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Moving your workspace, office furniture, or an entire corporation? Save yourself some time and money by hiring the best moving teams of Golden Bay Relocation, and get back on track in a blink of an eye!

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Hiring Office Moving Services Will Benefit You Greatly!

The demand for hiring a commercial moving company that will take over the organization and execution of business relocations is constantly growing, and there are truly many reasons for that.

The responsibilities of managing a move upon which the entire business's success and growth may depend are quite huge for one person to bear - so why not share it with some professional commercial movers who know exactly what to do?

Reducing the amount of time your business spends out of service is the main motive force that leads business owners and managers to reach out to some office movers nearby. Moving commercial is never simple - whether you are moving an entire corporation or just a portion of your office furniture - you will need and expect perfection, and you deserve no less!

Trusting commercial movers by placing the overall outcomes of relocation can actually be stress-free if you choose the right team of local office movers who have the experience and skills necessary to lead you throughout the entire process.

And while finding such an office moving company may not be easy, trust us when we say that the benefits of working with the best office movers prevail over all the struggles!

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Jumabelle L.


Had a great moving experience with tahir and his fellow worker, everything was perfect. Got there on time and no troubles at all. Thank you! Would definitely book again.


We are at the top of Bay Area moving companies, thanks to the quality of our services, including commercial moving and storage services. Since the moment we started in 1992, we have become fully experienced and knowledgeable about each and every task in commercial moving we can come across. We have what it takes to make your office moving experience as easy and as smooth as possible so that your corporation can keep working and keep productivity up to the maximum!

No matter the exact size or type of your offices, and the number of items that need to be moved, you can rest assured Golden Bay Relocation has commercial movers who can handle it in a timely and efficient manner. Our satisfied clients are the best proof of the quality, and we would be thrilled to be your chosen office movers in the Bay area!

Unlike many other commercial moving companies, we understand that each relocation is different and we approach it exactly like that! An individualized take on office moving services is what you can expect from your moving journey with Golden Bay Relocation.

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Obtaining a Quote From our Commercial Movers

If you are relocating from a bigger to a smaller residence, not all of your stuff will make the cut. However, you don’t have to throw your things away! Rent a facility and keep them until you figure out what to do with them, and our storage and movers nearby can do it all for you!

There are two rather simple ways of getting a quote:

Requesting a quote online - This way you can input the preferred date and time of your move, and leave your contact information and notes for our Sales Team to contact you at the time that works best for you;

Give us a call - And our Sales Team will give you all the needed pricing information on hiring our commercial movers right away!

Unlike many other commercial moving companies, Golden Bay Relocation offers a chance to learn about the cost of an office moving service you are interested in, for free! Regardless of the exact form of contact you choose - whether via our website or by giving us a call, your quote will be provided completely free of charge! We are affordable, and the prices may even surprise you as – they will be cheaper than you expected the best office movers will cost.

Since inquiring about the cost of office moving with Golden Bay Relocation is completely free of charge and with no strings attached, we strongly encourage you to reach out and get your quote right away! Our experts in commercial moving will gladly assist you and answer each question that you may have..

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Reserving your Spot With our Local Office Movers

Learning that the commercial movers you have found with the Golden Bay Relocation are the best match for what you need will most probably lead to the next step which is creating your spot in our calendar.

By this moment you are already familiar with all the pricing information, and the only thing that is left in order to officially schedule a team of our office furniture movers to help you out is to secure the calendar by the deposit. The deposit is fully applicable towards the final amount of your move, which means that at the end when calculating the expenses, the leader of the commercial mover's group will deduct it right away.

Booking your office movers does not require a lot of time.

The process itself is rather simple, and our Agents will make sure everything is arranged at the time that works best for you!

Most bookings are completed over the phone, but if you prefer getting things done online, by yourself, we offer that option too! Booking a move through the booking link on the Mod24 platform is available as well, and apart from your commercial moving reservation, you can get various discounts and benefits for your upcoming and future moves, as well!

In order to ensure you and our best office movers are on the same page, you will receive a confirmation email where everything we talked about and agreed upon can be found in writing, as well.

As your chosen commercial moving company, we would strongly recommend you to go over the document, and make sure all the information provided is correct, and that we are ready for the next, most important stage

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The Big Day - The Moving Day

Golden Bay Relocation doesn’t leave things to just simply happen. Moving of any type is a responsible and serious task that can not be taken lightly, and it’s why our commercial movers won’t arrive unprepared, equipped with anything more than their motivation. It would be unreasonable to say they are the best office movers nearby if that was all they would do.

Providing commercial moving services is what we carefully plan based on all the pieces of information you provide us with, in accordance with what you expect us to deliver, but also the goals you set for your office moving project.

Our office movers will already be fully familiar with the plan, and thanks to over three decades of experience in commercial moving, they will know exactly what to do in case things start going down the hill for any reason.

Disassembling with the professional tools they’ll bring, and wrapping all the pieces that need to be protected by the shrink wrap is what our office furniture movers will start with. After carefully loading the truck in a way that allows them to maximize the space, driving and delivering the items to the destination - they will reassemble it all back in a timely and efficient manner.

It’s what commercial movers are supposed to do, and it’s what we will do at all cause!

Get Familiar With The Prices for Office Moving Services

We at Golden Bay Relocation believe that the commercial moving companies nearby need to be fully transparent about each and every detail of conducting the business in order for the client to be able to make an informed decision.

There is a wide range of commercial movers available all over the city of San Francisco, and we think that the only fair way of dealing with the competition is by providing the client with complete information about the services he is inquiring about.

Golden Bay Relocation will not only provide you with the written information after your move is booked, as an agreement on terms and conditions on both sides but will also provide you with the office moving quote in writing as well.

We believe that having some time to think, maybe compare our pricing with the offers other office moving companies have provided you with is the only way of making the choice that will benefit you most. Bear in mind that our prices are hourly-based and all-inclusive, so no hidden fees will pop up along the way.

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But you may ask yourself the most reasonable question:

How do we even decide on the quote? How do we estimate the number of commercial movers that will be the right ones to handle your office relocation?

Just like with any other moving service type, the information and the description of the space will provide us with the most important insight into the size of the move, and the number of movers sufficient to successfully handle such a project. However, there is one thing that makes commercial moving quotes stand out - they are made mostly based on the list of items we will be helping you move.


If a moving company in the Bay area that will provide you with the help of their office moving specialists provides you with a quote without even checking on the list of items - the quote provided will not really be the most accurate one. In order for the number of office furniture movers to be estimated best, it is crucial to have the approximate list of the furniture pieces they will be moving.

The more accurate list - the more accurate quote! You must agree that having 5 office desks is not the same as having office furniture movers moving 40 desks, right? It is quite expected that 2 commercial moving specialists will be able to cover 5, but 40 - not so sure.

Of course, bear in mind that there are many other features of the move and the space that will create the full picture and allow us to customize your moving commercial plan best!

In order to get the full, completely free, and non-obligatory moving quote and allow us the opportunity o show you why we are the best office movers in the area - we encourage you to give us a quick call or request a quote online, and we will be more than happy to make your commercial moving plan in the blink of an eye!

Set Your Business Relocation to Motion on Time and Get the Right Commercial Moving Services

Probably each and every one of the commercial moving companies will tell you “We have the best movers in San Francisco”. We at Golden Bay Relocation must admit we believe the same - our office moving services are delivered by the teams of the best moving specialists we know. They are well-trained, and hardworking, and have handled many different kinds of moves, but they excel at commercial relocating.

Our commercial movers are well-experienced, and they have moved various kinds of businesses over the years, from small independent spaces to big factories and industries. We have the finest equipment, and our workers have the knowledge to use them to move every kind of furniture so that your move is finished in the least amount of time possible. You can expect nothing short of excellence from this mover when you hire us!

Unlike many other office moving companies nearby, we have experience in moving our own business, and we completely understand the struggle of being the one in question! That is why we believe that there are two key points of having a successful business relocation:

If you don’t want to waste time and lower your company’s productivity, it’s important that you communicate the move with your employees early and set the process in motion.

Choose a highly-professional moving company in the Bay area that can lead your move efficiently from the start to the end in detail.

Golden Bay Relocation can help you organize and execute your commercial moving project in a blink of an eye! Contact us so we can make a plan together! That way, we will ensure your own productivity stays on top regardless of the move.

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There are a few things that are quite useful to be remembered at all times, and that are the core of all the Golden Bay Relocation moving services, including, of course, commercial moving services as well.

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Hourly-based pricing is what we charge for all types of local moving services, therefore our commercial movers charge by the hour as well. There is a 3-hour minimum charge for every move, regardless of its size. Most importantly - there are no hidden fees that will pop up along the way.

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All-inclusive prices mean that other than paying for a crew of experienced and skillful commercial movers your rate also includes:


Tools and equipment (padding supplies such as shrink wrap, moving blankets, tools, moving dollies);


The service of disassembling and assembling the furniture;


Packing all the pieces (using the packing materials you purchase from us or elsewhere);


Well-maintained moving truck to transport your belongings in;


Basic Coverage Insurance;



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We require a deposit for placing the office moving reservation on schedule, but it is fully applied toward the total, and the cancellation policy is quite flexible.

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Based on the moving plan you choose, our Agents will create an individualized moving plan for your upcoming commercial moving project, and you will receive all the details over the email to make sure we are on the same page.

Contact Us Today And Get The Best Office Movers to Help You Out

If taking the burden off your shoulders sounds good, and if you wish your business to get back on track in the shortest amount of time possible - Golden Bay Relocation has the right commercial movers to do the job for you!

Contact us for your free moving quote now by giving us a call at (415) 668-9562 or request the quote online by completing the form with the basic information and we will get back to you prepared to discuss the possibilities of turning your commercial moving ideas into reality!