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How To Hire The Best Moving Company In The Bay Area

Making the decision to move is probably not the easiest one, but what comes after the decision to move isn’t the most stressless process in the world, either. Moving is scary on its own, but add in the hard work and tons of effort that you need to invest in each phase of your relocation, and you’ve got chaos all over the place. You will want to ease your mind, and think about hiring a moving company the Bay Area has to offer. If that sounds like you, then you are definitely in the right spot. 

You should know everything there is to know about hiring professional movers along with the many benefits hiring them can provide you. Stay tuned for the ultimate guide on how to hire the best moving company in the Bay Area. 

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Why Should You Hire Professionals?

A lot of people wonder if hiring professional movers is really worth the hype. The truth is that there wouldn’t be that many moving companies out there if it weren’t. People like the comfort hiring a professional moving company in the Bay Area can offer them, and it definitely beats risking a back injury moving your dresser down the stairs. 

It Saves Time

Not only will you not risk any injuries, but you will save tons of time that you would otherwise spend handling the logistics of your move and actually orchestrating it. Your professional movers will know exactly how to approach your move and complete it efficiently – saving you abundant time to think about the more important things

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No Hassle Is Required

You won’t have to worry about lifting a single piece of furniture – isn’t that beautiful? Absolutely no hassle is required when you hire a professional moving company to help you relocate, meaning that you’ve secured a hassle-free moving experience. 

You Have Someone Responsible

When moving on your own, you are responsible for any damage along the way. You will have to pay for any damage to your items, making for a potentially much more costly move than you’ve initially calculated. With a professional moving company, you will have someone responsible for your items from start to finish, making a much more stress free moving experience. 

It’s Stress-Free

As mentioned before, you will have all the security in the world with a professional moving company, meaning that stress will be the last thing on your mind. This is also one of the main reasons people hire Bay Area movers to begin with.

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Moving Quotes – What Determines The Price?

Once you call one of the companies on your list, there will be some information that you need to share with their relocation specialist in order for them to provide you with a moving quote. You should know which information you should have on hand to provide the relocation specialist so you don’t lose time shopping around. Make a list with the following information:

The Move Size

If you are moving from a house, the approximate square footage of your home and the number of bedrooms should be enough information for most local moving companies. If you are moving a part of your home or more items than a typical home of your size, a list of items will be needed. 

A list of items is also needed for commercial and storage moves in order to be provided with the most accurate possible quote.

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The distance won’t make much of a difference, but if you’re moving from one part of the Bay Area to another, it’s going to be a bit more costly than a move around the corner. Your relocation specialist will most likely ask you for your pick up and delivery zip codes, so make sure to have those on hand. 

Heavy Items, Stairs Or Long Carry

If you have something like a grand piano to move, you will probably get a slightly different quote than someone with a completely standard move. Your Bay Area moving company might have a heavy item or special item fee. A few other standard fees that you might encounter can also be stairs or long carry fees, so your moving specialist will most likely ask about that as well.

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Every Bay Area moving company has a different policy for professional packing services, but most charge at least for the supplies or include them in their rate. However it may be – you will probably receive a higher rate if a professional packing service is involved in the project.

Special Requests

Crating, hoisting or any similar special requests can result in a different quote from the standard. Make sure to let your relocation specialist know about any special requests that you may have so they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

When To Start Shopping Around

Once you’ve gotten all of your information written down and have a clear understanding of what the quote process will look like, it’s time to start calling movers. You need to know which companies to call and which companies are right for the job. Not every Bay Area moving company can offer the service you are looking for.

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Search For Local Movers Near You

You want to hire someone in the area, and someone who knows the area, too. You need to find reputable companies near you that will be able to assist with your move and deliver a smooth experience. Search for: “Bay Area movers” ; “local movers near me” ; or “moving company Bay Area” to find the best potential results. Then, start making a list of companies to research.

Make A List

With a list of companies, you will be able to take notes and know exactly which company you are referring to when looking at the information you’ve received. Organizing your notes will help youremember the important details of each Bay Area moving company you’ve called so far.

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Visit Their Websites

Check the services they offer and if they offer the one you are looking for. Check their experience, how long they have been in business and customer testimonials. A lot of information can be found on the Bay Area moving company website.

Get Some Recommendations

Who better to ask for trustworthy movers than the people you already trust? Ask your friends, family or local real estate agents for some moving company recommendations

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Which Bay Area Moving Company To Call?

Licensed And Insured

Always call professional movers that are licensed and insured. If you can’t find any information online, ask the moving company in question for their license. You want someone responsible for your possessions to be in charge of the move with valid insurance.

Responsive And Reliable

If the moving company isn’t answering your calls five times in a row, how can you expect them to be there on the special day if something goes wrong? While some companies might be busy, you need a responsive and reliable mover to handle your upcoming transition. 

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Flexible And Supportive

If your moving company is trying to create the best moving solutions for you and help you organize the move in the best possible way for yourself, you will feel comfortable with them from start to finish – and that is what you are looking for. See how well you are given the answers to your questions and how attentive your relocation specialist is.

Straightforward And Transparent

If the quote you are receiving is completely clear and detailed, and if offered along with a comprehensive breakdown of every cost – that is a company to trust. Listen to what your relocation specialist is telling you regarding their service before you start asking questions.

The Most Important Questions To Ask

Is this rate guaranteed?

You don’t want to call the company tomorrow to book the move, only to find out that their rates are much higher than the day before. Ask if their rates are guaranteed and how long they will stay that way before you hang up the phone.

What does this rate not include?

If your relocation specialist didn’t specify, ask what the rate doesn’t include. You should know if something like gas or mileage isn’t included in their base rate, so that they don’t throw in some hidden costs once your move has been finished.

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Do you offer a guaranteed arrival window?

If you need a specific timeframe for your move to happen –  you will want your moving company in the Bay Area to offer a guaranteed window for them to arrive so you can stay on schedule during the entire day.

Are there any additional fees?

One more chance to find out about any other fees, ask if they have anything on top of the base price even in the worst case scenario. However, there is a way to know for certain that the Bay Area moving company you are about to hire has hidden fees or not so keep reading! You’re almost there.

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What is the deposit / cancellation policy?

Changes can easily happen before your move, so you need to know whether you will be losing your money potentially, or not. Ask about their deposit policy and what is the best way to set it up for the move.

Always Ask For Your Quote In Writing

If there are any hidden fees – they will be listed here. Even in the finest possible print. Keep an eye out for that and always ask every moving company to send over their quote to you via email. 

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