Everything You Should Know About Moving With Pets

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If you consider the fact that about 85 million families in America own a pet and about 31 million American citizens move every year, you can easily come to the conclusion that moving with pets is very common. If you are a first-time dog owner or never relocated with your furry friend before, this article might help you.

It is important that you stay responsible during the relocation process, and you’ll definitely have to get through many things and challenging situations, especially if you’re not relocating alone and have a lot of belongings you want to move. To save yourself the trouble and give your beloved animal much-needed attention, you should consider hiring professional movers in the Bay Area. They can assist you with relocating your belongings while you take care of your dog or a cat or any other animal. You’ll have a much more pleasant experience, and everyone will come out of this process much happier.

Relocation Process Is One of the Most Stressful Events for People – It’s Similar When It Comes to Animals

No matter if you’re a first-time owner or lived with dogs your whole life, you must be aware of the fact that they come with a big responsibility – it’s almost like having a baby. Millennials, especially around the Bay Area, have more pets than children, and that’s big news. Having a furry member of a family is definitely what most people consider like taking care of a baby. 

We get it that you’re here because you love your pet so much that you want to make this process easier for them and reduce relocation stress you might experience because of their problems to a minimum. Don’t worry, we’ll try to teach you all the convenient relocation hacks that will make your relocation much more enjoyable. Check out this video to ensure you understand why this process might be stressful.

How Do You Move With a Pet?

How do I move my pets? Same as people, animals need some time to adjust to their new environment, especially if they lived their whole life in one place. You have to be extra careful to make this process easier for them. Everything that you go through, they go either, but you are their emotional support, so they definitely feel if you’re stressed or worried during this period. To prevent unnecessary stressful and overwhelming situations, consider hiring professional Bay Area movers. Animals are one of the things movers won’t move, but you can take care of them, while professionals do everything else for you.

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Plan Everything in Advance

Considering your pet an equal member of your family, they must have their own space, bed, toys, bowls, and clothes. They also probably have some important documents such as passports and medical records for vaccinations and so on. Maybe they have some particular medicines they take daily, especially if we’re talking about puppies or older dogs. Put everything you find important on your relocation to-do list. Every one of these segments requires proper preparation, so ensure you follow some of the essential moving with pets tips mentioned below.

Dog in a travel box
Relocation can be stressful, so ensure you’re well prepared and organized

Prepare Their Important Documents, Medical Records and Medicines

Even if you move in a hurry, you have to set your priorities straight. Documents, especially if they are in a paper form, are something you can replace if it gets lost, and documents are, ironically, among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Once you start preparing your move, take a few hours just to go through your documents carefully and decide which ones are important and need to be relocated.

Find some quality covers and a waterproof box you can keep them in and make sure they stay by your side during the relocation. If your pet has some medical records that you find important, like vaccine confirmation and a passport, don’t forget to include them in your packing list. 

Consult With the VET About Your Pet and Upcoming Relocation

No one knows your favorite friend better than you and their vet, so why not consult the expert about the upcoming relocation? They can give you amazing tips that will prevent unnecessary complications. They can also give you some medicines that will calm your pet during the car ride if they are not used to it and advise you how to treat them if they have some issues. Pro tip: train them with shorter car rides before the move. This can be a ride to a local park or somewhere close to your home, so they can adjust gradually for what’s coming. Also, consider taking them to your future apartment at least once before you relocate, so they can get familiar with the environment.

Look for a Vet in Your New Neighborhood in Advance

Another thing to consider is finding a new vet close to your new house. There is no need to put your dog or a cat in additional stressful situations by taking them on long car rides every time minor inconveniences happen. Your current vet can give you some tips and tell you which one of their colleagues in your future neighborhood can be a good alternative.

Veterinarian with a cat
Ensure you consult your veterinarian about important travel issues

Get Suitable Packing Supplies

One of the basic steps in organizing your move is to get suitable packing supplies so you can carefully pack and protect all of your and your furry friends’ belongings. Some of the things you should include in your expenses checklist are:

Depending on the items you have to relocate, you can get convenient help from local movers in the Bay Area. They can offer you packing services if you don’t know how to pack fragile items or maybe how to pack dishes or any other items from your home, including your furry friends’ belongings.

packing supplies
Ensure you get some suitable packing supplies

Pack Your Cats’ or Doggos’ Toys and Clothes When You Move or Travel

Once you gather all the necessary supplies, it’s time to start packing. Your furry friend must have many toys laying around the house and your backyard, so ensure to gather all of them in one place and pack them so your furbaby has something to play with at your new house. Don’t forget to keep at least one of their favorite toys close to them during the relocation, so they can feel the comfort of having something familiar around them.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Relocations can get messy, and it’s obligatory to use this situation as an excuse to finally get rid of stuff that you kept way too long, and you don’t need it. This also applies to your dog’s old clothes or ripped and smelly toys. If you got them a cute bed that they never used because they always sleep next to you, this is an ideal opportunity to donate these items or give them to your friends.

Dog in a pet carrier
Don’t forget to pack your cats’ clothes when you travel

Don’t Forget to Bring Their Snacks

Nothing brings more joy to your furbaby’s life than seeing you come back from work and food – obviously. Don’t forget to get them some extra snacks to reward them for being so good and patient during the long relocation process. This is not an opportunity to try out some exotic things – you don’t want any unnecessary risks, so stick to favorites and watch them enjoying the process more than you ever imagined.

Pack Your Pets’ Food in Your Moving Essentials Bag

Please don’t make a common relocation mistake and put their food beside their toys in a box that you’re going to stick under the mattress deep inside the big relocation truck. Once you finally get to your home, it might take ages to get to this box, especially if you don’t have professional help for unloading your truck, such as labor relocation service, so ensure you always keep something in your essentials bag.

Doggo with a food bowl
Ensure you bring some extra food for the road and first day at your house

When the Relocation Day Comes, Ensure They Are Not Around Your Home

If you’re moving pets and want to move efficiently, you’ll have to get them out of the way when the relocation day finally comes. Carrying heavy furniture around the house is dangerous for itself, not to mention your friendly cat trying to get your helper’s attention and crawling around their legs while they are relocating a piano. The number one tip on how to move with pets is to keep them somewhere safe while this part of the process is over. You can leave them in a hotel or ask your friend to take care of them for at least a few hours until you get other things done.

Pro tip: If you’re having a going-away party, see which one of your friends is getting along with them in the best way and ask them for this favor – we’re sure they won’t refuse a chance of spending more time alone with that cutie. 

Girl hugging a cat
Ask your friends to keep an eye on your cats if you’re too busy

How Long Does It Take for a Pet to Adjust to a New Home?

Wondering how to move pets is one thing and getting them comfortable at your new home is another. Sometimes this process might take months, so don’t rush things and let this process follow its natural tempo. This is a period when your favorite animal will need some extra attention, so don’t get carried away exploring Bay Area towns after work for too long, at least not without them. They might exhibit some behavior changes such as separation anxiety barking, if we’re talking about dogs and your cat can develop a habit to hide under the bed or a table for hours or stay only in one room until they feel safe enough to start exploring unknown environments. 

This can last for a few days, so ensure they feel comfortable by keeping their old walking and feeding schedules and keeping an eye on them as much as possible. If you have to leave them alone for a couple of hours, ask someone to check on them, for example, your neighbors, and you can even make some friends. If you have a backyard, you plan to keep them in, make sure it’s fenced, and check for potentially dangerous wires and holes before letting them outside. If you are filling a rental application, you have to ensure the homeowner is okay with letting your dog or other animals inside the house.

Cat laying in a bed
Your furry friends will need at least a couple of days to adjust to their unfamiliar environment

Hire a Professional Moving Company in Bay Area for Help and Make Moving With Pets Much Easier

Once you get familiar with tenants’ rights and choose one of the best places to live in the Bay Area for your new home, you should definitely consider hiring one of the highest-rated moving companies in the Bay Area for help with your local relocation. Residential relocation service is one of the most convenient options if you have to relocate your household belongings and don’t know how to pack books or other items on your own. Professional movers in Bay Area can pack all of your inventory and relocate it with a specialized truck to your new place, while you’ll have undivided attention for your furry friend.

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