The Ultimate List of Things to Do After Moving to a New Home in the Bay Area

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If you’ve moved recently, you are probably wondering: What should I do after moving? If you are afraid your life will become dull after all the highs and lows of a move, we have news for you: there are still things to do after moving, and lots of them. We are here to guide you through the epilogue of a move, so you go through all the steps and processes that await you without breaking a sweat.

You Might Have Moved, But You Still Have Responsibilities to Think About

Did you think that after you’ve moved to one of the best places to live in the Bay Area, you are now done with your responsibilities? Hold up, not so fast! There are still tasks that await you. So once more, take a pen and paper – it’s time to make another to-do list. Don’t worry, tho, you are done with most of the heavy lifting. Yet still, you’ll need to check up on some stuff, read a few tips and make sure everything is in order and that there is nothing but smooth sailing left. It’s time to start your after-move process.

The Ultimate After Moving Checklist of Tasks and Responsibilities

Depending on whether you hired Bay Area movers or not, whether you relocated in a hurry or had a completely efficient move, you’ll be feeling more or less inclined to spend hours now dealing with obligations. Hopefully, your move wasn’t filled with much relocation stress, and you still have a good amount of energy left. Either way, we have some tips that will get you to go through the following steps in a blink of an eye:

A person writing a list of pros for hiring Bay Area movers
A good checklist is always helpful

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving Into a New House? Inspect the Space Thoroughly

The moment you reach for the doorknob is the moment when the inspection starts. You’ll want to have a camera phone and a notepad with you since it’s time for you to become a detective. And your first mission is to ensure that everything is in order and according to your checklist. Frequently, depending on how long ago the last tenants moved out, something might be off. It doesn’t mean the landlord is neglectful. However, what it does mean is that you are now responsible for your space, and as such, you have to check if everything inside is as it should be.

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Photograph Everything, Especially Stuff That Is Not as It Should Be

One of the first things to do after you move is to take your camera out. As you move through the rooms, take photos of everything. Space and all it contains should be captured, as well as the way furniture is spread out – in case there is any. Check each and every socket, the water pressure, and if any visible pipes are leaking.

If anything is out of order, zoom in and photograph it. You want to follow our tips since you’ll need to have valid evidence to show your landlord to prove that this is not a mess you made. For an all-encompassing training and the ultimate pro tips on how to inspect a house, check out the following video:

Important Things to Do After Moving Into a New House Are to Repair, Unpack and Clean the Space

After you move in, you should get to unpacking and repairing. Of course, with all the dusty boxes and large furniture to unpack, dust and dirt are bound to fall onto surfaces. Although dirt might irritate you, a grand cleaning will have to wait – that will come while unpacking your boxes and, later on, when you are done with it.

If You Bought a House, You’d Want to Repair All the Necessary Stuff

Whenever you plan a move, you need to have a good amount of cash set up on the side for anything that might come up. This includes repairs of your place and repairs of your items that got damaged while you were relocating. If you didn’t rent a place but have bought a home in one of the Bay Area towns, there might be no landlords to contact. In that case, you are the one who’ll have to deal with a cracked window or a leaky sink.

The same applies to anything you might have forgotten to pack, or, in case you haven’t figured out promptly how to pack glasses, and they got a dent in the transition – you have to be the one to fix this problem. This is exactly why one of our crucial tips is to make sure you leave extra cash in your relocation expenses checklist for the imaginary list of things to do when you move, as there always is one. 

Unpack the Essential Items First

You probably had to move large items, like furniture and maybe even went through the experience known as relocating a piano. However, before you unbox and unpack those, you’ll want to start with your essentials. It does make sense, right? These are, after all, the stuff you need and use every day. Your electronics, medicines, clothes, and toiletries, as well as some food to put in your stomach, are going to be well deserved right after you move. Only afterward you should start dealing with all the other boxes from your packing list.

After Unpacking, the Best Thing to Do Is to Clean

After that, it is time to slowly fill up the room with all the sofas and lamps. Of course, you should have some cleaning supplies on hand. Nobody said that right after an efficient move, you’d be able to enjoy a Bay Area staycation. Don’t worry, soon enough you will, but cleaning is due first.

Start cleaning room by room. Depending on where you are in your home, you might have to clean before unpacking things from your list. For example, if you properly learned how to pack dishes, they are surely all thoroughly cleaned and wrapped. This means you’ll want to clean the shelves first before placing the items on them.

A couple unpacking after Bay Area moving
Unpacking will surely bring up a feeling of relief

Register Your Utilities Promptly

Setting up utilities in the Bay Area means starting with water, electricity, and gas. As you probably know, the costs of utilities in California are significantly higher than the US average. However, we are here to give you some tips on how to handle them the easiest and give you some recommendations on how to invest in your home and lower your utilities at the same time.

Setting Up Utilities in the Bay Area

Depending on where you moved to exactly, the process of setting up utilities might differ a bit. Wherever you may be, you should transfer services to your new address or create an account for the main utilities, which are power, gas, and water.

When calling up the service provider, you should have your contact information, the address of where you want a service set up, your California ID or California Driver’s License, and of course, some money. However, the logic of the process will be pretty much the same even if you didn’t have to fill up a San Francisco rental application. If you moved elsewhere in the Bay Area, check which service provider serves your exact location.

Consider Investing in a Solar-Power System for Your House

When you were learning how to pack electronics, the last thing on your mind was the electricity industry and everything that goes into allowing your smartphone to charge. However, Cali is the perfect place for getting green energy for your residence from solar panels if you think about it.

Did you know that research shows that those homes in the Bay Area that use renewable energy managed to increase their worth by more than 10%? Homeowners in San Jose and San Francisco areas acquired around $10,000 more because of solar panels, while in Vallejo, panels added around $18,000. So think about investing in this green technology – not only will you save money on utility bills, but you might also significantly upgrade the price of your home.

Solar panels on a roof
Solar panels in Cali are an excellent return investment

Last but Not Least – Explore Your Neighborhood

One of the most surprising things people forget to do when they move is to experience and enjoy their new neighborhood. Relocating is not only about learning how to pack books and figuring out ways to change your address – it’s also basking in the California sunshine of your new place. If you moved with a pet, now is the perfect moment to go on an adventure with them in one of the most beautiful Bay Area parks, as well as get some drinks in your downtown area. Of course, exploring also includes checking out medical providers, educational options for your children, and the like.

What to Do After Moving? Meet Your Neighbours, of Course

Figuring out where to drink the best coffee or find the top picks of second-hand clothes will be the easiest if you get recommendations. And who better to get them from than your neighbors? The same way you threw a going-away party, it might not be a bad idea to host a move-in one, where you’d invite all your new neighbors. You will have a fun time meeting people and even might find out where to take your dog to the vet at the same expense.

Agave Beach California
Enjoying the sunshine and beaches will be well deserved after a move

Hiring a Moving Company in the Bay Area Will Leave You With More Energy for After You Move to Your New Home

There’s no reason for you to be learning relocation hacks and figuring out how to pack fragile items. Relocating is taxing, and learning skills you won’t use again soon is an unfortunate way to spend your energy. To save up on relocation stress, get the best movers in San Francisco and beyond to help you out. We know there are many Bay Area moving companies, so it can be hard to find the right one.

With Golden Bay Relocation, you can be sure you’ll avoid any relocation scams, as well as get the ultimate services at the fairest price. We offer residential relocation services as well as commercial relocation when your San Francisco moving entails office transportation. If you need our packers and movers in Bay Area to help you with carrying your belongings, get our labor-only service. We have multiple other ways to help you, so hesitate no longer. Contact us today for more information and a free quote. We are available by phone or e-mail and will be happy to reply to any of your questions.

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