valuable stuff like jewelry and laptops. Luckily, if you’re planning a local move, you can transport most of these belonging to your new home in your own arrangement, for example, in your car. Other things you can’t transport should be donated or gifted, or you could simply throw them away. Keep reading to find out more about these things.

Will Movers Move Things Not in Boxes?

What won’t movers move, and should you pack everything in boxes in order to require professional assistance? Most companies require that everything should be in a closed box if you want them to relocate your belongings. If you don’t know how to pack books or struggle to pack fragile objects, you can always hire professional packers and movers in the Bay Area for their packing services. They can help you pack plates or pack glasses for moving and show you many helpful relocation hacks.

On the other hand, there are some bulky objects in your home that simply can’t fit in a box, such as furniture or bed frames that can’t be disassembled. If you own these kinds of belongings, don’t worry, most of them can be moved without boxes, you just need to protect them with suitable packing materials. For some of them, you might also need special equipment. For example, if you want to move a piano, you’ll probably need a specialized dolly, and it might be safer to hire professional movers in San Francisco for this task.

Writing a list
Decide about your priorities and don’t take unnecessary risks

Any Potentially Hazardous Material Are Strictly Forbidden, Especially Flammables and Explosives

Anything that’s easily flammable or even explosive is considered hazardous, so professionals won’t accept them. Not only are they dangerous for local movers in the Bay Area, but for you as well. They can also be dangerous for animals if you’re moving with pets. Our strong suggestion is not to relocate them on your own. Most of these supplies can be easily replaced, and they aren’t worth the risk of transport. It would be best if you repurchased them once you get to your new home. If in some cases you have to move them on your own, follow all the safety precautions and stay extra careful at all times. You might be surprised by the number of accidents that occur every year because people don’t follow safety instructions and don’t take this procedure seriously. Hazardous materials professionals won’t move include:

Hazardous Materials Should Be Moved to Dump

Once you start organizing your move and making a to-do list, ensure getting rid of these materials instead of packing them. The best way to dispose of them is to take them to the neighborhood’s local hazardous waste facility drop-off. Most of the neighborhoods have particular locations and centers where you can leave these materials knowing they will be disposed of correctly. Please, do not simply throw them away in your garbage. By doing that, you might cause serious harm to your environment or people who pick up your trash.

Burning flame
Anything flammable and explosive is strictly prohibited

Live Plants Aren’t Usually Permitted

This might feel disappointing, and we get it. You spend many years taking care of your precious plants that you grow patiently. Unfortunately, some professionals are not allowed to move certain plant species because of state laws and regulations. These laws are mainly made to prevent the spreading of harmful insects, pests, and diseases. Before making a final decision, check the State Plant Regulatory Officials. 

You Can Gift Plants to Your Friends if They Don’t Fit Your New Apartment

In case that you can’t move your plants for any reason, you don’t need to get rid of them. There are several things you can do, especially if they are healthy. Your going away party might be a perfect opportunity to give them to your best friends or family members. You’ll feel better knowing they are in safe hands, and someone will take care of them as much as you did.

You should also do this if they, for some reason, don’t fit into your new home space. Another option, if you feel like they’ll be perfect for your new apartment, is to relocate them on your own. While doing this, you need to ensure that potted plants are wrapped with quality plastic wrap and secured inside the relocation vehicle so they don’t get damaged. This convenient video shows how to pack a plant without damaging it.

Consider Throwing Away Perishable Food

Throwing food away can be sad and depressing, especially if you think about many people in the world struggling for it. Unfortunately, relocating opened food containers, especially perishable ones, is a bad idea. These belongings can make more mess than well-being if you try to relocate them. Some items can spill out and cause unnecessary damage to your other, much more valuable possessions.

Knowing the fact that most people move during the summer months, you should also be aware of the fact that high temperatures might speed up the spoilage of some perishable foods. Keep in mind that conditions in the relocation vehicle, no matter if we’re talking about a professional relocation truck or your car, are far from that inside of your refrigerator, especially if you consider temperatures that might get even higher than the outside if the vehicle is parked under the sun.

You Can Donate or Throw Away Perishable Items Instead of Moving Them

If some food has been in your refrigerator for too long, and no one eats it, it’s for the best that you throw it away before it gets smelly, no matter if you’re moving or not. In case it is still in good condition, you can donate it to those in need. This step will definitely help you avoid unnecessary moving stress.

Consider donating food instead of throwing it away

Important Documents

If you want to move efficiently, another thing you should take care of before the process begins is organizing your important documents. It doesn’t make much sense to pack your medicine prescriptions, medical records, or contract with your relocation company together with your other belongings that are less significant. Keep in mind that you might need some of the essential documents for changing your utilities or your job even before you start unpacking. Keep them in your essentials bag that you’ll have with you all the time. Professionals shouldn’t be responsible for your important documents.

US passport
You should keep important documents with yourself

Jewelry and Valuable Things

Many companies have strict policies when it comes to relocating valuable items such as family heirlooms. They don’t necessarily need to have large market value, and this can be applied to other belongings you find sentimentality valuable. You need to be aware that professionals need to transfer many boxes and objects, and it is always possible that something gets damaged or lost in the process. Unfortunately, insurance can’t cover something sentimentally priceless.

Tablets, Cell Phones, and Laptops

Personal electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones, are something to keep with yourself during the relocation process, according to many companies’ policies. Professionals can’t guarantee you the safety of these items, especially if you pack them yourself and don’t protect them carefully. Some companies can even ask you to sign off the liability of these belongings before the process starts.

Jewelry box
Some companies refuse to be responsible for sentimental valuables

Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item?

It is possible to hire professionals to relocate individual objects, especially if you want to relocate a piano or other large and fragile things. Most companies already have specific rates for these kinds of relocation services, and they can also be added to your regular relocation service. If you want to relocate one specific object, consult with your company’s customer service and ensure that they provide that kind of service.

Bay Area mover trying to lift a piano
You can hire professionals to move one specific object depending on their policy

Check With Your Bay Area Moving Company to See What Items Movers Won’t Move

Once you find your dream home in one of the beautiful Bay Area towns, it’s time to hire professionals. Golden Bay Relocation is a reliable company that can guarantee you the safety of all allowed belongings you decide to trust them with. Contact us if you have any questions about things our San Francisco movers don’t move, and we’ll kindly guide you through the process. Our Bay Area movers can offer you excellent residential relocation as well as commercial relocation services and remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Our Bay Area moving company can also provide you a free quote if you want to include potential costs into your moving expenses checklist. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time if you have any other concerns or experience any inconveniences, and we’ll do anything in our power to help you.

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