How to Pack Plates for Moving to One of Many Bay Area Towns

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Did you know that the average person spends about 12% of their life in the kitchen – that’s almost 3 hours per day! Therefore, the successful relocation of your kitchen appliances and dishes is vital. We’ll help you learn how to pack plates for moving with many convenient tips, so you end up wondering why you thought this process would be hard in the first place while eating a piece of cake from your favorite plate in your new home.

Relocating Plates Might Be Challenging If You Don’t Follow Some Basic Rules

Plates are usually made of fragile materials such as porcelain, glazed earthenware, or bone china, and they can also be made out of glass. Regardless of the material, they are all very delicate and prone to breakage. Packing plates for moving isn’t easy, especially if you have many different sets and lots of other dishes. Another tricky thing to consider when relocating fragile items can be traffic around San Francisco and other best places to live in the Bay Area – roads can be bumpy, and rides can take hours, even when you’re relocating locally.

Those bumpy roads, in combination with not-so-well-packed china, can be fatal. Luckily, we will show you many convenient relocation hacks that will make this process much easier and your relocation efficient. One of the first steps in your relocation process is making a good to-do list, so you don’t forget to hire professional Bay Area movers and save yourself from any kind of relocation stress, even if you have to move in a hurry.

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Prepare Well for the Moving Day

For example, if you have a favorite fine china set that you use on holidays and special occasions only, it should be packed first, while the ones you use daily should be packed last. Once you put those inside the box as well as secure it, you can use some plastic or cardboard alternatives that are left from your going-away party during the last few days, just to avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Following the steps mentioned down below will help you stay focused and organized while still keeping your efficiency at the highest level. You’ll need to decide where you are going to get quality packing supplies and the rest of the necessary equipment. You can also include all of it into your relocation expenses checklist if you have a limited budget or simply don’t want to spend too much.

Person wrapping dishes in paper
You’ll need to find some quality supplies for protection

Get Quality Packing Supplies That Will Help You Protect Your Dishes Like a Pro

Quality supplies and protective materials are essential when it comes to packing plates – that’s why you mustn’t skip this step. If you live in one of the Bay Area towns, look for some convenient shops in your neighborhood where you can get these supplies and save yourself the trouble. Some of the things you should get there include:

You Can Find Some Great Alternative Packing Materials at Your Home

There are always some great alternatives for wrapping materials you can use, and the best part is that most of them you already have at your home, so you don’t have to spend a cent. However, although you’d think that newspapers are a good alternative to packing paper, keep in mind that they can leave some ink stains, so it is not really recommended to use them.

If you do, just don’t forget to wash your plates once again when you unpack them. Other alternative options include towels, linen, cloths, which can all be used to wrap a dish. Pretty much every soft fabric that you use to wrap glasses for relocation can also be used in this case.

Reinforce Your Boxes Before Filling Them

Another important thing to consider, especially if you are reusing some old boxes, is to reinforce their edges and flaps with tape to ensure they don’t open. We recommend you do the same thing even with the new ones. It is better to be safe than sorry. So, before you even start placing anything inside the box, turn it upside down and tape every edge and corner with high-quality tape.

Girl with a box, preparing for movers in Bay Area
You can buy a dish barrel in a local store on make a DIY box

Make Sure You Sort Everything First

If you want to follow all the necessary guidelines, it’s important that you sort everything first. We suggest you sort them by size and category. For example, a smaller dessert plate should not go on the same pile as your soup plate or the flat one you use for appetizers. Reorganize everything and sort sets by categories – you might find something you don’t use, so you can choose to give it to your friend or throw it away if it’s already a bit scratched or damaged.

Following Cleaning Tips Is Also Crucial

Another important tip is to clean everything – once you finally get to your new home, there is no need to spend time cleaning when you can immediately plan a fun weekend getaway to relax from your relocation. Do all the cleaning in advance and save your precious time and energy for new adventures. After you’re done with cleaning, you might have to get rid of some cleaning supplies because potentially flammable chemicals are some of the items movers won’t move.

Ensure Everything Is Dry Before Boxing It up

One more crucial thing to consider is drying everything out after cleaning – if you start placing wet pieces inside the cardboard box, the water will damage the cardboard, and you risk losing all of the things inside, even if you followed all the other instructions carefully.

A pile of freshly washed dishes
Following cleaning tips is also an important part of a successful move

How to Pack Plates for Moving – Essential Guidelines and Rules

Now that you are done with preparation, it’s time for the packing part. If you already sorted your sets as we suggested earlier, you should start packing one pile after another.

Put the Necessary Protection

Firstly, you’ll have to put a sheet of paper or newspaper on a flat surface like your kitchen counter. Then you can place a dish at the center of the sheet, and fold the edges of the paper to the center of the plate, and tape them together. After doing this, repeat the process with all other pieces from the same set.

With those pieces that are not so precious, you can try a different approach. Stack up to five plates, and insert a layer of bubble wrap or a cardboard plate between each one of them. Then wrap them all together with packing paper generously and tape it all around several times to make sure nothing moves.

Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

After making sure that the bottom of your box is carefully taped as suggested earlier, you can put some additional cushioning materials to cover the bottom – this can be crumpled paper, for example. It is better to use medium-sized cardboard boxes, it will be easier to carry them. Whether you’re packing one plate after another or you’ve got several bundles, you should place them inside the box vertically – like when putting them in the dishwasher. That is the best way to pack plates. This position is preferable because it will reduce the pressure that can be fatal during transportation.

Label Every Box

After you stacked everything vertically, fill out the empty space with more crumpled paper and seal the package with tape. The next step is labeling – every box containing these kinds of items should have a clearly visible sign or a note that suggests what is inside, preferably in some loud color. This will ensure that you and your helpers are always aware of which boxes contain delicate items so you can all be more careful with them.

Labeled box waiting for Bay Area movers to transport it
Visible labels are essential

How Do You Pack Dishes for Moving Without Paper?

If for any reason, you can’t or don’t want to use paper for this purpose, you can find some effective alternatives that will help you handle this process like a pro. Bubble wrap should be your first alternative since it provides the ultimate protection of delicate items. Since these professional materials can be pricey, you can rely on some other, more affordable options you have at home.

Soft fabrics such as cloths, towels, linen, or even clothing pieces such as T-shirts, can all protect your dishes as long as you stack them tightly and vertically. Check out this video to discover another cool way of stacking and protecting your delicate dishware.

How Do I Pack My China Plates for Moving and What Is the Best Way to Pack Fine China for Moving?

For delicate china, it is recommended that you follow the same basic instructions, but with one difference – wrap each piece individually, without stacking them. Be extra generous with the materials you’re using, and once each piece is wrapped, place them in the box vertically. Additionally, you can make custom cardboard dividers and insert them to prevent unwanted movements and reduce the risk of breakage. You might need more time and patience, but this will ensure your favorite set gets to its new home in one piece.

China set
Your delicate china set needs extra protection

Hire Professional Movers in Bay Area to Ensure Nothing Breaks on the Way to Your New Home

We get that you’re excited to explore many staycation options around San Francisco, but don’t let this stop you from going through the relocation process properly. If you have many responsibilities to handle, such as going through tenants’ rights and preparing your San Francisco rental application, it might be a good idea that you hire one of the highest-rated Bay Area moving companies for assistance. Local movers in Bay Area can remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to bring and offer you extraordinary packing services if you don’t know how to prepare books for relocation or other items from your home, such as dishes.

You can feel comfortable knowing that Golden Bay Relocation is a trustworthy moving company in the Bay Area. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any relocation scams. Our quality residential relocation service is ideal for relocating entire households, while our commercial relocation service might be the finest option for business office relocation. Contact us today to get your free quote and relocate without any stress.

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