7 Good Reasons to Move to a New Bay Area City

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Did you know that, on average, US citizens move 12 times in their lifetime? Reasons to move are many, but they often have a thing in common – the pursuit of happiness. And more often than not, packing up your belongings will be an essential part of the chase of the American dream. Let us present you with the seven most common reasons for relocating.

Why Do People Move?

Around 31 million people in the US will move house in the span of one year only. Some of these people will do so because of financial motivation, others because of a personal one. To avoid relocation stress altogether, we advise you to employ one of the many Bay Area moving companies. With their relocation hacks, your pursuit of happiness is going to be much more easily attainable, not to mention effortless.

A young couple ready for a relocation with Bay Area movers
There are many reasons people move – some are financial in nature, while others are more personal

#1 People Move Out of Their Parents’ House to Become Truly Independent

Everybody leaves their family’s nest sooner or later. It is a completely normal part of life and a change you shouldn’t be afraid to make. However, as with anything that you are doing for the first time, it can be scary. Since you never moved before, you might not know how to move efficiently. Whether you are packing your books to go to college or are moving in with your best friends, we applaud you for having the courage to make this step. Don’t let the anxiety that will surely follow the endeavor that awaits you stops you from celebrating the next chapter that awaits you with a going-away party to remember!

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Relocate?

Maybe you’re finding it challenging to determine the specific reasons to move out, like starting a school in a different town or relocating for a job would be. While such causes indeed provide a person with a kick-start, wanting to become independent and live on your own is a reason good enough to start looking for an apartment in one of the Bay Area towns. If you feel like you are ready to move out and take this step in your life, you should do it no matter how old you are. Any period of your life that feels right is going to be right for you.

A young woman at a computer with her dog browsing through moving companies in Bay Area
True independence means you are the one in charge of every aspect of your existence

#2 One of the Most Common Reasons to Move to a New City Is an Exciting Job Opportunity

Sometimes, the office of your dream job isn’t down the block. Professionally and personally, relocating because of a career opportunity can improve your life for the better in many different ways. More often than not, the changes that await you will be great, as you will hopefully be upgrading your current employment and paycheck, which will also mean finding a residential space more suited to you. Relocating for work also often means that you will get to live in one of the best places in the Bay Area as a young professional or a recent graduate.

Unfortunately, a Career Relocation Often Entails a Hurried Move

The downside of such a leap in the unknown is that it’s often done hastily. If you are moving to a different city because of work, the company employing you might need you at the office soon before long. When packing to move in a hurry, consider hiring local movers in the Bay Area. With a higher paycheck, your relocation expenses checklist won’t suffer much, and you will have the much-needed professional assistance to make the transition go as swiftly as possible.

A man sitting in front of his PC
Better employment opportunities will often entail a relocation to a different city

#3 Love and Relationships Can Impact Your Living Situation

Matters of the heart are always messy and complicated. Sometimes, they bring positive experiences that get you to grow and evolve, but they can be heartbreaking and troublesome too. In any case, they can influence your housing situation. Whatever your circumstances might be, don’t despair – nothing is more exciting than a sense of possibility. Whichever one is coming your way, it will bring about options you would have never imagined.

Moving Into a Home With a Partner Is an Exciting Milestone

Sometimes it will take you one Bay Area staycation with a partner to realize this is the person you want to share a home with. Whether you are planning to start a family, move in with a pet you adopted together or just think it would be a fun and financially wise decision, you are in for a rewarding experience.

Breakups and Divorces Are Among the More Complicated Reasons People Want to Move

While complicated isn’t necessarily synonymous with bad, ending a relationship is often messy, especially when somebody has to look for a new home. Be prepared to talk to your ex about which dishes belong to whom before you get to packing glasses, as well as for a possible fight on who gets to pack up the TV and take it with them.

If your ex is the one relocating, remind them to change their address. Meeting a former partner for the first time after the split should have a different intention than giving them their misaddressed mail you never stopped receiving back. On the contrary, if you are the one looking for a new place, think about all the things to do before you move out. And truth be told, dealing with a San Francisco rental application and a broken heart at the same time can be a lot, so consider hiring a Bay Area moving company for some much-needed help at these trying times.

A young couple painting walls
If you plan on staying with a partner for the long haul, move in with them before starting a family together to see how compatible you are when sharing a space

#4 You Might Be Moving to a New Home Because of a Growing Family

If you have a new baby on the way, your old place might become too cramped for the whole household to live in comfortably. Especially if you are currently living in an apartment, you might want a larger home to provide your kids with enough space and privacy, and that is a good enough reason for moving out of the apartment. If you can afford it, consider purchasing a house in the suburbs that has some of the following:

Kids playing inside
Kids really do change everything for the long haul – which sometimes refers to the magnitude of space a family will need to live comfortably

#5 Maybe the Time Has Finally Come to Upgrade Your Living Conditions

While you can’t choose where you come from, you can decide where you go from there. Indeed, to live in some areas will cost more than in others, but once certain conditions are met, you might be able to move to the place of your dreams. For some, this ideal place will be a house on the ocean, others might want to be closer to the busy nightlife. And whatever feels suitable for you, you should pursue.

If Things Like Costs Aren’t an Issue Think About Relocating to a Better Neighborhood Because of Safety Concerns

While the Bay Area might be a beautiful county with many perks, it can’t be omitted that some of its areas have a high crime rate. If you plan to invest in a property, it is better to do it in a less troublesome area. It might cost more, but you will surely get a bang for your buck.

Consider Relocating to Provide Your Children With Finer Educational Opportunities

Sometimes you can’t think about yourself only. If you are to start a family, you need to prioritize your children and their future, which will often entail providing them with the best possible education. The education your kids get at the beginning of their lives will influence them in so many ways, so it’s important they get into top-notch institutions early in life. Luckily, there are many great school districts in the Bay Area, so consider relocating to one of these attractive locations. 

A family unpacking their suitcases
If you have children, consider relocating to a more secure neighborhood with better schools for their sake

#6 If You Are Struggling Financially, You Might Not Have Other Options but to Move

Losing a job or switching to a place of employment with a lower paycheck might have you move out of your former home. If you can’t afford to pay the bills, you might have to rent a smaller apartment or one that has lower utilities in a city a bit further away. Don’t despair – even if the reason for your move was not the one you willingly made, nothing is final. You can use the situation to recuperate and think the case through, as well as save up. By lowering your living costs, you’ll, without a doubt, be able to get on your feet more quickly.

The Pros of Hiring a Bay Area Moving Company Will Surely Outweigh the Costs

Don’t think that just because your reason to move is a financial hardship, that you won’t be able to afford relocation assistance. Some affordable movers in Bay Area can help you even when you are struggling financially. And anyway, if you don’t know how to pack electronics, the cost of a broken PC will turn out much more significant than what you might pay a relocation company that knows how to pack up a computer with no breakage. If you need relocation assistance to move to a home, hire Bay Area movers who provide fair prices, throw a garage sale, and end up saving money. For more tips on how to save money fast, check out the following video:


#7 Many People Want to Retire in a Calmer Area

When you’ve spent decades dealing with traffic on your daily route from your home to your job, you might be ready for a calmer, laidback life. If your reason for moving is that you’re sick of the congestion in the streets, relocating inside of the Bay Area will fit you perfectly.

There are many places in the Bay Area to choose from, and we are not even talking about the suburban areas only. If you are not ready to give up the big city life, consider relocating closer to SF. The city has the best public transport on the whole continent and amazing pedestrian routes, so you will be able to live in San Francisco without a car with no problem whatsoever.

An older couple smiling
Many people choose to move to a calmer space once they’ve retired.

Whatever the Reason for the Change Might Be, the Transition Will Be Made Much Easier With a Golden Bay Relocation

Whatever the root of your choice to move to a new home might be, hiring a relocation company will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. Whether you are going for a residential relocation to move to a house after residing in an apartment or require commercial relocation services, we will help you since we are the best movers in San Francisco and beyond.

If you require help packing up your house, we provide fantastic packing services that will help you pack up even the most fragile items with no damage. And when you want to move your large items to a storage unit, you can call us up too. To get a free quote or answer any question you may have, feel free to contact us. We are available seven days a week via phone or email, so don’t hesitate anymore.

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