Organize Before The Move

The Bay Area’s Tips When Looking For Office Relocation Services

Moving your office is exciting, no matter if you might be downsizing or upgrading your space drastically. Either way, you get to work in a completely new space and create a completely fresh workflow, which can motivate your employees and create a better office environment overall.

Change is exciting, and when you work together – you can create a positive transition during which you will all feel like you’ve contributed to your successful move. 

However, moving an office space isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is one of the most complex moving types, as it requires a lot of attention and care in order to be completed with no unnecessary downtime. Lost time equals lost money – and this is something that is unfortunately common during a commercial move.

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The Complexities of Commercial Moving 

Time Is Lost

If you are planning on doing it on your own, expect a lot of time to be lost, time that you would otherwise invest in working or making money. Losing time during your move can be one of the worst drawbacks of doing it on your own. 

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Business Is Interrupted 

If you are losing time packing and orchestrating an office move, your business is surely interrupted. Everything is all over the place, and you truly have no clue where to start. If no one comes around to help with packing, wrapping or moving – you are setting yourself up for a lot of unnecessary downtime.

Disorganization & Chaos

Overall, conducting a business move on your own will lead to a lot of chaos and disorganization. That is why you need to think out of the box and look at the bigger picture. You need this office move to be done quickly, in order for it to be the most cost efficient for you in every way.  

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How To Make Your Office Move Smooth?

Tip #1 Create A Detailed Office Relocation Inventory List 

You will need to create an inventory list to know exactly what you will be moving and how large your commercial move will actually be. If you are planning to move with professional office movers near you, then you will probably need to provide them with a complete list of items for a quote, too. That’s why you should have it constructed as soon as possible.

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Tip #2 Hire Professional Office Relocation Services

Hiring professional office relocation services means that you don’t have to do anything regarding your office relocation other than pack up the important documents. Every piece of office furniture and all of your equipment will be moved by your professional office movers – so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

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Only Hire Licensed & Insured Office Movers Near You

You should never hire shady movers and risk a potential moving scam. You want to make sure that your professional Bay Area office relocation team is licensed and insured, so you can get compensation if anything were to happen during your move. 

Check Their Previous Customer Reviews 

Checking previous customer reviews will give you a better idea of the company you are calling for a quote. You will be able to see how a company handles issues and supports their clients with their concerns or questions.

Tip #3 Think About Hiring Office Packers And Movers

Hiring office packers and movers means having complete peace of mind during the entire moving experience. There are one too many benefits of hiring full service office relocation teams for your move – one of them being that it saves a ton of time and nerves. Your office movers will swoop in and pack and move your office over the course of a day.

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It Can Help Keep Your Workflow Uninterrupted 

Hiring Bay Area packers and movers means that your entire workflow will remain uninterrupted as they work, meaning that business can continue as usual and your packers and movers will help you unpack at the destination, setting everything up for you to continue with your business.

Ask About Their Schedule 

If you want a move during after hours or a specific time frame so it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day schedule, you will want to know this before you make any concrete decisions.

Do They Offer A Guaranteed Window of Arrival?

Even if they work during the time frame you are looking for, you need to know if they offer a guaranteed arrival or a large window during which they can show up. If you are running on a tight schedule, a large window with no guarantee will make you stress all day long.

Tip #4 Before You Start Shopping Around, Don’t Forget To

You don’t want to go overboard.

  • Notify Your Employees About The Move

Maybe they will be glad to offer some help?

  • Ask For Recommendations For Office Relocation Services

Start with the people you trust.

  • Plan A Goodbye Party For Your Old Office Space

Don’t make it a sad transition – make it fun for everyone!

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Tip #5 If You Are Self Packing – Start Early And Involve Everyone

Starting as early as possible will ensure that you have tons of time leftover to complete it before your professional movers arrive on the special day. Starting early and doing little by little, as well as involving your employees in the project can make it a lot more tolerable and smoother than doing it completely on your own. If you are in a larger office, you will definitely need the extra help. 

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Dedicate Roles For The Packing Project

Having everyone do something related to the move will make it more efficient and less tedious for everyone, and dedicating roles like everyday “chores” for people to complete can be an easy way of not feeling overwhelmed during the move. Have everyone pack 3-5 boxes every day they come into work, label them and close them with tape – for example. 

You can have someone on wrapping duty, supply duty etc. Having roles assigned will have everyone feel like they are helping and contributing to the move, making it a happy last memory in your old workspace, too.

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Put On Some Music & Make It Fun 

Making it fun for everyone is the only way you will keep them motivated to keep going at this awfully boring task. The more fun you can make it – the better.

Packing is awful on its own and having your entire company offer their helping hand during the move will result in a much happier transition for everyone and a much smoother moving experience for you – the person in charge of the entire project.

You are also in charge of making it easy, smooth and fun, so think of creative ways to do just that like putting on some music.

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Tip #6 Hire Golden Bay Relocation

Golden Bay Relocations has been in business for decades, offering successful, easy and seamless moving solutions to everyone in need of local moving help.

We offer office relocation services that have assisted thousands of businesses in the Bay Area move their nests and find a new home. We know that we have what it takes to make your move as smooth as ever, and if you don’t want to pack – we are there for you as well. 

Why Golden Bay Relocation?

  1. We are completely licensed and insured. 

You can be at complete peace of mind knowing that you are moving with a reputable Bay Area moving company with all-inclusive, competitive rates.

  1. We offer all-inclusive rates. 

And we have no hidden fees or charges.

  1. We offer guaranteed arrival windows.

We always show up in the agreed upon time frame. 

  1. You receive complete customer support 7 days a week.

Our relocation specialists are always there for you.

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The Best Office Relocation Services In The Bay Area

Contact us for a free quote on your upcoming office move! We want to be a part of the journey and make your move with Golden Bay Relocation a successful one.

With thousands of successfully completed commercial relocations under our belts and more returning customers annually than we can count – we know that we have what it takes to become your top office moving company in the Bay Area. 

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