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If you have a rearranging project planned out, or you are moving within the same building and you just need a few strong professionals to do the heavy lifting - you can rest assured that Golden Bay Relocation can assist you!

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Need Some Strong Guys to Help You Move? Our Labor Only Movers Are A Perfect Choice!

You may wonder if hiring moving labor services is necessary in order to execute your moving project in an efficient manner. We at Golden Bay Relocation with over three decades of experience in the industry, being providers of labor moving services believe you absolutely do!

People assume that unless you have a traditional load-drive-unload move, you don’t need professional help. What we think doesn’t really match, as it was proved that hiring professional labor-only movers is actually a great way to avoid putting yourself in some challenging situations, and save yourself from potential injuries, and your belongings from potential damages!

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Rely on Our Moving Labor Services For Your Upcoming Project

Many people don’t have enough experience with lifting heavy objects, so when it comes to the moment of handling them for moving purposes, some unexpected problems might occur. That is why moving labor help is getting more and more demanded each season.

Putting everything about the moving labor organization on yourself may sound like a good choice in terms of overviewing everything and making sure it goes as planned, but we believe that relying on professional labor-only movers is the better option.

Relocations can be challenging since they require a lot of hard work, even if you have all the necessary equipment and supplies. If you still wish to do some of the work on your own - there is no reason to do the heavy lifting as well, when there are some labor-only movers to help with that part!

Once you decide what items you want to relocate and know the dates for your move, consider reaching out to a reliable moving company for some labor-only movers nearby who can do the work effortlessly and efficiently to save yourself the struggle.

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Harold T.


These guys are awesome! Worked incredibly hard all day, including moving a full apartment up 2.5 flights of stairs. Right on time in the morning, and cleaned up completely when done. After using them three times, cannot recommend highly enough. Babur as team leader was especially fantastic.

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With Our Moving Labor Services, You Can Sit Back and Relax

We highly value every customer and respect their trust – that’s why we always try our best to show our appreciation and justify your trust by providing you with quality services, and moving labor services are no different.

Our professional goal when we first started providing moving services, including moving labor services, was to achieve that our clients feel confident knowing that we will always respect our part of the deal and meet their needs and expectations in the best possible way.


There are so many different types of services in moving - labor services consist of many variations, but the factor that connects them all is the fact that a moving vehicle is not needed to complete such a project.

You may wonder how can a move without a vehicle be considered a move. Actually, the answer is quite simple, as the professional labor-only movers are there to only provide you with their labor!

What a crew of labor movers nearby should bring with them is all the necessary equipment and knowledge and skills of the right lifting techniques. If deciding to hire Golden Bay Relocation to provide you with some moving labor help that is exactly what you can expect to receive.

The most frequently requested labor moving services that Golden Bay Relocation can provide you with are:


Moving items from the garage;


Rearranging the furniture;


Moving within the same building or building complex;


Loading or unloading a truck or a POD;


Staging a place for sale;

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Many other labor-only moving projects.


One of the best parts if you decide to move with us is the individualized approach. Our Bay Area moving services are always tailored to meet the client’s expectations and need perfectly.

While looking at the Bay Area moving services in terms of types can be useful to outline the general ways of executing them, only after we learn the specific features of your space and items can we start to plan the strategies on how to help you best.

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Request a Quote For Your Moving Labor Project Today

You can always take a few minutes to call us and get a quote for your move. It will only take a few minutes for our Agents to check on the most important details and start creating a sketch of what your labor-only services will look like.

Whether you decide to call us at 415-668-9562, email us at, or request a quote over our website, your quote will be provided free of charge and will be delivered in writing over the email as well. You can take all the time you need to consider our moving labor-only quote and if you decide we are the one for you - booking is even more simple!

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Book The Best Labor Movers Nearby

Book your labor-only movers in just a few steps. The deposit is required for placing the reservation on schedule, and it is fully applicable toward the total cost. Of course, the cancellation policy is quite flexible, so even if there are some changes in your schedule, our moving labor services will still be there when needed.

We wouldn’t be one of the top Bay Area moving services providers if we would’ve used poor customer service, or placed our financial interests before our clients. That is why we are proud of our zero tolerance for hidden fees!

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Labor Movers By The Hour

Our labor-only movers will charge for their services by the hour, and there is a 3-hour minimum policy for every move we perform. Of course, we fully understand that every hour counts, so apart from being professional and productive, our teams of labor-only movers are also very fast!

Of course, all the details about pricing and other terms will be provided to you over email so that we can make sure we are on the same page!


Golden Bay Relocation provides excellent Bay Area moving services through our trained and educated teams of movers. If planning a moving labor project, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable and experienced labor-only movers have the appropriate skills to provide you with much-needed help.

Every mover is licensed, so you can stay completely comfortable knowing you are in safe hands – precisely your precious belongings and household inventory you decide to relocate. You can also learn many interesting tips and tricks from our teams of movers labor only during this process!

Our main goal is your safety as well as the security of your belongings. Aside from the fact our labor-only movers will do everything in their power to deliver flawless services, you don’t need to worry about something getting broken during the process as we got your back as an insured and licensed moving company.

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Hire the Best Bay Area Moving Services Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We would love an opportunity to show you how simple moving labor only can be. Our customer service will help you from the beginning and carefully guide you through the process step by step.

With labor-only services as convenient as ours, there is absolutely no need to lift anything on your own – call us today and book our labor-moving service for desired dates!