How to Pack Furniture and Protect It When Moving to a New Home in Bay Area

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Relocating furniture can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time dealing with the task. Massive objects like this are hard to get through the door, let alone something more complex. Don’t stress, we have a guide that’ll teach you everything about figuring out how to pack furniture properly on your own. Follow these tips, and make sure not even a scratch shows up on your pieces on their way to the new home.

How Do You Pack Furniture?

Packing your tables, bed frames, chairs, and the rest is an endeavor that requires multiple steps and great organization. That’s why the first one should be to create a detailed relocation to-do list that’ll help you keep track of all these important tasks. If you want to move efficiently everything that’s in your house, here is what you’ll have to get done to take care of these bulky objects:

Packed furniture
Packing is a process that requires multiple steps

What Supplies and Equipment Do You Need for Packing Furniture?

Whether you have to box up dishes or figure out how to move a piano, the first of the things you have to do before you move is to obtain the necessary basic packing materials. Keep in mind that if you employ one of the Bay Area moving companies for a local move, you won’t have to get them yourself. If not, here’s what you’ll have to buy:

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Where to Get the Necessary Equipment and Materials?

If you want to get professional equipment, consider going to one of the best packing supply shops in the Bay Area. Before you do, however, go to your favorite local liquor store to see if they have some leftover containers they could give you for free or visit Freecycle. Local bookstores are also a great place to find free boxes that can be used for things other than packing books – and yes, even for these things! Don’t be afraid to ask your friends if they can recommend any packaging shops they might’ve used previously. Word of mouth is the best pointer.

What Are the Best Free Alternatives for Expensive Materials?

Truth be told, packaging supplies can easily create a considerable dent in your relocation expenses checklist. That’s why you should always look around your home for free alternatives. You might not be able to find one for a dolly, for example, but relocation blankets can easily be exchanged for classic ones. Likewise, you can use cotton materials such as old shirts and kitchen cloths instead of cushioning materials. A bit of creativity will go a long way.

Get enough plastic wrapping for all your stuff

How to Prepare Furniture for Moving?

The hardest part of dealing with these items is that their size and weight can often get in the way. The best way to prepare your stuff is by disassembling them – if possible, of course. Prior to disassembling, as well as before you pack up your electronics, take out your camera, and snap a few photos of each item. These will come in handy later on. After that, you can take out your toolbox or borrow a few screwdrivers in a timely manner and get to work.

Manuals Will Be Your Best Friends When Disassembling Items

Depending on where you got your pieces and whether you were the one to assemble them or not, you probably own detailed instructions on how to take them apart. For example, if your objects are from IKEA, the disassembling process will be quite straightforward. Even if not, there is no need to stress.

If you threw out your manual, don’t worry either – you’ll surely be able to find it online. And once you have it, take your tools and a bag for screws and follow the instructions. Check out the following video on disassembling and reassembling a wardrobe to get introduced to the process:

How to Wrap Each Item Like a Pro?

Once you’ve prepared your items, it’s time to start wrapping furniture for moving. If you secure your pieces well, the chances of anything happening to them during transportation are going to be significantly reduced. Here are some tips on how to wrap up your bulky objects like a pro:

How Do You Wrap Wood Furniture for Moving?

If you want to learn how to protect furniture when moving if it is made of wood, we have some tips to assist you with the task. Wooden objects are massive, durable, and delicate at the same time, which makes them especially tricky to deal with. First off, you’ll want to see which parts you can remove. Knobs, legs, and handles are a problem because they stick out and can easily get damaged. That’s why you should remove them first, wrap them into plastic wrapping, and put them in a baggy.

Next off, take the drawers out of your cabinets because otherwise, they may fall out. Additionally, you can later on use them as environmentally friendly containers to box up clothes in, as well as other smaller trinkets and objects, such as candles you’ll be packing. Finally, you’ll have to protect the corners and edges. Once more, take cardboard cutouts and tape them up well to ensure the edges can’t get scratched.

Two people moving furniture
A wooden item is more likely to get scratched while transported, so give it special attention

Once You Know How to Pack Furniture for Moving, It’s Time to Load Them on a Truck

Once you’ve learned what is the best way to pack furniture for moving, it’s time to load them on the relocation truck. Wardrobes and tables are large, so you’ll have to think a bit about how to load them in a way that they don’t take up the entire truck and turn the rest of the packing and relocating large items hard. Turning some objects (such as couches) vertically will help you avoid taking up too much floor space. And don’t worry about them falling down with this awesome relocation hack – a lot of the trucks have built-in straps that you can use to secure the objects.

If You Load the Truck Wisely, Other Objects Could Serve as Additional Cushioning

If you play your cards right, large pieces can become an asset when loading your trucks. When it comes to packing fragile items, you can use things such as mattresses and other soft stuff to protect them. Although you probably already secured your mirrors and paintings, providing them with an additional protective layer is always an asset. We recommend you create a sandwich out of two mattresses and put the mirrors between them. In case you only have one mattress, a sofa or some cushions will do the trick just as well.

Two men loading a truck for San Francisco moving
Don’t worry about your objects shifting in the trucks – there are always security straps to keep them where you want

You Need to Take Safety Precautions When Placing Your Items on a Truck

When someone poses the question: how do you professionally pack furniture, almost no one will think about safety precautions a person should take. However, when you pay for labor-only relocation, you will be paying Bay Area movers and packers for much more than just throwing your things in a van.

Professionals know not only know how to load trucks best but also how to do it, so they don’t throw their back out. If you don’t want to pay for a Bay Area moving company, here are a few safety precautions you should take to load your trucks just as safely as local movers in Bay Area would:

Call Your Friends for Help

A lot of stuff you’ll have to have a helping hand for either way. However, even if you just packed a TV and thought you could move it on your own – don’t. A move entails a lot of relocation stress, which impacts your body in various ways, making it more tired and fragile. Even if you aren’t packing to move in a hurry and manage to do everything in a timely manner, you are still going to be more tired than you can imagine. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help – what else are friends for.

Two guys doing the work of local movers in the Bay Area
A helping hand is always a good idea!

Hire Golden Bay Relocation for Any Packing and Relocating Help You Need

The best help you can get is a professional one. Whether you are relocating your office desks and require a commercial move or are taking your kids’ beds to a new place, you’ll want a moving company in Bay Area on your speed dial. The best movers in San Francisco and beyond will make your residential relocation a breeze and your packing process into a true Bay Area staycation.

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