5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving in With Your Girlfriend to Your Bay Area Love Nest

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Choosing to live together with your girl is a huge step, so it’s not surprising why many have doubts when deciding to move in. If you are not sure about the entire thing, ask yourself these five questions before moving in with your girlfriend. They will provide a much clearer picture of the situation and help you make the right call.

#1 Do You Really Want to Move In?

If you are asking yourself, “Should I move in with my girlfriend?” you probably already know the answer. Although it’s ok to have doubts about changes like these, deciding to move in with your significant other shouldn’t be too hard. It’s never a good idea to step into something this big unless you genuinely chose to commit to the relationship. Don’t fall for the pressure of society and move in simply because someone says you should do it.

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Move in together on your own terms, not because others say you should do it

#2 Are You Ready to Take the Relationship to the Next Level?

Do relationships change when you move in together? Considering your entire routine gets shaken up, the answer is a resounding yes. Sharing your space with someone is one of the most personal decisions you could make, so it’s crucial that the relationship has a solid foundation before deciding to take it to the next level. Before you start making a packing list, learn each other’s preferences, values, and communication styles, or you might as well move in with a stranger.

How Long Should I Wait Before Moving in With My Girlfriend?

Wonder how long should you wait to move in with your girlfriend? Stanford University analyzed that question through the How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey and found that 25% of couples in the US move in together after only 4 months of dating. That number rises to 50% after a year of dating, or 70% after two years. Experts say it’s better to wait at least three to six months before deciding to move in with your significant other. Although some people are comfortable with the idea of living together right from the start, many need a whole year to get to know each other completely. Considering this time can vary significantly from person to person, don’t force yourself into living with your gf if you’re not ready.

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Try Living With Your Girlfriend for Two Weeks Before You Decide to Move in Permanently

To test if you are genuinely ready to move in, try living with your significant other for two weeks straight. If you haven’t spent extended periods together without leaving, this trial period will undoubtedly allow you to get to know each other’s habits and hidden traits. This adjustment period is a significant change from your current routine, so there’s a good chance your relationship will change drastically. If you happen to spot some deal-breakers, either communicate with your partner and resolve the issue or just reconsider the decision to move in for the time being.

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How long should you be dating before you move in together? Waiting about a year is enough to learn the most important things about each other

#3 Are You Ready to Make Some Compromises?

Although deciding to move with your significant other will take your relationship to the next level, you will often be required to compromise. After all, you are two unique individuals looking to spend a life together. It’s only natural that some of your needs, habits, and preferences conflict with one another, so you’ll have to find the right balance if the relationship is to succeed in the long run. Be honest with your gf if something is not to your liking, but also try to be more open about her interests. Who knows, you could end up having an exciting new life experience together.

Don’t Let Your Gf Be the Only Person Who Does Chores Around the House

While it might be hard to get used to doing things around the house when relocating for the first time, your gf shouldn’t be the only person that keeps the place up and running. Although she might be willing to clean the entire home on her own, try splitting the chore as evenly as possible. If she was the one that made dinner, assist her by cleaning some pots and pans or take out the trash. You should also help her prepare for the move, as nobody should have to move a piano or even pack furniture and other large items on their own. She will undoubtedly appreciate any efforts you make towards helping out around the house.

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Does moving together kill a relationship? Only if you can’t find a way to compromise

#4 Do You Feel Like You Have All the Important Discussions With Your Partner?

Preparing for relocation goes beyond tasks like packing dishes and other fragile items, so you’ll need to have some very serious discussions with your significant other before the actual move. Ironing out all the important details right away will tell you whether you and your girl are on the same page, avoiding a lot of potential problems later down the line. Besides saving you a ton of unnecessary relocation stress, having a plan will help you create a better new life for yourself and your partner.

Always Discuss Your Finances Before Deciding to Move in Together

Considering you’re about to move in with your significant other, it’s crucial to discuss your finances before the actual move. Although talking about money is almost always uncomfortable, exchanging this information will give you a better idea of your current financial situation. After all, you are about to share a home with someone, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s go over some things you should discuss with your significant other:

If you feel confident about your arrangement, try opening a joint bank account. The video below will take you through some of its most important benefits, as well as where you can set one up.

Figure Out Your Living Arrangements in Advance

Deciding where you and your significant other will live is going to be one of the most important things you’ll do before relocating. Besides choosing to stay either at your or her place, getting an entirely new apartment might be the best option. However, finding a place you both like will not be easy, so some compromises will have to be made. If you come from different Bay Area towns, try to meet each other halfway so that nobody has to change their entire routine after the relocation. Try not to force each other to settle on a place one of you truly dislikes. If you are patient and open about your wants and needs, the perfect home won’t be hard to find.

While securing a place will take a lot of weight off your shoulders, there’s still a lot of planning to go through. Mainly, you’ll have to decide how you’re going to set up your new home. Considering you’ll be joining two inventories, both of you will have to give some belongings away. There’s no point in owning multiple sets of furniture, and the same can be said about old and rarely used items. Instead of packing glasses that were collecting dust, try selling them at a garage sale or donate them to a local charity like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Habitat For Humanity. If you want to avoid giving anything away, just rent a storage locker from one of the local moving companies in the Bay Area.

Talk About All the Expectations You Might Have

Considering no two people are completely the same, it’s important to discuss all the hopes and dreams you have for the future of the relationship. Trying to move in with a person whose plans for the future are vastly different from your own is only a waste of time and energy. Before committing to this big step, make sure you and your girl are on the same page on crucial matters, including pets, marriage, and children.

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It’s much easier to move in with a woman who has the same aspirations as you

#5 Are You Moving in With Your Girlfriend for the Right Reasons?

Last but not least, ask yourself why you truly decided to move in with your girl. While living together does become more convenient the longer you are together, benefits shouldn’t be the main reason you choose to live with your gf. Although having someone around to keep you company and help with all the chores and financial hurdles is nice, this can all be achieved just by finding a roommate. Relationships are much more complex than that, so the main reason to move in with your bae should be love and the desire to lead a good life together.

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Do you want to move in with your woman for the right reasons?

Don’t Know How to Prepare for a Move? You’ll Need an Excellent Bay Area Moving Company to Assist You

As you can see for yourself, deciding to move in will require a lot of thinking. Considering all the things you have to discuss with your significant other, there won’t be too much time left to cover all the necessary relocation preparations. Learning to pack is not easy either, as you’ll need weeks or months to secure all your belongings correctly. Fortunately, you can always hire a professional moving company in the Bay Area to assist you with the move itself.

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