7 Most Commonly Forgotten Things To Pack

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The relocation process is often stressful, and it’s not unusual that people lose a bit of their sanity during this process. There are many responsibilities you need to take care of, but first, you’ll have to remember them all. A list of the most commonly forgotten things to pack mentioned in this text will help you organize and upgrade your efficiency.

Once you find your dream house and start planning your move, don’t forget to hire one of the best moving companies in the Bay Area. Local movers in the Bay Area can offer you excellent services that will make your experience much more enjoyable. They will also give you some valuable tips and help you organize every step of your relocation.

What Are the Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack?

Things not to forget when packing include some items you use daily and some you never think about and need occasionally – sometimes very rare. Some of these objects might even be hidden around your home, so it’s not surprising that you don’t have your mind on them. Don’t worry, this convenient article might be beneficial for those in challenging situations.

It’s better to spend some time reading and improving your relocation process than to run around without any idea about what you are doing. This will not only slow down the process, but it might also cause some financial losses. With that said, we’ll guide you shortly through some belongings you shouldn’t take with yourself and continue with what not to forget when packing.

How Do You Not Forget Things When Packing?

How to remind yourself about things you shouldn’t forget? It’s simple – write yourself reminders about every step you’ll need to take. Posting colorful sticky notes on your refrigerator or some other visible place at your house is a great way to remind yourself about important tasks and spare yourself some relocation stress. When writing down a to-do list, write a separate section and a checklist for commonly forgotten inventory. This easy technique is also convenient if you wonder what to pack when you’re going on a trip.

What should I pack for a short trip list? Whenever you’re organizing a trip, think about stuff you use daily – for example, a toothbrush, chargers, makeup, and clothes. This list is similar to inventory you should include in your bag with relocation essentials. If you don’t bring some of these objects with you, it might ruin your trip. It would help if you also remembered to bring your glasses or contact lenses.

Writing notes
Write visible reminders and notes

#1 Personal Documents and Records

One of the most important steps to remember, especially when you’re in a hurry and want to move efficiently, is to keep your personal documents and records in one place. These usually include:

It is essential that you have most of these documents near you during the relocation process – if something gets lost, you might experience unnecessary problematic situations.

Organize Your Documents Before the Move

You should definitely reorganize your documentation and records before relocation happens. A separate box with these files should be more than enough. Go through your mail, bills, and other important records mentioned earlier. If something is missing, you should look for it before you make even bigger chaos in your house once you start packing. You can also get rid of old documents that you won’t need in the future.

US passport
Don’t forget to organize your documents

#2 Valuables Like Jewelry and Other Hidden Things

Another thing to think about is your valuables. These precious items are sometimes in a visible place, but most of them are hidden in a private part of your house, and you rarely see them. Valuables can be jewelry or some precious family belongings. Some of them can be deep in your closet or safe, and you might make a mistake by leaving them there until the last moment, for example, the relocation day. Once this day finally comes, you might feel overwhelmed and forget about them.

Protect Them Using Best Packing Techniques

One more thing you should be reminded of is not to mix your valuables with other objects. You should include quality packing materials in your relocation expenses checklist and use these supplies to protect your fragile and valuable belongings and ensure nothing gets damaged during the move. Look up some relocation hacks and tips on how to pack fragile items to ensure everything goes smoothly and easily.

an old jewelry box with necklaces
Valuable objects are often hidden, so try to remember to bring them

#3 Clothes at the Dry Cleaner

Once you start organizing your clothes for relocation, deciding what to move, what to give away, sell or donate, you should also think about pieces you took to dry cleaning. People usually forget to pick up stuff from dry cleaning, especially when they are stressed and have many other responsibilities on their mind. Pick up these pieces on time, and don’t take anything to dry-clean during the last week of preparation to prevent you from forgetting to pick them up.

Make Sure You Cover Them

Once you get your fresh and clean clothes, ensure you protect them carefully. Pieces from dry-cleaners usually come with a good plastic cover, so consider keeping them inside if you don’t have other better methods to protect them from getting messy. One of the great and easy alternatives for other clothing supplies is garbage bags.

Clothes hanging
Remember to pick up your clothes from dry-cleaning

#4 House Plants

If you’re in a hurry and have many tasks on your mind, don’t forget to think about your house plants. If you can bring them to your new house, use appropriate equipment to protect your plants and get them to a new location safely. If you’re hiring professionals, check if plants are on their list of items they don’t move because they usually are. If for some reason you can’t take them with you, consider giving them to your friends. Your going-away party might be a perfect opportunity to gather your friends and give them everything you won’t be taking with you.

A few books, mug, and a plant by the window
Ensure to bring your houseplants to your new home with you

#5 Lamps and Lighting Equipment

This might seem unusual, but some people look at their lamps and lighting equipment like something that’s an unremovable part of their home. Luckily, most of these objects can easily be disassembled and moved. Ensure to use the right equipment to protect them because they are usually fragile and bring them with you. Your favorite reading lamp might fit your home perfectly.

Check Your Plugins For Chargers and Other Technical Equipment

Other inventories to consider are chargers and other technical equipment that might be plugged into your walls. Check every corner of your house and all the plug-ins. You might be surprised by the numerous stuff you’ll find. Untangle all the cords and secure them with tape so they don’t tangle up during the relocation process. This interesting video will help you learn how to protect your lamps for relocation.

#6 Tools From Storage or Garage

Some people make this mistake just because they use their tools until the very last minute of their relocation. You might need it for disassembling your furniture or other purposes, so it’s completely fine to pack them last – just don’t forget about them. If you don’t have a particular container, ensure you secure them for the relocation by using some bubble wrap or other convenient protective materials.

Deal With Other Storage Items in Advance

If you have other belongings in your storage, apart from tools, and you don’t need them frequently, you should consider packing them in advance. As soon as you find out the exact date of your move and gather the right equipment, you can start by packing infrequently used storage inventory.

a pile of tools
Storage inventory should be packed first

#7 Microwave, Coffee Makers, and Other Kitchen Appliances

Over 50% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee daily – if you calculate these numbers, you’ll get approximately 150 million daily drinkers. Most of these people enjoy this delicious drink at the comfort of their homes and own a coffee maker. Don’t make a common mistake, and look at this machine as a part of your kitchen and leave it there. The same thing applies to other kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens and mixers when you pack plates and pack dishes.

Coffee machine
Ensure you include kitchen appliances in your list

What Should You Not Pack?

Except for asking yourself what did I forget to pack, you might also be curious about belongings you should not include in your list at all. First of all, once you find a reliable moving company in the Bay Area, ensure that you check what items movers won’t move. For example, if you’re relocating with pets such as goldfishes, professional movers in the Bay Area can’t move them. If you’re planning to move a piano or some other specific and valuable object, you should also ask them about their terms and conditions – they can offer you their packing services, so you don’t have to pack these belongings by yourself.

You should also consider items you have to throw away, sell or donate. Decluttering before the move is the best thing you can do for yourself. You have to get rid of unnecessary belongings instead of relocating them and throwing them away afterward. You should also consider throwing away perishable food, chemicals, and explosive materials instead of packing them for the move.

Fresh food on the table
It’s for the best that you get rid of perishable food

Hire Professional Bay Area Movers for Assistance

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