How to Pack Glasses for Moving so They Don’t Break

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If you’re relocating, you should learn how to deal with breakables, and in the kitchen – there are so many, with glassware being one of the more fragile ones. We are here to teach you how to pack glasses for moving, so none of them break. If you follow our tips, your items will reach your new home intact. It’s super easy, actually – just follow this guide, and we’ll show you what is the best way to pack glasses for moving.

The Best Way to Pack Glasses Is to Start by Organizing the Process

When it comes to relocating, you should be aware that it is an endeavor, and sometimes even an actual undertaking. Depending on how much stuff you want to move, it can be smaller or a grander one, but you will surely need to plan this process correctly. And it all starts by creating a household inventory list, as well as a relocation to-do list. This is how you become sure that you won’t leave behind any of the most commonly forgotten things and that you manage to take care of everything properly even if you are packing to move in a hurry. If you live in a multiple-room apartment, you want to have a day for packing up each and every room of your home.

And when it comes to boxing up your kitchen area, there are so many dishes to pack that the order you do it in becomes crucial. You should start by boxing up plates as well as other heavier things such as pots and pans. This way, the kitchen space will be cleared up so you can actually get to packing glassware. You will need some space, indeed, because to box up fragile things, you will want to layout your wrapping materials on a clean, cleared counter, especially since there will probably need to be quite a bit of it to make sure everything is ready for an efficient move, and that nothing breaks. This leads us to the next step – creating a comprehensive list of all the boxing-up materials.

Covered glassware
Have a cleared counter for boxing up your fragile glassware

A Comprehensive List of Everything You Need for Packing Glasses and Relocating Dishes

Boxing up glassware is not the same as boxing up books – there are a few factors to consider with glassware – the size, fragility, weight, and type. Boxing up a beer glass will turn out quite different than boxing up a thin, breakable chalice. Anyhow, you will need to know how to pack glasses if you wish to relocate without the help of any Bay Area moving companies, and a part of that is to know which materials suit which type of glass. Here is a short list of essentials you will need to cover, secure, and relocate a container of glassware:

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How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving Without Paper?

So, you’ve checked in with your relocation expenses checklist, and it doesn’t allow for special boxing up paper? Yes, we know – it is expensive. That’s cool, we are here to present you with alternatives. Well, the first one we have to throw out there is – call up your local movers in Bay Area. They can provide you with boxing up services which will save you money for all these materials. This will save you money and, not to mention – spare you a lot of relocation stress.

If you are definite on doing the work without a Bay Area moving company, however, and want to save up, use a different type of material, practically a free one you already have in your home. Surely, you have some old newspapers lying around, right? Well, it’s time to put it to good use. You can reuse old newspapers to cover your dishes and fill up containers but, there is something you should be careful about, and that is the newspaper ink. If your dishes are somewhat wet, there is a chance that the ink will transfer to them, and you don’t want that. So, just make sure everything is completely dry before you start covering it.

What Are Some Other Free Alternatives Which Are Good to Box up a Glass Item?

There are always alternatives – it just depends on how crafty you can get. Here are some of our favorite relocation hacks when it comes to boxing up glassware.

Basic box up materials
You always have to have the basic supplies when relocating

How to Pack Glasses for Moving From Beginning to End?

Let us sketch out the best way to pack glasses. When it comes to understanding how to pack glassware for moving, there are going to be a few steps you will want to take. As previously mentioned, the first two are to organize your move to your new home and to get all the materials you will need to go through with it. And now it’s time to actually box them up.

Insert a Protective Layer at the Bottom of Your Container

Before placing your glassware into the container, you want to create a protective layer at the bottom of the container. This way, if any of your things start shifting around (which is something we’ll try to avoid), they will have a soft protective layer to fall onto. You will want to take packing paper or bubble wrap for this task and about 4 inches of it as the protective layer.

Wrap Each Item Tightly

Now, it’s time to actually protect the glassware. You will do this by placing an item vertically on two sheets and rolling them in it. When you roll it up, tuck what is left of the sheets inside the item. Depending on whether you plan to stack your rolled items or not, take a cushioning material like crumpled newspaper or peanuts to fill up the item. You can also use tape to secure the materials you used to cover the glassware.

Place Glassware Vertically

The best way to box up your things is to position them vertically so the rim is facing the bottom of the container. They should, of course, stand vertically in the same exact way they do in a cupboard. It’s up to you to measure up the quantity of space and decide whether you’ll be stacking them up or not. If you do, there will be more weight to them, making them harder to fall and break. However, stacking them up might get them to break if they are not properly wrapped, so keep these things in mind.

Leave No Room for Shifting Inside the Container

You might go about placing one cup into another, or decide not to stack them if you have heavier, sturdy items at hand that can’t fall easily. Whatever the case may be, a crucial step is to fill up the empty space completely. Once again, crumpled newspaper, peanuts, or even cloth will do the trick.

Labeling Is a Crucial Step

So we reached the very end of the process, just one more thing to do. First off, if you are using cardboard boxes, seal them well. And now, it’s time to label. Labeling can seem like a waste of time, but trust us, it’s super important, and you will be infinitely thankful to yourself when you get to unpacking. When you label containers so that they say ”Glassware”, movers will know to put them in the kitchen space.

That means you won’t have to go around relocating boxes between rooms of your new home. And secondly, if a package says ”Fragile” or ”Breakable” on it, anyone who comes into contact with it will know that it is a container you should be careful with. If you own some super valuable and extremely fragile glassware, there is a chance that they will be on the list of things movers won’t move. In that case, you might be dealing with the containers by yourself, however – trust us, those markers and post-its are lifesavers.

A man peeking inside of a container
It’s not enough to just label the container as fragile. You want to know what is inside the container just by looking at it

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Now that we covered the basics, the important question arises: how do you pack wine glasses for moving? Whether you are going on an SF staycation, throwing a party, picnic, or having lunch, wine glassware is a must, and since they are stemware, there are a few extra things to cover when boxing them up. Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to stemware. To protect the stem or the leg of the glass item, you will want to cover it with bubbles.

Additionally, it would be perfect if you had the original packaging the glassware came in, which separates every object. If not, you will want to take any container you have and place the glass upright, filling the container up completely with materials, as you would normally. For an in-depth tutorial on boxing up wine glassware, check out the following video.

How to Pack Glasses for Shipping

Okay, so everything is ready. You filled up the San Francisco rental application, and you are ready to host the going-away party of the century. Maybe you even decided not to move the piano beforehand so as to play for your loved ones and also be in order with San Francisco tenants’ rights when it comes to the noise level. There is only one thing left – shipping the things you decided to declutter before the move. In case you decide to sell or donate some of your dishes now that you are relocating to one of the best places in the Bay Area, you might have to send them to their new owner. Maybe you are a pedestrian by heart and usually get around San Francisco without a car, so you have to ship your items.

You might be unsure if the previously mentioned steps apply in case you are sending glassware via post to a different Bay Area town. Actually, shipping glassware is not hard, everything we covered applies. The only slight difference is that you want to double-check that everything is super well protected because your things will be going through a few extra steps to get to their final destination. Opt-out for bubble wrap instead of paper in this case. Cover your item with three to four extra layers and later tape them in place. Don’t worry, shipping glassware is a piece of cake.

A wrapped tea-cup
Bubbles are your best friend

Hire Best Movers in San Francisco To Help You With Boxing Up Glassware

Boxing up glassware is a true nightmare without Bay Area movers. However, with the best movers in San Francisco, this task becomes a breeze because you don’t have to do almost anything. When it comes to relocating, we know exactly who you need – and it’s our Bay Area moving company. Golden Bay Relocation will provide you with the ultimate residential relocation service as well as with commercial relocation in case you’re relocating your business. In addition, we provide packing services, can take your items to storage, if you need in- and-out-of storage relocation, as well as labor-only services to lend a helping hand or two. For any questions you might have, or if you wish to get a free quote, contact us. Our friendly employers will be there to tell you everything you want to know.

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