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Sylvia Teves

I had a great experience working with Golden Bay Relocation. They were punctual and very professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that our furniture was place in the right place(s). I would definitely work with them again!

Marco Varga

These guys arrived on time and helped us pack the remaining stuff into boxes and labeled them just like we asked them to. Very affordable movers in Bay Area, especially since they didn’t waste any time during the paid time. Will use them again for sure!

Will L.

Had a great experience with Golden Bay Relocation. Tahir, the foreman for my move and the other two movers were fantastic! They came in ready to work! Everyone was very professional, efficient, and honest. Will use them again in the future.

Vanessa Martel

Movers arrived on time, they were hard working and efficient. Moving is always stressful, and hiring Golden Bay Relocation for the second time ( in 1.5 years) was a very good decision. The staff was professional, pleasant, hard working and strong as they were able to lift heavy items with ease. I recommend their services to all.

Alexandra N.

They were on time, efficient and super impressive with the speed and care they moved my daughter in. The crew of 3 busted their backs going up and down several flights of stairs at the new place. I would absolutely recommend using them!

Valerie D.

The moving team (3 people came for a 2 bed) came at the start of the move window (8 am) and were very friendly. We were moving during a pandemic, safety for everyone was a concern but the team wore face masks the entire time and were careful to keep space.

Find The Best Belmont Moving & Storage Option

If you want to relocate efficiently and stress out about million responsibilities, hiring Belmont movers can offer you appropriate solutions. With the timely assistance of a professional Belmont moving company, you’ll relocate before you notice!

If finding such Belmont moving solutions sounds like something you are looking for, keep reading! Golden Bay Relocation and our Belmont movers hold more than 30 years of moving experience, and they will have a lot to offer and ease your upcoming relocation while bringing it to perfection! 

Welcome to Belmont, California

This exciting city is located in San Mateo County, and it is often mentioned as one of the best places to live in California. It also ranks among the most expensive areas, but given that it provides amazing business opportunities, it sounds quite expected.

Located halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, it offers the perfect balance for those who are looking for a peaceful environment but still want to live close to these major metropolitan areas. 

Belmont is also known for numerous landmarks such as the Ralston Hall Mansion and Notre Dame de Namur University. It is also one of the safest places in California, so it sounds to be perfect for family life. It sounds like you will be looking for some Belmont movers shortly, doesn’t it?

Price of Living In Belmont 

Like most other Bay Area towns, this one is also quite expensive, especially when it comes to real estate. This city of nearly 27,000 people, according to Niche’s reviews, has a median home price is about $1.6 million and a median rent is $2,550. 

About 60% of residents own their homes, and the other part rents, which is allowed by their high medium household income of about $160,000, which is also making this area one of the wealthiest in the US.

Safe Environment and Attend Amazing Public Schools

Belmont is an amazing place to live, thanks to the low crime rates and great schooling. According to FBI reviews and statistics, this city is among the safest in the country. You also shouldn’t be worried about your children’s education, as depending on their age and preferences, you can pick one of many highly-rated public schools. Some of the options are Carlmont High School, Central Elementary, and Redwood Shores Elementary School.

Interesting Amenities Are Not Hard to Find

Living in this exciting area definitely opens up many possibilities. For example, you can start by visiting the Hiller Aviation Museum to admire vintage and futuristic aircraft inventions. Water Dog Lake is an excellent place to go if you’re moving with pets, but Pulgas Ridge Preserve is also worth visiting with your pet. Twin Pines Park and Laurelwood Park are also amazing locations for relaxation and light recreational activities.

So if you are about to relocate to this wonderful area, we are the Belmont moving company for you!

Relocate Quickly and Easily With The Best Belmont Moving Company

If you are planning on relocating, whether you are moving your home, apartment, or office, Golden Bay Relocation should be your first choice. And that is not what we are saying – it’s what people who have moved with our Belmont movers experienced and shared!

We can offer you great terms and convenient Belmont moving services that cover every aspect of local relocations. Spice things up with the best relocation hacks our Belmont movers know, and you’ll have one of the best relocation experiences of your life! Your only worry will be planning your going-away party because we will take care of all the rest!

Belmont Moving Can Be Easy, Affordable and Stress-Free

Usually, the words easy, affordable, and stress-free aren’t used in a vocabulary describing moving, isn’t that right? But what if we told you that throughout these thirty years, we’ve been delivering Belmont moving services pretty much on a daily bases, and we have managed to provide this type of moving experience to our clients?

How do our Belmont movers provide a moving experience that is considered easy?

Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of our Belmont movers who have been a part of the Golden Bay Relocation family for years, we have managed to develop skills, strategies, and techniques that allow us to manage all the challenges of moving in a more efficient way. Our Belmont movers are committed to our clients, making sure to prioritize our client’s best interests at all times.

How does our Belmont moving company provide moving experience that is considered affordable?

It seems hard to believe that an experienced and highly-rated Belmont moving company such as Golden Bay Relocation can provide moving services at a reasonable price. However, we have dedicated a lot of time to creating our pricing system, making sure it is competitive and affordable at the same time.

Our Belmont movers charge for their services on an hourly base, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for hidden fees. Our professional approach to our clients guarantees that our Belmont moving specialists will never extend the time of the move unnecessarily – as many other Belmont movers, unfortunately, will.

How are our Belmont moving services stress-free?

Golden Bay Relocation does everything in its power for our clients to feel comfortable throughout the entire moving journey – from the very first phone call. We believe that with a professional and dedicated approach, Belmont moving can be a fully stress-free experience once our clients feel that they are in the safe hands of motivated Belmont movers.

According to the numerous previous clients who have used our Belmont moving & storage services – we manage to reduce the stress levels of our clients, and it is the best reward we could possibly receive.

Our Belmont Movers Can Deliver Additional Packing Services As Well

If you have been thinking about hiring some Belmont moving and packing specialists to help you execute your relocation entirely, you should bear in mind that Golden Bay Relocation has you covered in this area as well.

Our Belmont movers can also pack all the fragile items, or pack every single thing you own! All you need to do is let us know what your plan is and accordingly choose one of the plans of services:

  • Standard Belmont Moving Service: Loading, driving, and unloading of the previously prepared items is the service our Belmont movers will deliver if you only wish to hire movers according to the standard moving services;

  • Partial Packing Service: Includes everything that a standard service does, but is also includes packing some items. Our clients usually want our Belmont movers to help them pack the delicate or sensitive items, or perhaps some portion of the items they didn’t get enough time to pack;

  • Full Pack Service: The full pack service means you have hired our Belmont moving company to perform an entire move for you – we will both pack and move every single item you own, and do it in a timely and professional manner! 

No matter what type of moving plan you will choose, it will be included in your hourly rate, meaning there are no extra charges!

You can also purchase packing material from us, or buy it elsewhere, and our Belmont movers will gladly use them!

Our Belmont Movers Are Experienced Professionals Providing Both Belmont Moving & Storage Services

If you are looking for reliable local Belmont moving services, our Bay Area movers are the right people for you! Our trained and skillful teams of Belmont movers will turn all of your dreams into reality in a blink of an eye. 

Whichever type of Belmont moving services you need, an efficient moving experience is guaranteed! Some of the most common services we are requested to deliver as Belmont moving specialists are:

Residential Belmont movers – They deliver home relocation services, whether we are only moving some of your belongings or an entire home;

Commercial Belmont moving services – A convenient option for business office relocations around The Bay Area;

In-and-out Belmont moving & storage relocation services – If you need to move your storage inventory around the local area, or if you need a place to store your belongings, Golden Bay Relocation is the right answer;

Apartment Belmont movers –  Will help you relocate an apartment of any size, successfully manage the challenges of carrying heavy furniture upstairs or downstairs, deal with elevators and hallways, and more!

Get Your Belmont Movers Scheduled Right Away!

We would love an opportunity to show you how our Belmont movers work on the field! If you would like to learn more about how we do business and how that would apply to your move, feel free to email us or call us at 415-668-9562 and we will be more than happy to assist you!