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If you want San Pablo movers to help you get around Contra Costa County you’ve come to the right place. Our Bay Area moving company employees are experts when it comes to any type of local relocation. To learn more about your future town of residence and relocation options we provide, keep reading.

Living in San Pablo, CA

The beautiful Oakland suburb is home to 30,967 people. The city has a diverse population, with a significant Latino community, and is quite safe. A communal Bay Area town feel is something that you can count on when it comes to living here. The ethnically and culturally diverse place is always growing and has managed to reduce unemployment rates significantly in recent years.

What Are the Cost of Living and Housing Options in San Pablo?

A significant portion of SP residents, 62% to be exact, are renters. With a median rent of $1,416 for a one-bedroom apartment, the cost is higher than the national average but in the context of Cali housing prices, it is on the lower side. Median home value, on the other hand, is around $355,000, with amazing options for houses with full panoramic views. So, if you plan on relocating here, a thing to do before you move is to ensure your household income comes close to the median one in the town, which normally amounts to around $43,506.

San Pablo Is an Amazing Place to Grow Up In

If you are searching for one of the best places to live in the Bay with a family, you don’t have to look further. A friendly and safe town with good educational facilities and plentiful options for outdoor activities is perfect if your reason to move is starting a family. Additionally, the local government offers youth programs. And once your kids are done with their primary education, they don’t have to go far because a community college is available right here.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities in One of the Beautiful Parks

If you are planning to move with pets, you’ll enjoy the wonderful parks the area has to offer. The nearby Alvarado Park, which belongs to the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park provides great hiking opportunities. And if you are a fishing enthusiast, make sure to visit the nearby Point Pinole and its wonderful piers. From here you’ll have wonderful views over the entire San Pablo Bay, as well as a chance to witness vivid eucalyptus trees.

If You Plan on Relocating, Have San Pablo Movers Help You Out

Trust us when we tell you that hiring local movers in the Bay Area is the ultimate relocation hack. Anything from packing fragile items to dealing with heavy furniture is ten times easier when you have professionals by your side. So, whatever the distance and weight of your local move might be, we encourage you to employ a San Francisco moving company to help you out.

Our San Pablo Movers Bring Forth an Array of Excellent Moving Services

Did you know that relocation is the third most stressful experience in a person’s life? It’s safe to say that no one should be alone in such a time of trouble and need. If you want to relieve some of that relocation stress, and simultaneously ensure your move is an efficient one, we recommended checking our list of services:


  • Residential moving service – If you are in need of Bay Area movers to help you change homes, we are the ones to contact. We can help with smaller residential moves, just like apartment moving, or can ensure your grand mansion is properly packed up and transported.
  • Commercial relocation service – We pride ourselves on being the ultimate professional San Francisco movers and packers, which is crucial particularly for packing up and relocating offices. You won’t have to worry about your confidential documents or anything going missing, because we are not a company to employ relocation scams.
  • In-and-out-of storage relocation services – When you want to move your large items to one of our storage facilities be sure it will be done in no time. You can also contact us for relocation to and from any storage unit in the area.
  • Labor-only relocation services – If you have everything one of the moving companies in the Bay Area would supply you with but the manpower to carry the load, we can assist you with that too. Our labor-only service will provide you and your belongings with ultimate safety during this relocation process.

Each Service Our Moving Company in the Bay Area Provides Has Top Ratings and Amazing Reviews

We’ve been lucky enough to get really great reviews from all our customers – don’t get us wrong, we’ve worked hard and gave our best for each and every one of our clients. However, when you see that people value your hard efforts it means a lot. And if you hire us, we will give our biggest efforts to leave a lasting impression so you’ll write reviews of your own as well!

Reviews Are the Ultimate Word of Mouth When It Comes to Employing Bay Area Moving Companies

It’s always the safest to take the word about a company’s quality from those who’ve already used their services. So, if none of your closest friends or loved family members had to move recently, and you are unable to get a recommendation this way, your safest bet is to trust customer reviews. They’ll tell you all you need to know, and luckily we’ve been reading ours for thirty years now and are thankful we’ve had the opportunity to learn from each one along the way.

Contact the Best Movers in San Francisco and Beyond for a Free Quote Today

So, now that you know who we are and what we do, and where we can relocate you to, contact us to book your move. You’ll receive a free quote, that is, a free estimate of the cost of our services, and trust us when we tell you it’ll be an affordable one. Next to obtaining your free quote, make sure to ask our wonderful customer support service any questions you may have. We are available by phone or email, so don’t waste any more time and call us today!

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Theo D.
Theo D.
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“I have used Golden Bay Movers twice and they have been fantastic!!! They're very quick, very strong, clean, prepared and ready for anything (walk-ups and busy SF streets). I highly recommend them. They're worth every dollar and they will make your move stress-free!!!!”
Christopher W.
Christopher W.
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"Love Che Fico! The name has a dual meaning: cool and fig the interior is beautiful and the food and cocktails are excellent if on the pricier side. Expect an hour+ wait unless you have a reservation, and reservations at peak times hard to come by. Grab a drink on divis while you wait!”
Dirgni M.
Dirgni M.
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“Although we had a few scheduling incidents the moving day the company really care about their customers. They made a refund and sent flowers to my new place to made up for the scheduling incident Golden Bay Movers is a company that really cares about customers satisfaction Hola lol definitely use this service again.”
Valeria Aluni
Valeria Aluni
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“Has to move very often and other companies are so slow to charge you more !! This one are so fast !! So clean, professional, they help us packing, super friendly we love them !! If he have to move again we for sure will call them again and again !!!! You are the best team!!!! THANKS”

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