Here Are The Best Gifts For Friends Who Are Moving Away

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One of the best feelings in the world is giving and receiving. Someone likes giving more than receiving and for someone else it is vice versa. Receiving gifts is not about how much it is worth financially, it is about our close ones remembering us, thinking about what we would like to have, taking their time to do something that will make us happy.

We can buy everything we need ourselves, but it makes us feel good seeing that our friends and family are thinking about us and want to help us as much as they can.

Giving is, for some people, a way to show their love to us. Their appreciation for us, being in their lives. For making them happy. It is their love language and we should appreciate it as much as we can.

When your friends are moving away, it is a tradition to bring a gift into their new home. It is kind of a : “Good luck, we are wishing you all the best, spend the best time of your life in this home” , without using words.

Golden Bay Relocation is here to help you by giving you ideas about what gifts for friends who are moving away to get. Without further ado, let’s start!

House decorations

Plants :

Orchids– they present refinement, thoughtfulness, charm, beauty and love. They are a perfect bloom to celebrate all of the precious moments in life, moving being one of them.

Peace lily– peace lily blooms with white lily flowers so it is associated with purity, innocence, peace, prosperity and sympathy.

Bonsai tree– Bonsai (a japanese word) means “tree in a pot”. Bonsai trees are a miniature representation of nature, planted in decorative pots or containers.

Succulent– it is known as a symbol of strength, tenacity and selflessness love. It would be amazing to give them to someone you feel unconditional love for. 

Get your friends these beautiful plants and fill their home with joy


If you decide to get your friends a plant or flowers, an amazing matching gift would be a vase. You can get them a vase from glass, ceramic, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel… We are sure they will be grateful for it, no matter what materials it is made of or how big it is.

Choose wisely.

cactus in vase

Frame for pictures or pictures for the wall

This is a simple one, but it can make a house look like a home. Details are the most important part, even though you don’t think much of them, they make quite a difference.

If you think your friends would like to print photos by themselves, you can get them a few beautiful picture frames. If they do not care about it that much, and you find some beautiful pictures to hang on their wall, get them as soon as possible!

These frame pictures are cute. They are simple but elegant at the same time and the color is black so it will go nice with any color of the wall.

Art work

This idea is connected and similar to the previous one, but there is still some difference. If your friends are art lovers, explore a little bit, surf the internet and find some amazing art work that you think they will adore. Keep in mind to find the ones that will fit in the interior of their home.


You can not go wrong if you get your friends candles as a heartwarming gift. Who doesn’t love their house smelling like heaven? There are a lot of different types of candles, get them some that will be aesthetic and will fit in perfectly in their home. Make sure they have a scent, because a nice scent makes everything in life better!

Everyone loves a nice smelling home

Containers for better organization

We all know how messy a house can get. Especially when you are just moving in. There are things everywhere you look, in every corner of the room. 

To help your friends stay clean and organized, you can get them a set of containers.

They can use them for bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, or even use it for their bedroom. You can not go wrong with this move, it is very much needed.

Key holders

One thing all of us have lost at least once in our lives is a key (or more of them, at the same time).

To prevent that from happening, get your friends key holders. That is the one thing everyone needs, but not everybody has it. Of course, you can get them something else with the key holder, more is always better than less.

Essential oil diffuser

Not only does it smell good, but it can also fit in perfectly in the room, depending on which type you choose and buy. Ask your friends a little bit (undercover) what their favorite smell is and get them an oil diffuser with similar or the same smell.

It doesn’t cost much, but it can make a house feel expensive.

Essential oil diffuser

Kitchen appliances 

When you first move into your new home, there are a lot of things that you need but do not have.

Kitchen appliances are one of them, so here are a few examples of gifts for friends who are moving away, kitchen edition.

A microwave

When you come home exhausted after work, and you only have leftovers from dinner last night to eat, the least you would want is to eat it warm and heated. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and strength to heat it in the oven, so it would be amazing to own a microwave. 

That is what your friends are also thinking right now. Make them happy and satisfied. Your little means a lot to someone else.

shot of kitchen and appliances

A blender

What is your favorite thing to do after a good workout? Probably eat or, even better, make a smoothie. It is almost impossible to do it if you do not have a blender, and a piece of cake if you do. You can buy one for yourself, if you do not have it, and also get one for your friends. You might even get a discount for two of them.

Set of knives

If your friends are in a love relationship, it is reasonable that they have tough moments also, where they annoy each other and argue. What do you do when that happens? 

Talk about it… Hear what each of you has to say about that situation and handle it maturely…

No. You use knives. That is why you should get not just one, but a whole set of it.

Maybe that way they will argue less, and love more.

Electric kettle

For most people, their favorite thing to do in the morning (or any time of the day) is drink a cup of coffee. That is one thing that can wake you up, give you energy and strength to get through that day. We are not saying that it is good for your health, but people drink it anyway. Get your friends an electric kettle and be the first thing they think of when they wake up. 

coffee and kettle

Bathroom necessities

Towel set

There are never enough towels for the house. It is good to have a lot of them because people will come over and maybe even have a sleepover at your home (if you invite them of course).

You will need at least one towel for all of them, one for the face, one for the hands, and in the end you will be left with 0 of them. 

This does not have to be your first option, but it is a good one.

A robe

This one speaks for itself. It is such a good feeling putting on a robe after taking a shower, before you go to sleep. It feels comfy and rich. It is a big plus if it is made of satin. You could never go wrong with that one. 

This one could be on top of your list, all depending on what your friends would think about it. Good luck finding out!

This will be your friend after you go home, doing their skincare and taking care of themself, in a robe that you got them!

Bath bombs

After an exhausting and stressful day, we all look forward to taking a shower.

It just relaxes us as much as it can, and makes us feel fresh and ready for any challenge that comes to us. Imagine entering your bathroom, getting in your tub, it is filled with water and you put a beautiful bath bomb with colors of rainbow.

Best way to end the day!

A bath bomb with colors of rainbow. Perfection!

Books for book lovers 

This does not have to be the only thing that you will get for your friends, but it can.

If your friends are obsessed with reading, no doubt that they will adore this gift of yours.

You can get them one book or a whole collection of them. You can also give them a bookshelf or bookmarks. Whatever you think they will like and enjoy having.

A soft, cozy blanket

Sleeping at night, and throughout the day is the best way to fill up your energy and bring your mood up. You would have the best nap of your life if you were covered in a big, soft, cozy, warm blanket. Your friends would be grateful to see that you got them such an amazing gift, and also made sure that they will be sleeping in the clouds. You can even get them matching pillows with it, or more blankets. It is never enough!

The best kind of blankets are the one that we have in our grandmas house, so try to find one that is similar to it, or at least close to that one.

Hopefully these ideas will help you choose the best gifts for friends who are moving away and make them happy and grateful. In the end it is all up to you and you are the only one who knows what your friends would like, we are here just to give you some examples and help you decide. Good luck!

If you need any advice and help for moving, email us or visit our website and get a free quote. We also have blogs for packing tips, common moving mistakes and a lot more.

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