5 Ideas For A Weekend Staycation In The Bay Area

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After you’re done with an exhausting week at work and want to relax somewhere out of town, researching some convenient options for a staycation in the Bay Area is the right thing to do. In this article, we’ll guide you through Bay Area staycation ideas and give you plenty of ideas for short trips. Most of these locations include beaches, so don’t forget to bring your bikini – an unforgettable weekend is calling for you.

If you still don’t live around here but feel like these weekend getaways might be an every weekend thing for you and your friends, you can relocate quickly and efficiently with convenient assistance from professional Bay Area movers. With their excellent services, you can relocate to a new home somewhere around here and enjoy exploring the amazing staycation options every other weekend.

Where Should I Go for a Weekend Getaway in the Bay Area?

From our point of view, having a home and living in one of many Bay Area towns is always exciting. If you’re lucky enough to live and work in one of the coolest places on earth, you must be feeling blessed with amazing options for exciting getaways with your loved ones. There are so many options that you can basically organize a tour every weekend and never get bored. It sounds like a good place to live, right?

If you’re still not living here, you can relocate efficiently right away with our professional movers in Bay Area.  They can help you achieve everything that’s on your moving to-do list before you even notice. They can also remind you of some items movers won’t move and tell you what are the most commonly forgotten things to pack so you avoid any inconvenience during the process. Research where is the cheapest place to live in the Bay Area if you’re on a budget and get ready to move here.

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Where Can I Staycate in the Bay Area? Every Hotel Around Here Is Amazing

Are you looking for some exciting staycation in Bay Area ideas? You can choose from different types of activities and various accommodation options. If you want to have a comfortable stay without hotel obligations, renting accommodation over Airbnb might be the best solution for you. In almost every place we suggest in the following text, you can find available houses and small apartments for a reasonable price. 

If you’re looking for luxury resorts, know that that is also a viable option. Just keep in mind that prices can be sky-high. It all depends on your preferences and the type of staycation you’re looking for, but also whether you decided to travel with a group of friends, alone or with your significant other. If you don’t own a car, we suggest renting one because it will help you get around much faster.

empty pockets
Housing around here might be pricey, but you can find some budget-friendly options as well

Where Can I Go for a Day Trip in the Bay Area? Bolinas Might Be Your First Getaway Option

Being just 30 miles away from SF, this attractive destination never fails to amaze its visitors. If you travel by car, you’ll need approximately one hour to get there from SF, so this might be the perfect option for a one-day trip. Just be careful – locals don’t want many tourists there, so it’s not unusual that they take off the signs along Highway 1. Make sure you take the first main intersection north of Stinson Beach, and you’ll get there, don’t worry.  If you love sunbathing on the warm sand and trying watersports, this is the perfect destination for you and your friends. You can all have a fun day surfing and beachcombing.

Where Can I Stay Around Bolinas?

If you love it there and spontaneously decide to spend a night rather than going back to the city, you can find a few convenient options closer to the beach. There are no hotels there. But Bolinas Cottage is more than enough for one or two nights. This place offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that will help you forget about moving stress right away.

sunny weather on a shore
Amazing beaches around here will take your breath away

Half-Moon Bay Is Another Great Option for a Short Bay Area Staycation

Talking about amazing beaches and surfing here’s another great alternative if you like the previous one. Distance from SF to this place is just 30 miles, but if you like to get around San Francisco without a car, know that there is not a direct connection between these two places, so you might need to rent a car. Traveling to this exciting destination will take you about 40 minutes, making it the perfect place to visit at any time on any occasion. Whether you’re up for a picnic on the beach or for a more active day, surfing and trying other watersports – this place offers it all. Not only that you’ll have a lot of fun, but you’ll also have an unplanned workout.

Accommodation Options Are Numerous

Located down on the San Mateo Peninsula, this place offers luxurious accommodation options, maybe even better than a staycation in San Francisco. If you want to spend a night right on the water, Cypress Inn on Miramar should be your first choice. Another outstanding option, good for any occasion, is the Ritz. You can spend your days here exploring Dunes and Roosevelt Beach or go hiking on California Coastal Trails. Exploring Corte Madera is also a great option to find accomodation.

shore on a bright day
 Half Moon Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations

Short Getaways to Mt. Diablo in California Are Always Fun

If spending an active vacation at one of the most attractive tourist destinations around San Francisco is your cup of tea, then you’re welcome. This amazing location offers everything you ever wanted from this type of vacation and more. It is the fourth highest mountain around here, with an elevation of 3,849 feet. Geologists call it the “upthrust peak” because of its unusual height. With numerous hiking trails, you’ll finally have a chance to reuse some of the moving hacks you learned from local movers in Bay Area and prepare to pack some things for a fun day in the mountains.

Experience San Francisco Weekend Getaways in the Mountains of California Properly by Renting a Cottage

If you’re living in some of the best places to live in the Bay Area and now want to go full-on nature vibes and staycation in the woods, renting a cottage might help you complete your experience. There is no chance you’ll ever forget this memorable adventure. If you’re moving with pets, you can look up some pet-friendly options and take them for a hike with you too. 

house in the nature
Rent a cottage on the edge of the woods to experience the mountain at its finest 

Muir Beach Is Close to San Francisco and Great to Visit at Any Time of the Year

Distanced just 18 miles from SF, this place is convenient to visit year-round. Here you can have a relaxing break from all the hustle and bustle of the city, plus it takes only a short drive from Marin Headlands to reach this charming oasis of tranquility and beauty. You are going to fall in love with picturesque views and romantic sunsets, so make sure to turn on your camera from time to time and capture your favorite moments.

If You Decide to Travel Here, You Can Stay at The Pelican Inn

There aren’t plenty of accommodation options around here, but this one is definitely more than enough to complete your expectations. The Pelican Inn has a year-long tradition of providing tourists from all over the world with great comfort and hospitality, so you shouldn’t worry about anything if you decide to spend a night here. Except for one thing – book your room in advance, because their units are frequently fully booked so you shouldn’t come here unannounced.

marshmallows and chocolate
Have a memorable luxury picnic at Muir Beach, California

Rosewood Sand Hill Might Be Ideal If You Want to Experience a Luxury Vacation Overlooking Santa Cruz Mountains

Luxury Rosewood Sand Hill Resort is located in Menlo Park, California, on the 16-acre magnificent gardens overlooking Santa Cruz Mountains. Here you can enjoy amazing views, relax at the spa, wellness and fitness areas, and more. If you’re a fan of golf, you are welcome to play at the local Stanford Golf Club. This destination is perfect for any occasion – a peaceful and relaxing weekend with your loved ones, business meetings, and special occasions. Since it is located in the backyard of an iconic city such as Menlo Park, it gives you the opportunity to visit some of its main attractions.

If you get hungry after golfing, hiking, or relaxing by the pool, you can treat yourself and your belly at Madera restaurant, which earned a Michelin star under the direction of Chef Peter Rudolf. Their exceptional service and amazing dishes are definitely something you shouldn’t miss if you choose to stay here. Their unique menu includes dishes prepared with organic ingredients from local farms, so meals here are not only tasty but also healthy. If you’re interested in a short getaway, this video shows the unique atmosphere around this luxury resort in Park Menlo.

If You Love Some Of the Suggested Staycation in the Bay Area Ideas, Hire the Moving Company in Bay Area and Relocate Closer

First things first – you need to get familiar with tenants’ rights (they are slightly different from those in the rest of California) and send a rental application once you find your dream apartment around here. After that, you can enjoy a fun moving away party. We get that you’re excited to relocate as soon as possible, but moving in a hurry might be challenging even for those with a lot of experience. Why not save yourself the trouble and hire one of the best moving companies in the Bay Area? Golden Bay Relocation offers convenient local relocation services, which include residential moving so that you can relocate all of your household belongings in a blink of an eye. Our local Bay Area movers and packers can do it all, from packing dishes to handling all other fragile items in your home. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll be here for you at any time.

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