Weekend Getaway From San Francisco – Best Ideas For Road Trips Around The Bay

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Are you planning a weekend getaway from San Francisco and need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. This exciting area has a lot to offer, so it might be hard for you to decide, but who says you can only pick one? Visit them all. In the following article, we will share some of the most popular and exciting destinations to drive to, so you can choose according to your personal needs and preferences.

If you feel like living in this fantastic place suits you and you love to have plenty of options for weekend getaways near San Francisco and fun road trips, you’ve come to the right place. As a local, you’ve probably heard of most of these places, but now it is time to visit them all and explore your surroundings a bit better – every day is a chance for new adventures.

Where Should I Go for a Weekend Getaway in the Bay Area?

If you live somewhere in the Bay Area and have a long weekend ahead of you, it’s natural that you want to explore neighboring towns and plan an adventurous vacation. You might start wondering where should I go for a 3-day vacation or where should I go for a 2-day trip? Well, if you live here, your options are numerous – whether you drive or not, you can get anywhere quickly and easily.

You can easily plan something exciting, no matter what your interests are – this part of California is well known for amazing beaches, not to mention luxurious hotels and resorts. You can plan memorable vacations for each month, so keep reading to get some ideas. We know that you’re already thrilled with the excitement but don’t forget to add filling out a rental application to your moving to-do list and make sure you’re familiar with tenants’ rights before making any final decisions about your relocation.

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Where Should I Go for a Weekend Getaway in California?

We all know that life in California is exciting and interesting no matter where you’re at. Some of the most popular destinations around Bay Area towns are:

a marina with many boats
 If you’re into road trips, you can choose different type of activities for every other day off

Weekend Getaways From San Francisco to Monterey are the Most Popular Options for a Road Trip

This is a perfect destination for all age groups, and the best part is that you can get there within a two hours drive trip from the city. The unique and charming atmosphere of this place will definitely warm up your heart, and if that’s not enough – you can always rent a comfy cabin with a fireplace just to relax a little more. You can just spend your days enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxing at some of the amazing hotels providing luxurious accommodations with breakfast in bed.

There Are Plenty of Attractive Amenities and Things to Do Around Monterey

If you like spending casual afternoons driving and exploring beautiful wineries or enjoying a wine tasting with your friends, here, you can find many interesting options. Monterey is also home to the well-known Monterey Bay Aquarium, which can be attractive both for children and adults. Apart from wine tasting tours, you can also participate in some recreational activities such as kayaking, golf, or fishing. Whale watching is also an interesting thing to do around here, and for those who are less interested in these kinds of activities, amazing shopping and fabulous restaurants are always an option.

Where Can I Stay in Monterey? Center of the City Is One of the Options

One of the popular places for staycation around SF is Old Monterey Inn, located in the center of the city, offering comfortable rustic suits to stay in with a relaxing atmosphere. It is just next to the Aquarium, so this can be your base from where you’ll go around and explore. Another convenient option is Monterey Bay Inn, with luxurious rooms offering breathtaking views from balconies. L’Auberge Carmel is attractive for couples, and most of the room rates start from $200.

rows of glasses
 If you like wine tasting, a road trip to Monterey might be a great option to explore plenty of beautiful wineries

San Francisco Weekend Getaways to Napa Are Always a Good Idea

Napa Valley is known as the home of famous wineries, popular hotels, restaurants, and it’s just one hour away from SF. If you don’t drive and you’re used to getting around San Francisco without a car, you can catch a train and get there in no time. One of the most popular daily activities around here is a hot air balloon ride – perfect for a romantic date or a memorable family experience. Some of the tours also offer Champagne breakfast after a flight, so it is one of the great ways to start your day. Rides usually cost about $200 per person.

Where to Stay When on One of the Best Weekend Getaways From SF?

Depending on your personal interest and preferences, you can choose different types of hotels. For example, if you want to be close to major shopping areas, you can get a room in Blackbird Inn for about $200 per night. Milliken Creek Inn is another amazing option – in this iconic place, you can enjoy spa treatments, relax around the fireplace and get amazing massages.

beach views on a sunny day
This unique location with an amazing beach is great if you want to have a luxurious summer vacation – you don’t even have to drive

Chateau du Sureau Is Perfect for a Romantic San Francisco Weekend Getaway

This idyllic hotel was previously a hacienda, so you can already get an idea of the extraordinary scenery around here. With luxurious and comfortable rooms that include art pieces and antiques from the 19th century, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale. This might be one of the best weekend trips from SF for couples who want to spend a few days relaxing while enjoying aesthetic suits and interesting settings. If you get hungry, you can enjoy traditional European cuisine and specialties on the beautiful terrace overlooking the property.

fireplace in the house
 Nothing’s more romantic than spending a relaxed day in a rustic atmosphere

Lake Tahoe Might Be Ideal for Adventurous Getaways Near San Francisco, and It Is Budget Friendly

If you love spending time in nature, this picturesque destination might amaze you. Although Lake Tahoe is not officially a national park, many consider it one of the best places around here. This is also perfect if you want to change your surroundings for a couple of days while still staying on a budget. Cedar House is one of the affordable options when it comes to accommodation. If you’re going to stay with children and with pets, then Basecamp Hotel might be a perfect choice – it offers playful rooms, and the prices are around $125 per night.

Lake Tahoe Isn’t a National Park, But It Sees Twice as Many Visitors as Yosemite

Taylor Creek Visitor Center should be the starting point of your tour – there, you can get maps for some of the most interesting trails in this area. If you take a Rainbow Trail, it will take you to The Stream Profile Chamber, which offers 180-degree views above and below the water surface. You’ll be charmed by the amazing scenery around this lake, and you’ll definitely want to come back again.

Yosemite National Park during the day
This location attracts more tourist than Yosemite National Park because of its spectacular scenery

Wilbur Hot Springs Is Another Romantic Resort You Stay in on a Weekend Getaway Near San Francisco

Founded back in 1865, this resort has been renovated, and it’s now a modern and comfortable place that attracts tourists from all over the country. With naturally occurring hot mineral springs, hydrotherapy spa, and other amazing facilities, this place is perfect if you want to get away from everything and enjoy the peace and serenity of a real-life paradise. Popular Fluminarium in Japanese-style is a place where water from the springs runs into hot spring pools and an outdoor swimming pool. If you moved recently, this might be a perfect place to visit if you need to relax and relieve all that moving stress.

swimming pool during the day
Swimming in pools filled with hot spring water might be a perfect way to relax after a busy week at work

Hotel Les Mars Is a Stylish San Francisco Getaway Destination in California

With all of its comfort and luxury suites, this charming place is perfect for a hideaway, admiring art pieces from the 18th century and spa treatments by the pool. You can also check some dining out options and wine tasting sessions in Northern California. Site-by-site massages and other relaxation treatments for couples are also available even in the privacy of their own suites.

Chalkboard Restaurant Serves Delicious Healthy Food

After your tour around the winery is finished, you can have a tasty snack or a dinner with fresh seasonal ingredients at Chalkboard restaurant. This restaurant is unique because of its own 3 acre garden with all kinds of vegetables and fruits which are produced for the hotel kitchen. This interesting video will help you get a bigger picture and see what kind of ambiance you can expect if you decide to spend your time there.

Road Trips to Tomales Bay in California Are Fun if You’re Into Fresh Seafood and Kayaking

If your perfect vacation isn’t possible without your favorite seafood specialties, this place might be ideal for you. With various traditional restaurants serving only fresh seafood and many other interesting dishes, you’ll hardly find time for other things. If you feel like you need a little adrenaline rush to burn all these calories, spend some time kayaking around Tomales Bay. Other great options are hiking to the Point Reyes Lighthouse or Tule Elk Preserve.

a seafood dish
 If you like seafood, here you can find many amazing restaurants serving your favorite dishes

Few Hours Drive Away From SF, Mendocino Is Another Great Idea

Mendocino is located on the stunning Pacific Coast Highway. Known for world-class wine and breathtaking views, it might be the perfect location for a romantic trip. You should definitely visit Glass Beach, which is one of the most popular sports in the area. Other great spots around Mendocino are Fort Bragg, Little River, and Point Arena. Mendocino is full of surprises and places to explore, so you’ll be more than impressed by its charm and unique beauty.

mountain view
Mendocino is one more romantic option

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