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If you are about to move locally and will need the services of San Rafael movers, you’ve come to the right place. Our Bay Area moving company may have just what you need. But, first, let’s see if you are sure about relocating to this city or you should browse the local neighborhood guides some more. We will share the most important information about the place and our business, and then you make the decision.

Welcome to San Rafael, California

This beautiful city is the seat of Marin County in California and home to just short of 58,000. It sits in the North Bay region, and those who live there say that it’s one of the best places to live in the Bay Area. Should you start filing your San Francisco rental application, or should you look some more? Let’s see.


Cost of Living in San Rafael, California

Let’s take the cost of living into consideration before all else, as most people do. The overall cost of living index sits at 217.8, which is pretty good compared to other Bay Area towns around it. The housing costs account for it being more expensive than the national average, and the housing index is at 450.8. The median home value is around $1 million, but all other costs are relatively on par with the national average. Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2,350, so don’t wait too long before you file your rental application, and don’t forget to read up on San Francisco tenants’ rights.

A Great Place to Call Home

If you are looking to break away from the city hustle and bustle (and smog) – this is the place for you. The weather is nice, the sky is clear, and life is slower around here. People are friendly, welcoming, and the community is diverse – bundles of different cultures are sprinkled throughout the city. It’s also very family-friendly, safe, and some of the most excellent schools are located here. That’s why many parents choose it as a place to raise their children.

Things to Do in San Rafael, California

One of the best qualities of this city is its high walkability – you can walk up to any downtown spot. And there are quite a few hotspots there like exquisite restaurants, coffee shops, and an amazing theatre. The Farmers Market that’s open on weekends is a must-visit – plenty of fresh produce and other interesting local products. Beaches are near, and the hills with their hiking trails are just a short drive away. San Francisco is 20 minutes away if you feel like having a staycation in San Francisco or long for some city activities. Oakland and Novato are also nearby, and people often go there for shopping.

Golden Bay Relocation Is a Trustworthy Moving Company in Bay Area

If you are ready to move here, don’t waste your time – start making your moving to-do list and choose the best movers in San Rafael, CA, on time. We are a professional mover that’s been in this business for over thirty years, and we have the know-how, and the relocation hacks to make sure you’re in for one easy move. We can help you every step of the way, and we also try to stay affordable so our customers’ moving expenses checklist doesn’t go over the top.

Our Local San Rafael Movers Are Here to Help You Move

Whether you require a storage facility or a packing service – count on us. Our hard-working local movers in Bay Area have years of experience and are ready to tackle each moving task. They are professional, easy to work with, and skilled. They know how to move a piano and how to pack dishes for moving, and they will employ their skills to your satisfaction.

We Offer the Best Local Moving Service in San Rafael

Feel free to contact us for our local relocation services and rest assured that no one does it as our company does. Make sure you know what items movers won’t move, as they are certain chemicals that we can’t move, but other than that – we can handle everything. Leave it all in our hands and rid yourself of relocation stress.



We Can Have You All Packed up in No Time

Contact us for our packing service, and we’ll send over our professional packers to deal with your packing. Don’t worry yourself with things like packing fragile items – it’s our job. And when you leave it to us, all your delicates will be intact upon arrival.

Call Us if You Need a Storage Unit or in-and-Out-of Storage Services

We provide our customers with affordable storage service. Call us if you want to rent storage or if you want our help in transporting your belongings into one. We also provide in-and-out-of storage services, so we can drive your belongings to your desired unit.

Feel Free to Check the Reviews of Our Services

If you want to know more about us – ask the people who have moved with us. Their voices and experiences are best heard through their online reviews of the quality of our service. Browse the internet in search of our reviews and see why we have stayed on top in this industry for such a long time.