Moving With Your Commute in Mind Around the Bay Area

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Wonder what’s important to know if you’re moving with your commute in mind? Sure, many people do this – live in the suburbs and travel to work daily. If you’re searching for a new home, there are some things you should pay attention to, and this article is all about it. We’ll give you the best advice on how to save precious time commuting while still living outside the city. This will help you avoid stress and protect your mental health.

Moving With Commute in Mind Isn’t Easy – You Need to Consider a Lot of Factors

Adjusting to a long commute doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience, but still, when relocating, it is essential to keep it in mind if you want to avoid wasting hours of your life. Commuting is something you we’re terrified of your whole life, but now because of incredibly high rents many decide to move further away from the city centers. However, living in a suburb actually has many advantages, especially when it comes to cost of living and real estate size. 

People can find larger homes for smaller prices and much better deals. The only negative factor is the distance to your workplace. Luckily, this is something that can be managed. If you have some extra time for house-hunting and know how to find a perfectly located suburb in the Bay Area you might be able to avoid all the downsides. Guessing you’re not an expert, let us help you become one right away and avoid the unnecessary relocation stress.

How Far Is Too Far to Commute to Work – Time Is Actually More Important Than the Distance

It’s all set – you are familiar with SF tenants rights and are now preparing your rental application. If only you knew which one of the best Bay Area towns is conveniently distanced from your work. You certainly don’t want to move too far away from it, but sometimes the distance isn’t the most important factor. The thing that should be your number one priority is the time spent on traveling from point A to B. 

It is actually the only thing that counts – apart from living costs you should include in your moving expenses checklist, obviously. Sometimes commuting can last for hours even when you’re living close to your destination because the traffic is insane. On the other hand, you can live far away but still manage to get where you need to be in less than 20 minutes. The second option can be much more convenient and in most cases more affordable, which is great if you want to save money.

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Things You Should Consider if You Plan Commuting to Work Daily

This won’t be an easy process – but you should be aware of all the important factors when it comes to making a final decision about your relocation and choosing a perfect location. Factors that you should consider are:

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide how much traveling is bearable, but in most cases this should not be more than an hour. The average commute time in SF is about 32 minutes, which isn’t ideal commute time but it’s still reasonable if you consider the size of the Bay Area.

Girl with a laptop exploring websites of different Bay Area movers
You need to consider all the important factors before making a final decision

Things You Need to Know Before Relocating Around The Bay Area

Finally, something you always dreamed about – a life in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, but wait a minute. This is not what you imagined. You spend hours travelling to work daily and still live in a small apartment that’s unreasonably overpriced. It’s time for a change, because you definitely have a reason to move

Sure, San Francisco is a major business and technology center that attracts young professionals from all around the world. It is a privilege to live here, but this privilege comes with a hefty price and traffic jams

Life in Some of the Best Areas Is Overpriced

This area is attractive because of high incomes, but what is the point of them if you have to spend it all on bare necessities. For example, an average rent for a one bedroom apartment goes up to $3,500 and the parking spot can cost you $1,000 for a month. Who needs a car anyway, right? Luckily public transportation options in this area are good, so having a personal vehicle is not really necessary. 

Don’t Like to Walk? Consider Using Best Public Transportation Options

Well, the big question you might be asking yourself is do I need a car in San Francisco? Although it might be convenient sometimes, in most cases you won’t need it because this city is named as one of the best places in the world to live without a vehicle. How to get around without a car? Options are numerous. If you don’t like walking or riding a bike, you can always use:

This video can help you navigate around the city using public transport.

If You Don’t Want to Waste Time, Relocating to Some of these Conveniently Located Suburbs Is Recommended

If you’re willing to relocate to some of the best suburbs in the Bay Area now that you know that you can find great transportation options, here are the places you should consider. In most cases real estate prices around these areas are affordable, schools are good and the communities are safe and family friendly. What makes them different from one another is mostly the way they are connected with the other parts of the city and time you’ll need to get to a certain location. 

Houses in a suburb
Suburban lifestyle has many benefits

If You Live in San Mateo You’ll Need About Half an Hour to Get to Work 

One of the best options if you don’t mind commuting daily is San Mateo – no more long drives and traffic jams. Residents can hop on the BART Yellow Line at the Millbrae end of the line and finish their ride at Montgomery or any other convenient stop in SF. 

If you’re a driver and take Interstate 280 or Highway 101, you’ll need to drive about 35 minutes to get to your destination in the city. BART is still a more recommended option according to locals, it doesn’t take long to get wherever you want, plus it is more affordable. 

Real Estates Are Pricey But Still Lower Than the Median Prices in SF

According to Niche, this is one of the best places and family suburbs in this area. Still, cost of living might be pricey for some – the median real estate value is about $1,000,000 and the median rent is close to $2,500, according to Niche. This is still lower than the median real estate prices in SF and the incomes in San Mateo are still very high. The median household income in this area is about $130,000. 

Row houses
This area is extremely popular among young professionals and their families

Burlingame Is Well Connected With Both Sides

Conveniently located on the borderline of SF Bay, this place is actually just 17 miles south of the city if you drive and take Highway 101. Some other options for those who prefer using public transportation are the BART, Caltrain or a bus. For those who want to reach cities across the water, driving across the San Mateo Bridge is the right way and it will help you get there quickly. 

This Place Offers Plenty of Amenities and Affordable Places for Rent

This place is exciting and offers plenty of options for everyday activities. Beautiful parks, nice restaurants and interesting shops – you can all find it here. Some of the top attractions are Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame Public Library and Bayside Park. Judging by Niche, you can rent an apartment in Burlingame for approximately $2,200, which is quite reasonable considering its location. 

City traffic
Burlingame has great connections with other parts of the city – convenient if you need to drive every day

Driving From Emeryville Won’t Take Too Long Either

With a great local connection and friendly atmosphere, this place might be ideal for your new home. Free shuttle service, Empty Go-Round, actually connects locals with the MacArthur BART station which is one of the best connections with the city. The ride to SF usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes. If you take a car, you can get to the city in less than 20 minutes. 

Real Estate Prices Are Considered Affordable

Living here might be one of the best options for those who are relocating on a budget. According to Niche stats, the median home value in this area is about $500,000, which is much lower than the SF median home value. On the other hand, rents still remain close to average – about $2,400. If you plan on becoming a homeowner, this could be your perfect opportunity.

Aerial view of a suburb
Pick a place from where commuting won’t take ages, consider it as an investment in your quality of life

Daly City Is Just 20-Minute Ride Away From Downtown

Another amazing option for those who are looking for affordable real estate, but still don’t want to travel long to their office every day is Daly City. It is actually pretty close to the SF Downtown area. Fun fact about this location is that its residents often get to downtown faster than the “lucky ones” living in the Outer Sunset. A BART train ride should take you about 20 minutes, so make sure to consider relocating here.

Reviews Show That Real Estate Prices Are Reasonable

When it comes to real estate prices, you can finally get a sense of relief. They are lower than SF median prices and with that much more reasonable and affordable. Niche’s reviews show that the median home price is approximately $800,000 and the median rent is about $2,200. 

 Professional Bay Area movers
You can relocate efficiently and quickly with a help of Bay Area movers

Moving With Your Commute in Mind Can Be Much Easier With Professional Bay Area Movers

Relocation process is not that simple, even if you are lucky enough to find a perfect location. You’ll have many responsibilities from your to-do list to take care of before relocating. For example, you need to change your address in advance, organize a move-out cleaning or plan a going-away party for your friends. With all of that on your mind, the last thing you want to think about is packing fragile items or relocating large furniture on your own. You should definitely do yourself a favor and hire professional movers in the Bay Area. 

We can offer you great residential relocation service for relocating your home goods or commercial relocation service for relocating your office unit. Another great option is apartment relocation service. Everything from your packing list can be wrapped and moved from one home to a new one in a blink of an eye with the help from our Bay Area movers. Labor-only moving is a convenient option if you need to move bulky items around the same building and need additional manpower to do it. Our packers and movers can also offer you in- and-out-of storage relocation service. If you don’t have a convenient storage unit where you can keep your belongings, use our storage lockers. Feel free to contact us for any questions and we’ll try our best to fulfil all your requirements. 

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