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When you finally make the choice of moving to Oakland – you should know that you are moving to a city that offers tons of gorgeous neighborhoods for you to choose from. You also don’t have to pay the San Francisco price tag, yet you can live extremely close to the city itself. Oakland offers a lot of neighborhoods with unique vibes and quirky personalities, so we are confident in the fact that you will be able to find a suburb that fits all of your needs. Let’s see why Oakland is a much raved about city in the Bay Area, and how to make your move to Oakland just a little bit easier.

Renting in Oakland is Affordable

By living in close proximity to one of the most expensive cities in the world, you can only expect crazy price tags wherever you turn. However, Oakland is the perfect solution to this problem as it offers a lot more bang for your buck than San Francisco. It’s also located perfectly so you aren’t in the middle of the city bustle, but with a short drive you can be. 

The Most Affordable Suburbs – East and West Oakland 

Both of these neighborhoods offer low renting opportunities. These two neighborhoods can be a great place to start when searching for housing in Oakland, so definitely check them out. 

For A High-End Lifestyle, Check Out These Oakland Suburbs

If you still have a budget that offers a little leeway when it comes to which Oakland neighborhood you will be choosing in the end, definitely consider some of the more high-end Oakland neighborhoods with tons to offer. Montclair, Claremont Hills and Forestland are just some of the neighborhoods that offer hillside views, picturesque architecture and a more exclusive type of living than other Oakland suburbs. This location will provide you with abundant outdoor opportunities and tons of parks to choose from. You are also taking a much needed breather from the hustle and bustle of the major metropolitan area.

Commuting is Not A Problem When Living in Oakland

You don’t have to work in Oakland to not hate your life whenever you have to actually get there. While it does take time, by living in Oakland you have access to one of the best public transportation systems in the area. There are tons of BART stations that will make it easy for you to get to San Francisco or San Jose in no time. 

Oakland is A Great City To Move To With a Family

Are you wondering if Oakland is suitable for families? You should know that your kids will be attending amazing schools, live in close proximity to amazing educational opportunities and live a high-quality of life at the same time. The best schools are located in “Lamorinda”, otherwise known as: Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda. 

Did You Know?

Oakland is extremely dog-friendly. If you are moving with a four-legged friend, some of the neighborhoods to choose from with the best pet-focused amenities are Rockridge, Elmont and Piedmont. 

Oakland is A Highly Desired Place to Live

Uptown, one of the many Oakland neighborhoods, is a highly sought-out place to live. Finding the right Oakland neighborhood for you shouldn’t be a hard task, especially when you consider that each suburb offers everything you could possibly need. Uptown for example, offers the most amenities, plenty of transportation options and a very tight-knit community. 

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