The Difference Between Hiring Professional Packers Near You And Self-Packing

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That’s it – you’re officially on the edge and contemplating whether or not you should hire professional packers near you to just finish up the job. Maybe you haven’t even started to pack, but still want to explore your options. You might not have the energy or time to invest in the process of packing for your move, but one thing is for certain: packing is a vital part of every move – local or across the globe.

The decision to hire professional packers near you might sound like the ultimate solution to you, but to another person it might not be. There are a lot of benefits and drawbacks for both scenarios, meaning that you are the one that decides what is best for you.

We are here to help you dive into the packing and moving experience with professional movers, and give you a one-stop solution if you decide to go with professionals. Golden Bay Relocation has been in business for decades.

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The Difficulties of Self Packing 

There are far too many, but only a few will bring you to a nervous breakdown. Your entire life will be interrupted by this, your day-to-day is no longer the same and instead of saying your goodbyes, you’re stuck with rolls of bubble wrap and boxes all day long.

That doesn’t sound fun, that’s for sure. Prepare to expect the following things from your packing experience: 


Of course, you need to pack up your life and take it elsewhere and that isn’t going to happen over the course of a day. Maybe, if you hire professional packers near you. But alone? It’s not going to happen. You need to dedicate at least 3-4 weeks to pack up your home no matter how big or small it may be. And dedicating that much time to pack up can seem like a lot of time for an average person.

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Risk of Mistakes 

When you are packing on your own, you might not know exactly what you are doing. That can lead to some packing mistakes that can do a lot of damage during your move and cause a more expensive experience than you expected. 

You need to invest a lot of time, attention and care into packing up for your move so you don’t make any mistakes that can get costly.


It’s stressful. Scrambling everything as best as you can, working against the clock to finish everything in time and not being sure if your items are good to go can cause a lot of stress that you don’t need during this already stressful experience. 

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Packing is expensive – maybe not as expensive as hiring professional packers near you, but still expensive enough to surprise you unpleasantly. Boxes and bubble wrap are not cheap, as well as other supplies, and these costs easily add up. 

No Accountability 

When you are packing on your own – you are on your own. This means that you are accountable for any mistakes that are made, and you are the one who will have to pay for them. With professional packers near you, you have someone responsible for your possessions from start to finish.

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The Benefits of Self Packing 

Self-packing can be beneficial for you if you are a private person or someone who doesn’t like a lot of chaos on their moving day. 

Setting Your Pace

You don’t have to worry about having a large team of packers and movers handling your entire pack and move experience over the course of a day. If you are someone who experiences stress in these types of situations, it might be best to pack on your own and set your own pace for the project.

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Personal Items 

If you are an extremely private person, having strangers go through your things can make you uncomfortable – and the point of having professional packers near you is to make the entire experience as easy and as comfortable as possible.


You won’t be in control of the process if you hire professionals, but you will be if you complete it on your own. If you want total control over your packing project, it might be best to go with the DIY option instead of hiring professionals.

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Hiring Professional Packers & Movers Can Have Many Benefits

Access To Professional Moving Supplies

One of the best perks of having professional packers near you on moving day is that they will bring industry preferred packing supplies that are bound to maximize the safety of your belongings during the entire move. Special moving boxes, bubble wrap, dish packs, speed packs – you name it. Your packers and movers most likely have all of these things already on hand.

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Access To Industry Preferred Equipment

Tools and equipment can make all the difference when you hire professional packers and movers for the job. They will bring everything that is needed to keep your items safe and your entire move as easy as ever. 

Complete Accountability 

If you’ve hired professional packers that are licensed and insured (you should never hire movers that aren’t), then your items are their responsibility from the moment they arrive into your home to pack you up. If anything happens during the move, they will compensate you for the damage and make sure you receive complete support. 

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Saving Time 

Spending 3-4 weeks packing on your own as opposed to having professional packers near you pack you up for the day can make a large difference in your schedule leading up to the move. You will have tons of free time to spend with friends and family before you leave and complete your other moving-related tasks with complete peace of mind.

Peace of Mind 

It has no value. Your peace of mind is one of the most important things during your move and one of the reasons moving companies exist. Hiring professional packers near you can ease your mind and grant you a much more comfortable experience than doing it all on your own.


You won’t have to lift a finger during any part of your move – literally. Your packers and movers have you covered.

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Professional Inventory List

It’s needed for every move, but a nightmare to create. An inventory list is a complete list of the possessions you own and are planning to move. Your professional packers will create a professional inventory list for you so you can check items on and off the truck alongside them.

What Does The Professional Packing Process Look Like? 

Getting A Quote 

Call your professional packers near you and request a free moving quote – to get a sense of how much it will cost. Your relocation specialist will provide you with a complete breakdown of their services, costs and what to expect from their movers and packers. When you choose Golden Bay Relocation as your professional packers, you should know that packing is not an additional expense – except for packing supplies.

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Packing Supplies

You can choose to purchase them from your moving company or to purchase them from a third party – and we at Golden Bay Relocation give you complete freedom to make this choice. When we are the ones bringing the packing supplies – you should know that we only charge per item used.

Confirming The Move

Your relocation specialist will give you a call or send an email to confirm the reservation. Double check your confirmation email to ensure everything is good to go for the move.

Moving Day

What does an average moving day look like with packers and movers? 

Disassembly, Packing & Loading 

Your professional packers will arrive in the agreed upon time frame and start with packing and disassembling your furniture, before wrapping and padding everything – and loading it onto the truck. While packing and loading, an inventory list will be constructed so you can follow the entire course of your move and keep track of your possessions.

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Unloading, Reassembly & Unpacking 

Perhaps one of the best parts of having Bay Area packers and movers by your side is the fact that they will set up everything in your new home, all that is left for you is to settle in. From reassembling to unpacking everything for you, there is truly nothing left for you to do except throw an amazing housewarming party for your new neighborhood.

Imagine how easy your move can be with the help of professional movers and packers, as opposed to doing everything yourself. Which situation would you rather be in? 

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Get A Quote From The Best Professional Packers Near You

Golden Bay Relocation has been a name of tradition ever since we’ve opened our doors to the public. With the transparent way we go about our business, the straightforwardness we approach our customers and our set of moving skills – we know that we have what it takes to show you that we are the best professional packers near you

Creating a personalized moving and packing plan for you is exactly what we will do. No exceptions. That is why we are inviting you to join the thousands upon thousands of happy customers that have been successfully packed and moved by Golden Bay Relocation. 

Let’s start planning your packing and moving experience and turn it into an easy and hassle-free event for you! 

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