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Hiring Piano Movers In Bay Area

Moving a piano without a professional piano moving company is pretty much an impossible task. You may try moving a piano by yourself, with the help of some friends or family members, but why should you risk its safety and your safety by carrying it, when there are so many piano movers nearby to help you out? We certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Golden Bay Relocation is a local moving company that provides piano moving services, among many other types of local moving services. Sometimes our clients even ask for long-distance piano movers. The experience in residential moving, which we consider to be our main strength, has helped us tremendously in training for handling piano moving projects as well.

Looking for a company to help with piano moving nearby may be a bit tricky, as many will promise more than they can handle. We believe that it is important to be realistic about the possibilities piano movers have, and that is why Golden Bay Relocation will carefully inspect all the details that may influence piano moving.


How Much Do Piano Movers Cost?

Estimating the number of piano movers needed to successfully execute the move is a task we deduct a lot of our time into. For some smaller piano moving projects, a team of three professional piano movers is usually sufficient. However, the exact number of piano movers needed is estimated based on different features.

What we mostly rely on when estimating the price for piano moving service are the specific features:


Size And Type Of The Piano

Being a local moving company that bases our moving services around residential moving, our piano movers first started specializing in moving upright pianos, which makes the vast majority of pianos that can be found in residential spaces.

What our piano movers will do is take all precautionary measures in order to make sure your piano gets to its destination without a scratch. Unlike many other piano moving companies, we are the Bay area piano movers, who are also able to help you move your baby grand or grand piano!

With Golden Bay Relocation’s piano movers, you don’t need to think about safety. All the teams we send to piano moving projects are skilled and experienced, and with access to the latest technology when it comes to protective materials they will use them in the best possible manner.


Other Items Involved

Our piano movers can only perform piano moving services, but more commonly, they are hired as a part of a bigger moving project - and we will do it with no additional fees! In the case of moving other items, aside from the piano only, the size of the professional moving crew will depend on the volume of the entire move you are planning on accomplishing!

Piano Movers Will Handle This Heavy Item With Utmost Care

Handling heavy items is one of the biggest challenges in moving. Luckily, hiring professional piano movers nearby will take that burden off your shoulders (literally), as highly-skilled professionals will be handling this item fully equipped and prepared for any circumstances they may encounter.

By improperly handling the heavy items during moving, you are not only risking the safety of the items, but you are risking an injury, which is the absolute worst complication that can occur.

So why would you risk such an inconvenience, when you have professional piano moving specialists who can give you a hand?

Delicate Items - Delicate Approach

Among many other services we provide, we are also known as a piano moving company. Our team is extra careful when handling your delicate items, including pianos, of course! We will ensure that nothing gets damaged or broken during the transport!

Unlike many other piano movers in the Bay area, we won’t promise you miracles we can’t deliver. What our Sales Agents provide you with as a unique moving plan for your upcoming move is exactly what you can expect us to do!

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Booking Piano Moving Services Nearby In A Few Clicks!

How does the process of making a reservation with Golden Bay Relocation’s piano movers work? We have organized the process of getting quotes and creating reservations to be as simple and smooth as possible, providing you with various options to choose from during the process.

Getting a quote for piano moving services with Golden Bay Relocation is truly simple and quick - you can either give us a call at (415)668-9562 or request a quote online by filling out the simple form given here! Either way, our Sales Agents will make sure to get all the necessary information and provide you with the right number of piano movers that will execute your piano moving project with ease.

Just like for any other type of moving services, the same is applied to piano moving services as well - our quotes are nonobligatory, prices based on the hour, and all-inclusive. You will have all the time you need to think about the quote and decide whether you’d like to proceed with the offer and place the deposit to secure the spot!

You can either place your deposit to secure the spot with our piano movers over the phone or online! Mod24 platform allows you not only to book a move, but also to enjoy many benefits, and discounts for your upcoming and future moves, as well!

We would love you to give us an opportunity to show you why we are the best choice of the Bay area piano movers you could possibly turn to for help!