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Other than providing you with the moving in and out of storage, bear in mind that Golden Bay Relocation offers premium storage facilities, where your belongings will be safe and sound.

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Choose The Best Among Many Moving and Storage Companies

When relocating from one home to another, you might realize that you need to take some of your belongings aside. Sometimes we aren’t ready to say goodbye to some of our belongings, but instead of throwing them away, we can keep them in a safe place. The options for storage Bay Area are countless, as well as the different crews of storage movers!

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Golden Bay Relocation For Both Storage & Moving

Moving and storage companies seem to be the most convenient choice when you decided to store your items in a facility. There is, of course, as well an option to book separate movers and storage facilities from two different companies. But why would you do that when there is the best one among many moving and storage companies available right here?

Other than having SF Bay Area movers who are known all across the Bay for their excellent skills and experience, we can say that both our moving & storage service is immaculate.

Our storage units in San Francisco are designed for both short and long-term storage. We are a “storage in transit” facility, which means that regular public access is not available. This is in accordance with the P.U.C. storage in transit regulations. Of course, if you wish to visit your unit, you can always do that - we only require 48 hours prior notice so that we can organize it!

If you are just about to get in one of our San Francisco storage units, you should know your items are safe with us! With our moving and storage, each piece of your belongings will be protected with insulated brown paper padding and shrink wrap for added protection.

Unlike many other movers and storage companies, with Golden Bay Relocation your belongings are insured with basic insurance (60c per lb), but our clients can purchase additional insurance for their valuable items.

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Vanessa Martel


Movers arrived on time, they were hard working and efficient. Moving is always stressful, and hiring Golden Bay Relocation for the second time ( in 1.5 years) was a very good decision. The staff was professional, pleasant, hard working and strong as they were able to lift heavy items with ease. I recommend their services to all.


There are many Bay Area moving and storage companies that can offer you different types of services. However, before you start researching and comparing their prices, make sure to decide on the priorities of what you are looking for in a moving and storage services provider. If flexibility, experience, and care are on the list - we are your storage & moving guys!

Considering moving and storage is a good idea if you are:

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If you are relocating from a bigger to a smaller residence, not all of your stuff will make the cut. However, you don’t have to throw your things away! Rent a facility and keep them until you figure out what to do with them, and our storage and movers nearby can do it all for you!

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The new home is not ready

This, unfortunately, happens more than you imagine. If, for some reason, your house is not ready for you to move in, don’t despair. You can store your belongings until your home is ready

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Buying new furniture

If for some reason you decide to redecorate, don’t throw away your old belongings - store them until you can sell or donate them! Also, you may place the new items in the unit until everything is ready for them, the choice is all yours!

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We Can Help You Prepare Your Belongings for Storage

When you find a moving and storage company you want to entrust with your belongings, consider preparing the stuff before the truck arrives. You can prepare the items on your own or hire the best SF Bay Area movers to do it for you!

Our Golden Bay Relocation crew would happily help you wrap and pack everything - we can organize the full pack service a day prior or on the same day if the volume of the items allows it. Sit back and enjoy the best moving and storage service ever!

Our Moving and Storage Company Can Provide You With the Right Size Unit

A moving and storage company will recommend the best size of the unit depending on the volume of the items you will be storing. That’s why it is best to declutter and make sure that only items stored are the ones you truly want to be. This will help you get rid of all the broken or old items you no longer need, as storing objects, you won’t ever use again will only increase your expenses!

Our agents will ask you to provide an inventory list and then help you pick the best-size unit that can fit all of your boxes and enjoy the best movers and storage nearby!

How Do We Provide Moving and Storage Services?

Once our team of SF Bay Area movers arrives to pick up the items, they will carefully wrap and label everything you want to store. They will then load the truck, and transport your items to our facility, where, in accordance with the volume of the items to be stored, the appropriate size of the unit will be chosen.

Our teams are experienced in providing moving and storage services, so we will make sure to utilize the size of the unit to its maximum, making sure all of the items are stacked in a safe manner.


There are many moving and storage companies in the Bay Area, but what sets us apart from the rest is the fact that our rates are very competitive. Since our modern units are designed for both short and long-term storage, regular public access is not available.

If you want to retrieve something from your unit, give us a 48-hour notice. The storage service includes basic insurance coverage, but you also have the option to purchase a premium insurance policy.

We Are Reliable SF Bay Area Movers With Years of Experience

Golden Bay Relocation company has been helping people move locally for almost 30 years, and we stayed in business because we put our customers first. We lead our business transparently, so you can rest assured there won’t be any hidden fees or extra charges if you choose our moving and storage services. Give us a call, and our agents will provide you with a free estimate!