Leaving the Nest and Moving Out for the First Time to Another Bay Area City

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We all have to grow up sometimes, some sooner than later. Whenever you face moving out for the first time, it will be scary but also very exciting. It will feel like a whole new world is opening up to you, and suddenly, you have a lot more freedom than before. Now you are indeed an adult – but how will you handle everything on your own?

Relocations require a lot of work, even if you’ve moved a few times already, so you can only imagine how demanding moving out on your own for the first time will be. However, that’s no reason to panic. With our guide and tips to help you out, we do not doubt that you’ll be ready to spread your wings and fly away from the nest.

You’re Moving Out for the First Time – It’s Both an Exciting and Stressful Period in Your Life

So, you’re finally ready to leave your parents’ home and tackle life on your own? Well, that’s easy to say, but are you truly prepared for such a challenge? Besides all the enthusiasm and excitement that follow becoming a completely independent individual, you will require some guidance. We’ve all been through this – it’s a fun and yet stressful period. Stepping into the unknown is scary, but how will you grow if you never leave your comfort zone? Let’s see what advice we can offer you – you have so much to learn.

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What Age Is Best to Move Out?

When should kids move out of their parents’ place? According to most of the research, you should move out of your parents’ home by the age of 26-27. After that, it becomes a bit embarrassing. Statistics say that 90% of young individuals do move out by that age. What is the reason behind staying in your childhood home for so long? Even though many young people have plenty of reasons to move, finances keep holding them back. We all know how expensive it can be to find an apartment in one of the best places to live in the Bay Area, so many decide to stay with their parents until they can afford to live comfortably on their own.   

How Do I Cope With Moving Out for the First Time?

A local relocation is something that must be taken seriously, especially if you’ve never done it before. Indeed, you must be happy, but don’t let that distract you from the practical aspects of the move. Once you start learning how to move efficiently, you will get familiar with the unavoidable companion of every move – relocation stress. Don’t be discouraged. With proper planning and a detailed to-do list, you can cope with anything this move throws at you. We will share our best tips on preparing for the first move, which should help you figure out what to do to move to one of the lovely Bay Area towns successfully.

Happy young woman sitting on the floor in front of the
We’re sure you are very excited to move out, so let’s get to work

How Much Money Should You Have Saved Before Moving Out?

How do people afford to move out for the first time? That’s the question that will torture you for months before you are ready to move to a new place. Besides your relocation expenses checklist, you will have to be prepared for many other expenses, expected or unexpected. Let’s see what stuff you should keep in mind.

You Have to Organize Your Budget

When moving out on your own for the first time, budget problems will be your most troubling ones. Yes, it will be weird to be without your parents finally, and sure, packing will be a headache (imagine all those fragile items you’ll have to pack!), but the biggest problem you will have is how to save money. These days, gaining financial independence is more challenging than ever – the economy is working against you. So, how do you prepare yourself for everything life will throw in your face? Make a budget, and stick to it.

First, see how much money you earn monthly – 30% of that number is the maximum price you can afford for the rent. If you go above, you are in trouble. Once you deduct the rent, the remaining money should be divided between utilities, food, and hygiene products. If you don’t have a car, you’ll have to figure out how much it will cost to get around San Francisco without a car, and if you do, make sure you count in the gas into your budget. And lastly, for the first couple of months, you will have to furnish your home unless your parents allow you to pack furniture from their home and take it with you.

How Much Money Should You Leave Aside?

Besides the monthly budget, you will have to make a safety net for a couple of first months of living alone. What does that mean? Ideally, you need to save at least six months’ rent and expenses before you leave the nest, but three months’ expenses are the minimum you need. We realize that’s not an easy task for those who reside in The Bay since the average rent for an apartment in San Francisco is around $2,900 – you’ll want to start saving as soon as possible. Here are some tips that can help you save cash.

Finding a Nice Apartment Is Another Challenge You’ll Have to Face Before You Can Leave the Nest

Once you have all the numbers and know how much you’ll be able to afford for rent, you can start looking for an apartment. Of course, you should get familiar with San Francisco tenants’ rights and do a bit of research on the neighborhood you’ve set your eyes to. Living on your own is scary enough, and you don’t have to add unnecessary difficulties like not knowing the area where you reside. Also, you must be ready to fill out the San Francisco rental application form, so be sure to learn how to do this. 

 Person holding keys in front of the door
Be patient. Finding an apartment you like is never easy

Living on Your Own Isn’t Easy – Here’s What You Will Have to Take Care of on Your Own From Now on

The chances are that your first move won’t be a move in a hurry, so you’ll be able to pay a lot of attention to every single detail. But, besides packing and worrying about the most commonly forgotten things to pack, this move has something specific – you have to become skilled in doing basic household chores. Some of them you probably already know, but it won’t hurt to write down a list of everything you should be able to do to keep your apartment clean and tidy.

Not only you’ll have to clean everything, but you must be able to cook some basic healthy meals and do grocery shopping. This isn’t particularly hard, and if you have any difficulties, you can always ask your parents to show you how it’s done.

Girl with cleaning gloves, looking at her kitchen
You should know how to clean your apartment

If You Haven’t Moved Before, You Will Need Lots of Tips

Okay, now that we’re done with the aspects of living on your own, let’s see how to handle the relocation itself. What’s it like to move? How do people learn all the relocation hacks in the book? The answer is simple – proper research. If you know how to pack various items, not even packing dishes will be a problem. There are so many tricks that you can use, and if you organize your packing accordingly, nothing can go wrong. You’ll even be done before the relocation day, which means you can throw a going-away party to celebrate with your friends.

Take Things Day by Day

Things to do before relocation are numerous, so we recommend you use lists. They should keep you on track and ensure you don’t overlook something. After all, anyone who has ever moved can tell you that there is always stuff you forget to do when you move. Don’t panic, and don’t rush anything. Just take it slowly, pack carefully, and double-check everything. Even if you forget some stuff, it’s not the end of the world – your parents will send it to you, or you can pick it up the first weekend you come for a visit.

Get Supplies and Start Packing

You will have to get a lot of boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. Those are some basic supplies no one can move without. Depending on how much stuff you plan to take with you, you will see how many supplies to buy. Naturally, you won’t take everything from your childhood house. Luckily, you don’t have to declutter – simply leave it all in your room. When it comes to packing, you’ll have to divide it into days. It’s impossible to pack everything at once. Take frequent breaks. That should improve your effectiveness. Start by packing items you won’t use in the days leading to the move. Packing books is a good start. You will see that packing clothes won’t be an issue, and packing shoes is also easy. You’ll be done sooner than you think.

Avoid Common Mistakes People Make When They Move

Forgetting stuff shouldn’t worry you, but forgetting something such as organizing important documents is a big deal. You don’t want to leave your passport or bank statements, trust us. Another common mistake is forgetting or not knowing how to change your address. Sure, your parents will keep your mail, but you’ll be just creating an inconvenience for yourself.

 Girl holding a mug, sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes
You can handle packing. There’s no reason to stress out

The Good News Is That You’ll Still Live in the Bay Area – Family Won’t Be Far Away

If you have difficulties dealing with change, just remember that you’re not going to another state or continent. The Bay Area is well-connected, and it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. Ride from San Francisco to, let’s say, San Jose is only about 45 minutes via US-101 S. Plus, there’s always BART, ready to take you wherever you wish to go. That’s one of many advantages of living in the proximity of The Golden Gate City. We can understand why you decided to stay in the area – it’s simply the best. You can visit your parents whenever you wish, and they can visit you.

The view of The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco
The Bay Area is connected very well, so you can visit your parents’ house whenever

It’s Essential to Hire Bay Area Movers You Can Trust – Let Us Help You Move to Your First Apartment

With our local movers in Bay Area, you won’t have to worry about your first move or relocation scams. Our team is here to make your residential relocation the one you’ll never forget – not only because it will be your first move, but because our San Francisco movers will do such an outstanding job that you will want to hire us for your next move. Our company has been in business since 1992. – there’s nothing we can’t do. No challenge is too big for our best movers in San Francisco. We won’t have any problems with your apartment relocation.

Here’s What Our Local Movers in Bay Area Can Do for You

Since you haven’t done this before, you may underestimate how hard it is to pack everything you have and move it to another place. In case you find yourself needing professional packing assistance, our packers and movers in Bay Area are here to speed up the packing process. If you don’t want to leave behind some items but don’t have enough space in your new apartment for them, we can offer you an in- and-out-of storage service that is the perfect solution for these issues. Let us move your belongings to the best storage facilities in the Bay Area. For those who wish to handle most of the work independently, we can recommend labor-only services – our movers are skilled and well-trained. With the quality and affordable prices we offer, you will be pretty happy with the results of your first relocation. Be sure to contact us as soon as you are prepared to leave the nest!

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