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Changing a place you call home is not easy, but it can easily be hustle-free! Lean on the assistance of the best residential movers in the area with more than thirty years of experience in the industry

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Best Residential Movers for a Golden Relocation!

If you’re planning to relocate your home to a new address you are just about to start a journey that is very rewarding, but also quite tiring. With the help of residential moving companies, this experience can be enjoyable. If that is what you are looking for, we are sure that Golden Bay Relocation has just the right team of residential movers to help you out!

We are one of the most trusted residential moving companies in the Bay Area, and there are a lot of reasons why!

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Looking for an Experienced
Residential Moving Company Nearby?

There are many Bay Area moving services providing residential moving services among other types of services.

But why do we think our residential moving services are the best?

Because we provide the perfect balance between support and individuality with timely assistance making our teams of experienced residential movers stand out.

Furthermore, we understand that residential moving projects can easily become a stressful and overwhelming experience. Given so many actions you need to take in order to move successfully, it is quite a relief to be able to rely on professional residential movers to execute the physical move.

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Before going into details of our residential moving plans and what it is you need to do consider when looking for residential moving companies nearby, here is a shortcut into all the different things our residential movers can do for you.

Depending on what you need - we will create a individualized residential moving plan that will meet your needs perfectly! We can:

Supply you with quality packing materials,

Provide you with professional packing and relocating equipment,

Pack and protect your house and storage belongings,

Disassemble furniture pieces,

Provide you with a professional relocating truck,

Load furniture, and other belongings into a relocating truck,

Transport your items to the desired location,

Unload all of your belongings from the relocating truck at the requested address,

Assemble previously disassembled items,

Unpack all of your items following your instructions… Just tell us what you need!

Looking for the Best Residential Moving Companies At The Best Price?

We have worked hard over the past three decades to become a Bay Area moving company that is today able to proudly offer convenient services that can be adjusted to the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Working towards ensuring the most pleasant moving experience is what our residential moving is all about. The price is certainly one of the biggest factors that influence one’s choice of a residential moving company.

Golden Bay Relocation has worked since the first day on finding the most affordable residential moving solutions so that our clients can get the highest quality of moving services at a reasonable price.

Bita Kh


I used this company couple years ago and this is my second time. They made my moves thousand times easier. They were professional, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I would recommend them for sure.


The prices for residential moving nearby are mostly regulated on hourly bases. Golden Bay Relocation’s residential movers also charge for their services that way. The number of movers and vehicles involved will influence the price the most, and you may wonder how we estimate the number of these that will be needed.

We have been providing residential moving services for over thirty years and we know that the most important factor that will show us how many movers and trucks you need for your move are consisting of:


List of items our residential movers will help you with - the size of the place without knowing the volume of the items doesn’t say much on its own;


Stairs and elevators - The efficiency and speed can be greatly affected by the stairs or elevators, and it’s important to estimate the number of movers needed to handle that challenge appropriately.


Heavy items involved - Pianos, gun safes, armoires, or other types of sensitive and heavy pieces will require more residential movers;


Size of your home - the bigger home, the more movers are needed to handle it;

When we have a clear idea of these details, we have a clear idea of how many residential movers will be needed to complete the move with ease.

Remember: The more details we know, the easier will our residential movers be able to adapt to your needs and preferences. If there are any changes in these most important details of your move - just make sure to let us know ahead of time, and your residential moving plan will easily be updated

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We Are Bay Area Moving Company That Can Offer You Timely Assistance

Investing in professional residential moving service pays off, especially if you’re in a hurry or you have a large residence and many bulky furniture pieces you want to relocate.

It’s worth bearing in mind that with having your residential movers charging by the hour, you want to make sure they are professional and not using any excuse to take more time than necessary.

Unfortunately, there are many residential companies nearby that will take advantage of their pricing system. What we are confident about is the professionalism of our residential movers who will take care of your best interests in this matter as well.


If you’re looking for a reliable and licensed residential moving company with an experienced and knowledgeable team of employees, you’ve come to the right place! Golden Bay Relocation company can offer you many great services and optimize them according to your requirements.

There are really just a few simple steps to take in order to have our residential movers take care of everything you need regarding this coming move:

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Obtain A Quote

Now that you have a closer idea of how our residential moving services function in general, you may wonder how exactly that applies on your moving plans. That is why it would be best to obtain your unique quote from Golden Bay Relocation - today!

You can do that by calling us at (415)668-9562 and discussing your plans with our moving advisors today! If you prefer online contact, you can always request your quote via email, or by filling out the quote form on our website, and our residential movers' advisors will get back to you right away!

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Book Your Move

We believe that the best residential moving companies should provide their quotes free of charge - and we do what we believe in! Not only our quotes are free of charge, but they are also completely nonobligatory. The deposit is required in order to place the reservation, and it is fully applicable towards the final amount of your move. With our flexible cancellation policy, we don’t see why you would spend time looking for other residential movers when everything you might need is right here!

Talking about the benefits of using our residential moving services - there is another one!

If you want to schedule your move and get various discounts and benefits for this and other moves to come, we offer a special promotion for booking our residential movers over the Mod24 platform as well!

Take all the time you need into considering what the best choice of residential movers for you is, and we guarantee you won’t be wrong when deciding on Golden Bay Relocation!

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Move and Enjoy!

Expectations from our Bay Area moving company are always high, and we always meet them! Our residential movers are groups of people who are nothing less than professional and able to keep everything moving at just the right pace.

On the day of the move, you can expect your residential movers to arrive fully prepared to work, bringing all the tools and equipment for disassembling your furniture, bringing plastic wraps, moving blankets, and wardrobe boxes to make sure everything is padded and protected properly.

They will be fully familiar with the residential moving plan you have created with our agents previously, and they will be more than happy to cooperate with you if any changes are needed.

At this point, you can just sit back and relax while our residential movers do the rest!

Our Bay Area Movers Nearby Can Do More Than Just Moving

You may wonder if our experts can help you both pack and move your entire household? The answer is yes! Our trained residential moving professionals have all the necessary skills and equipment needed to speed up and improve your residential moving process by packing your home as well.

If you decide to hire our residential movers for assistance while relocating to your new home, you should know that all of your belongings will be handled with great care, regardless of the exact moving plan you choose! The moving plans we offer are


Standard Service

This plan is best suitable when you wish your local movers to only move you. That means that you will already be packed, your items boxed, and that we will only load, drive and unload your belongings;

2 boxes

Partial Packing

If you wish your residential movers to not only load, drive and unload, but also pack some of the items you missed packing, or aren’t really sure how to appropriately handle, we can do it for FREE!

3 boxes

Full Packing Service

In case choosing our best Bay Area local movers to do a full pack move, you will only open the door, and they will do everything else! They will protect, pack and move everything! In general, we require 1 additional mover for this service, but the service itself is not charged additionally, unlike with many other local moving companies.

Either service plan you choose, you can rest assured that with Golden Bay Relocation you have made the best choice for a carefree move!

Unlike other residential moving companies nearby, we don’t charge extra for packing services. The only additional expense you would have is if you wish to purchase packing materials from us as well - but we can also use any materials you wish.

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Remember: You can consult with our experts if you have any specific questions or concerns about your residential moving journey, and they’ll do everything in their power to answer your needs in the best way possible! Hiring professional residential movers is the best way to save money, time, and energy. Plus your relocation will go much smoother, and you’ll definitely be happier with the final results when having the best residential movers by your side!

Start Planning Your Move on Time And Get The Best Residential Movers in Town

If you have some time ahead of you to plan your move, why would you waste it on some residential moving companies that don’t deserve it? The years of experience and the number of our satisfied customers will tell you that Golden Bay Relocation is the right answer for any type of residential moving plan!

You will be appropriately guided throughout the process, and you will have all your belongings taken care of in a professional manner. That is why, unlike some other residential moving companies nearby, we offer safe terms and insurance for your belongings, so you can feel comfortable knowing that we got your back!


Boa Boesch


These movers were amazing! They were professional and helpful and taught me things about moving that will definitely improve my packing for next time. Took apart and put back together my desk I had lost the tools for as well! Overall a great team

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