How to Know You’re Ready for Moving in Together and Building Your Bay Area Love Nest

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Should you move in with your partner? How to tell when it’s the right time for that important step? Moving in together is more than just packing your boxes and hiring Bay Area movers to relocate them to your new home. Before you can say that you’re 100% sure this is the way to go, you should look at our criteria – did you check off all tasks on the list of things to discuss before moving in together? 

What to discuss before moving in together? There is so much to talk about – you will need a bit of time to go over all the necessary topics. Considering that this is a pretty serious decision, you wouldn’t want to rush it. New things are exciting, this particular one especially, but it still needs to be thought through. We have gathered the essential information to help you decide whether you are ready to move in with your loved one.

Couples Moving in Together Truly Know One Another

“I think we should move in together” – before you say these words out loud, you have to ask yourself one essential question. Do you genuinely know your partner? Is this the right person to share relocation stress with? You can organize an efficient move, that won’t be a problem, but are you ready for what comes next? Don’t pack to move in a hurry – first, you must be sure of your future as a couple. 

When Is the Right Time to Move Into a New Place With Your Partner? 

How do you know when it’s right to move in together – how long should you wait to move in together after starting a relationship? No one can tell you when to fill out a San Francisco rental application – the fact is that this is way too individual to set some rules. You can wait for years to do this, or you can enjoy the benefits of relocating after a few months of knowing each other. 

What’s important is that your instinct is telling you you’re not making a mistake. If you are asking yourself, let’s say, is 6 months too soon to move in together – then you probably feel like it is. You shouldn’t begin with the relocation to-do list if you don’t feel ready. It’s better to wait a bit longer until you are 100% sure of your decision than to rush it. Maybe you can start with a short staycation in San Francisco and see how that goes? 

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You Both Feel Like This Step Will Make You Happy

You must do this for the right reasons. What do we mean by the right reasons to move? Well, essentially that you should move in with a partner only if you feel that living together will bring you closer together and make both of your lives even happier. You can’t even consider the move for something like a more manageable financial situation (because you will be sharing rent and utilities) or because you want to move to another Bay Area town, and you don’t feel like leaving your partner behind. Think about it – merging your life with someone is not a joke, and it could seriously affect your relationship if you are not ready for it. 

Partners Moving in Together Know There Will Be Changes in the Relationship

Do relationships change when you move in together? They most certainly do – but, luckily, for the better. After you finish unpacking after the move, you will start to see small changes. It will especially feel strange if you have moved out for the first time, but don’t let things confuse you. The first few weeks after you move in are sort of like a honeymoon phase – couples try to behave the best they can. It can even seem weird because you get to see the whole new side of your significant other. This is a phase when doubts commonly occur. However, that is just the sign of adjusting – don’t be scared if you think this was a mistake. Let a few weeks pass by, and you will notice that the fear is completely gone. 

Man and woman carrying boxes into the kitchen after a local move with movers in Bay Area
Are you and your partner doing this for the right reasons?

When the Problem Arises, You’re Able to Talk It Out 

One of the crucial things on the list of what to know before moving in together is handling fights. If you have issues commonly, we suggest researching some tips for solving relationship conflicts. Healthy couples aren’t those that never fight – it’s those who can resolve any problems because they communicate. Let us warn you right now – once you move into the new home, you will probably have a few small fights every now and then. If you’re not prepared for that, you shouldn’t bother with things to do before you move

You Will Learn a Lot About Each Other’s Habits and Quirks

We’ve mentioned that you will get a whole new insight into your significant other once you start to live with them. More than anything, living together means that you will witness some strange habits – let’s be honest, we all have them. Some will be cute, yet some will annoy you. However, dedicated couples can survive all these quirks. Getting used to the changes will make living together even more fun, and you will love your home in the best place to live in the Bay Area even more. 

Two women holding each other and looking at the ocean
 If you can talk through your issues, your relationship will be just fine

You Are Both Ready to Make Compromises

Sometimes, talking about a problem won’t be enough. You have opposite views of the issue, and neither of you won’t give up their stand. That won’t get you anywhere. In order to have a healthy relationship and live stress-free, you will just have to admit to yourself that you can’t win every debate or fight. If you’ve reached an impasse, you have to talk about making a compromise. Whether you can’t agree on how to arrange dishes in the kitchen (even though you’ve spent hours packing plates and you think you are right) or you have a disagreement over whose turn it is to wash pots and pans after dinner, in some cases, it’s better to choose your fights and let the other side be right for once. Not everything is worth fighting for. 

Can You Give Up Some of Your Belongings in Order to Move in Together? 

Once you begin writing your packing list, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that your soon-to-be home can’t have room for everything the both of you own. You will have to find a storage locker to store the excess stuff, but the problem is to decide which stuff gets to move with you. So, this is the perfect opportunity for couples to test their ability to compromise. For example, you make a deal that you get to pack furniture, but your significant other can pack and move a piano they can’t separate from. Or, if you both have many books, you sit down and talk about packing books. Which ones do you need and want to keep in your house or apartment (if you are having an apartment move)? 

Man and woman with boxes over their heads, waiting for movers in San Francisco
Living with someone means that you need to compromise

You’ve Discussed Plans for the Future

When is it time to move in together? After you talk about what you want in the future – and you agree with all the plans the other one has. These plans can include a lot of different stuff, but two of the most common topics that you definitely shouldn’t skip are pets and kids. If you aren’t already relocating with pets, you want to make it clear that you wish or don’t wish to have them in the future. Keep in mind that this decision can affect the size of the place you will rent or buy.

The talk about having kids is one of the most serious discussions in a relationship. Still, even though it’s difficult to start this conversation, there’s no better time to do it than before you start living together. The decision you arrive at will determine which neighborhood you choose – is it more kid-friendly or does it have excellent schools, and so on. 

Man and woman lying on the floor, holding a sign that says "our first house"
Talk about your plans for the future before you start living with your significant other

You’ve Talked About Finances

So, what are you going to do about your financial situation once you move in with your loved one? This isn’t something you can wing as you go, like your going-away party. We suggest you pay attention to this even before you start looking for the place where you’ll live. Also, remember that you will have to save money to move and that you will have to track your move-related spendings with a relocation expenses checklist.

You Have an Elaborated Financial Plan 

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to relocation is rent. Will you share the expenses equally? What about utilities? These are all serious questions that must be answered before your San Francisco movers arrive to help you with your local move and load boxes onto the truck. Then, there are groceries and household items – should you plan how much you’ll set aside for that every week? Absolutely – anything money-related is better discussed before the move. Check out the video below to learn the wise way to manage money as a couple. 

Couple Moving in Together Has Been on at Least One Vacation 

How are you going to live with someone if you haven’t even spent a week or two on vacation with them? Vacations are a great way to see what you can expect from the other person once you start cohabitating. You can start slow by organizing a weekend getaway from San Francisco. If that turns out fine, you can go on to longer and more serious vacations. However, we urge you to remember one thing – vacations are short compared to cohabiting. Both of you might not get to see everything about each other because you will be happy, relaxed, and on your best behavior. 

Woman and man sitting on the beach, leaning on each other
Have you successfully gotten through a vacation together?

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