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As a top-ranked San Francisco-based local moving company Golden Bay Relocation is fully equipped to handle all of your storage needs.

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Are You In Need For Local Movers Near You?

Recent statistics have shown that 40% of Americans who move will need local movers, given that they move within a 50-mile radius of their previous home!

This means local moving services are the most popular relocation option in the country. If you’re planning to move soon, we recommend you to do so with the professional help of one of the local moving companies, as there are so many benefits of hiring one!

But just to make it clear - not every single one of the local moving companies nearby will work. You should always look for an option for hiring the best professionals in local moving nearby, and that is why Golden Bay Relocation is here for you!

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If you are hoping to find local movers who are:

Punctual movers Bay Area located;

Client-oriented local moving experience or

Affordable local moving helpers

Golden Bay Relocation is just the right local moving company for you!

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Faiz Munshi


The team that showed up at my house were courteous, professional, and worked hard to complete the move in one day. The pricing team was upfront and provide clarity on what to expect with no hidden fees.

What Is Considered To Be Local Moving?

When looking for some movers in Bay Area, you should know whether what you are looking for can be considered long-distance or local moving. Even though our Bay area movers can do both, let us introduce you to the world of local moving services.

According to recent statistics, it turns out that most people move within their home state, or as a matter of a fact - most people don’t move further than 50 miles from their old home. This exact distance is what most local moving companies consider to be the distance that constitutes a local move.

However, this distance can sometimes be exceeded, like when relocating from one side of the Bay Area to another, which is what most teams of SF Bay Area movers will accept to execute.

This type of relocation will still be considered local moving, and done by Bay Area local movers. It is the truth that not every Bay Area local moving company operates throughout the region, but we do! So if you’re looking for such San Francisco Bay Area movers, we at Golden Bay Relocation are more than happy to help!


Calling local moving companies when you wish to find local movers is the first step of your local moving journey.

Getting a quote is the best way for you to assess your move’s overall cost accurately. It’s not mandatory for all the local moving companies to present their quotes free of charge, and on a non-obligatory base, but it is what Golden Bay Relocation provides their clients with!

If you’re planning on hiring the best movers in the Bay Area, one of our Sales Representatives will walk you through the entire process. He will be your guide for the rest of the move! From the first step, he will be the one planning and organizing, making sure everything is ready and set for your local movers to get on stage!

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But How Do You Get A Quote For Your Local Moving?

Who Are Our Local Movers?

If you have wondered what makes our local moving services stand out from what other local moving companies offer, let us show you!

Not only will our local movers be familiar with the plan you have created with our Moving Advisors - but they will also be fully prepared to encounter any challenges they may find on the way.

Our local movers are trustworthy professionals with extensive experience in the local moving industry. They were all background checked and they obtain regular tests in our aspirations on making sure our clients are always in touch with those who earned their status as professionals.

The Benefits of Hiring the Best Bay Area Movers

Anybody who moved on their own knows how complicated it can be to organize everything. Without the help of professional local movers, not only do you have to gather supplies and pack everything, which by itself takes a long time to complete, but you have other things in mind as well!

You also have to cancel or transfer your utilities and all other services you used at your previous address, take care of other family members, and your work-related responsibilities. So why wouldn’t you find some local movers nearby to take care of things you don’t need to?

Not to mention that hiring the best movers for local moving means…

That is thanks to some SF Bay Area movers who will make the entire process significantly easier, giving you a lot more time to iron out all the crucial details. Allow one of the top Bay Area local moving companies to organize your move, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable relocation experience.

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Choose A Local Moving Plan That Suits You Best

Local moving is consisting of a wide range of services, and many variants of ways to achieve the same goal - to provide a satisfying moving experience to the client. Even though there are some specific types of local moving services, each move is a story for itself.

We at Golden Bay Relocation have noted many different moving stories throughout the past thirty years of providing local moving helpers in the Bay Area.

The first step when we start working on your personalized local moving plan is determining which exact plan of service matched your needs:

1 box

Standard Service

This plan is best suitable when you wish your local movers to only move you. That means that you will already be packed, your items boxed, and that we will only load, drive and unload your belongings;

2 boxes

Partial Packing

This plan includes everything that a standard service does, as well as partial packing. This means that - completely free of charge - our local movers will also do some light packing for you!

3 boxes

Full Packing Service

In case choosing our best Bay Area local movers to do a full pack move, you will only open the door, and they will do everything else! They will protect, pack and move everything! In general, we require 1 additional mover for this service, but the service itself is not charged additionally, unlike with many other local moving companies.

As you can see - all the options come with no additional expenses involved! The only note is that if you want our local moving helpers to bring and use our packing materials - those will be charged per item used. Of course, you can purchase the packing supplies elsewhere, and our local movers will gladly use them!

Best Movers Bay Area Come at The Best Price

If you’re planning on relocating locally with the help of professional local movers, price is certainly one of the first things to pop up. It truly is crucial to consider all the moving-related expenses that are never low, and the expense of hiring local movers company is just one of many.

Golden Bay Relocation, just like many other local moving companies in the area, charges for their services hourly-based. On the other hand, what makes us stand out from other local movers nearby is that our prices are all-inclusive, and most importantly, there are no hidden charges waiting around the corner!

Is Our Moving Local Quote Obligatory?

No! You can take all the time you need to think whether or not you would like to schedule a move with our local moving helpers, or if you would like to find local movers elsewhere.

Once you get the offer from our local moving advisor, the price won’t change unless you want to alter the initial terms. What we tend to do is provide you with all the agreed details in writing as well, so that we can ensure we are on the same page.

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Danny Finona


Bobur and Eddie did an amazing job with my move. They were careful and delicate with all my household items and worked extremely hard. Thank you Golden Bay relocation for a fantastic job! These two gentlemen were professional and very supportive.

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The list of services that our SF Bay Area movers can help you with is large, and having in mind all the varieties possible - we can say it’s pretty much endless! Whether you need some local furniture movers, some labor local moving helpers, or a local mover for residential or commercial moves - Golden Bay Relocation is the right choice for you!


When we say our local movers are one of the rare local moving companies who have all-inclusive prices, that means our prices cover everything that a serious local movers company should provide:

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Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc. will be used by our Bay Area movers in order to safely handle the furniture);

Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets as our local furniture movers want to make sure everything is protected in the best manner);

The service of disassembly and reassembly of your furniture pieces

Crew of the best local movers nearby;

Trucks according to the move size - whether you need local movers for small jobs or larger ones;

Basic coverage insurance;



We are sure that the idea of hiring local movers company to take care of your move is the right idea. However, we aren’t truly sure that this is something we can say every company that sees itself as one of the best moving companies nearby and offers Bay Area movers is a company that can truly deliver A-class services.

Luckily, a number of our previous clients that have walked into their new life chapters with ease thanks to our local moving services show how we are standing.

Do you wish for the best local movers nearby?

If so, don’t waste your time trying to find local movers and keep calling dozens of local moving companies that promise you the world. We encourage you to contact us for your free moving quote today! !

How do you do that?

It’s very simple - feel free to give us a call at (415) 668-9562, email us, or request the quote online by completing the form with the basic information and we will get back to you prepared to discuss your local moving journey together