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Sit back and relax planning your new life chapter, while letting our packing and moving professionals handle every single item you own with care and dedication! Just open the door for our crew, and the rest is ours.

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Packers and movers are what the moving services are all about. Taking care of the moving process from top to bottom means relying on full and complete professional moving help that can save you plenty of time and nerves! Preparing an entire home inventory for relocation is not an easy task, which is precisely why hiring professional packers and movers is always a good idea!

If you’re looking for a reputable company, that can provide you with some reliable, professional, and affordable movers and packers in the Bay area - you can rest assured you are in the right place, as Golden Bay Relocation has the best movers and packers nearby!

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Why Should You Look for Packers and Movers Near Me?

Even though hiring professional movers and packers is one of the most commonly requested moving services, there are still many people who feel hesitant about hiring professionals for such a task. Many people who haven’t had the chance to experience all the benefits of hiring professional packing and moving services believe there is no difference between accommodating the move on their own.

Although packing your home for moving may not seem difficult at first, you’ll often find yourself missing a day or two to finish everything.! Depending on the number of things you own, the entire process can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to even months!

Furthermore, failing to secure an item may cause it to suffer damage during transportation, which can be devastating when the object is irreplaceable.

But the right question to ask here is:

Why trouble yourself with months of preparation when you can get excellent moving and packing services from one of the top movers and packers in the Bay Area?

Having a team of professional movers and packers at your side will allow you to merge the entire process that would take weeks to just one or two days! If you’re in doubt about what to do or how to pack particular objects, know that you can always ask Golden Bay Relocation for help.

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Rebecca L.


Golden Bay contacted me and followed up with everything based on the emails and messages I had sent them. I shared all the details of my move and I was surprised by how well they handled all the issues. It seems that internal company communication has some flaws but they're working on it. I'm looking forward to a seamless eventual move out from their storage and into my new home.


Thanks to professionalism, motivation, skills, and experience, we always deliver the best high-quality moving and packing service that covers everything - from packing a bedroom to handling fragile objects.

Operating since 1992, we’re one of the longest-running San Francisco moving companies in the Bay Area. Our teams of packers and movers are highly skilled and trained in handling anything you throw at them, from dismantling a bed to protecting your delicate belongings. This will allow you to take a breath and focus on other essential tasks. You can rest knowing that we’re consistent from hour to hour, making sure nothing goes in the truck without being properly packed and labeled first.

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Reserving a Spot: As Simple As It Gets!

Assessing what it actually takes to plan your move upfront, and make sure it all goes smoothly is what our professional packing and moving specialists are all about! Our Agents will provide you with all the details you should consider before even booking, and if you do decide on our movers and packers, they will lead you through the entire process step by step!

We can roughly say there are three most important phases in organizing a full moving and packing journey with Golden Bay Relocation: quoting, booking, and the moving day itself.

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Get a Quote In One Phone Call, Or Just A Few Clicks

Learning about prices for hiring some packers and movers nearby may sound like a tiring, long-lasting task, but it actually doesn’t need to be so. With Golden Bay Relocation, you will learn about our pricing in a blink of an eye, thanks to our dedicated Sales Agents who will estimate the right number of packers movers, and trucks needed for the moving project you are planning.

The exact price will depend on the exact amount of time spent to complete the move, as our prices are hourly-based. The price per hour is determined by the number of packers and movers who will be helping you, which is what our Sales Agents will help you estimate.

Before going into details on how to request a quote for our packing and moving services, we want to emphasize that our quotes are completely free of charge and non-obligatory! You will have all the time you need to consider all the options you find suitable for your move, and get back to us at any time to make a reservation!

So, how to get a quote for our SF packers and movers?

Either of the two options for requesting a quote for our packing and moving services will lead to a swift and prompt response from our Agents who will tailor-make the plan for you!

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Requesting a quote online

By leaving the basic information about your upcoming move in a simple form, such as the zip codes and the preferred date, alongside the contact information, is the first step of creating your individualized moving plan. Our Sales Agents will reach back out to you and provide you with all the details of our moving and packing services.

Ready to reserve a spot with our packers movers?

You have learned already that our quotes are non-obligatory, and that you will have all the time you need to consider all the information and get back to us at any time to make a reservation.

However, if your moving date is approaching, it may be best to reserve a spot on the calendar rather sooner than later! This way you will ensure to get the preferred moving and packing services crew! Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to comfortably plan the events around your move, and in case they influence the move itself - you always have alternative options.

The only thing needed in order to secure your spot on the calendar with a team of our professional packers and movers and make a reservation is the deposit. By placing the deposit, you are allowing us the opportunity to show you on-premises why our packers and movers are considered to be the best packers and movers in San Francisco Bay area!

Even though in most cases, our clients book over the phone - we offer an online booking option as well! Mod24 platform allows you not only to book a move, but also to enjoy many benefits, and discounts for your upcoming and future moves, as well!

Our cancelation policy is quite flexible, and even if you need to make any alterations to the date or time of your move, there are many options available! After reserving a spot, the only thing left is to look forward to your big day, as our team of the best movers and packers in the Bay area is about to make it amazing!

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Time to Shine: Professional Packers and Movers Are Right There!

The day has come - our professionals will help you with some packing and moving services you will remember for quite some time! Our crew will arrive and deliver the service based on the plan that was previously discussed with our Sales Agents. We won’t waste your time not even for a bit!

An amazing thing when hiring packing and moving services is that you get the full package, and you don’t need to over-extend your attention, thoughts, and time to so many different areas, details, and information.

We consider it normal that the best movers and packers nearby bring more than just their physical strength. What we also find the most reasonable and easily expected is that they bring the basic supplies for moving, shrink wrap, moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, and tools.

But what not many professional packers and movers bring is motivation, enthusiasm, and true interest in the customer’s wellbeing. We believe this is exactly the one thing that has always helped Golden Bay Relocation stand out among other SF movers and packers.

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Packers and Movers Who Are Extra Careful Around Your Fragile Items

Packing fragile items is another thing that makes hiring our professional packers and movers even more valuable. Our team is extra careful when handling your delicates, ensuring that nothing gets damaged or broken during the transport. We’ll also ensure that each box is properly sealed and labeled, protecting it from any accidents that might occur during loading.

Although common packing supplies like paper and boxes are more than enough to prepare most of your things for transport, some items will require you to use different materials to secure them properly.

Unlike many other movers in San Francisco Bay area, we won’t insist on you purchasing the packing materials from us as a mandatory practice. While we ensure you that the materials we can provide you with our premium quality supplies created to endure the transportation during the moving process, we completely respect your choice of having the materials of your choice, which we will gladly use!

Our Bay Area packers and movers always focus on providing customers with the highest quality materials on the market, including bubble wrap, plastic wrap, moving blankets, and furniture pads. The combined use of these supplies is the only thing that will keep your belongings safe during transport, which is the only goal our packing and moving specialists have in mind!


There are many things that we at Golden Bay Relocation believe should be a bare minimum of a standard in professional packing and moving services. We are aware that many packing and moving companies that allow themselves to be called professional aren’t actually that professional.

Golden Bay Relocation started providing moving and packing services, among many other types of moving services, over thirty years ago. Ever since the first day, our clients can expect to receive the golden standard of moving services that ensured all-inclusive prices:


Tools and equipment (padding supplies such as shrink wrap, moving blankets, tools, moving dollies);


The service of disassembling and assembling the furniture;


Packing all the pieces (using the packing materials you purchase from us or elsewhere);


Well-maintained moving truck to transport your belongings in;

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Basic Coverage Insurance;

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Bear In Mind: Hiring Packers And Movers Is The Safest Way Of Moving

Most people hire movers in the San Francisco Bay Area when they need to move furniture. This is reasonable, as hiring a trained worker saves you from having to lift anything heavy, thus protecting you from a potentially painful injury. But that’s not all our SF movers and packers can do!

For example, if any of the furniture in your old home is too big to fit through the door, our team will carefully disassemble the item and later reassemble it at your new place. Not having to carry an entire piece all at once makes everything much easier, but it also protects the object from suffering any damage during loading.