Shoeaholic’s Tips on How to Pack Shoes for Moving to a New Bay Area Town

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If you’re a frequent visitor of Famous Footwear or simply can’t resist the urge of buying a new pair of shoes every now and then, knowing how to pack shoes for moving might be more than necessary. There is no need to stress about this process – everyone experienced it at least once in their life. In this article, you’ll find interesting tips and tricks that will help you organize and move your beloved footwear like a pro.

First Things First – Reorganize the Shoe Closet Before You Start Packing

If you want to relocate efficiently and find the best way to pack shoes for moving, you should know that everything starts with good organization. For example, one of the steps on your to-do list should definitely be reorganizing your closet. This is an essential step before the relocation because you might find some old sneakers that you never wear and decide that they’re not even worth relocating. Getting rid of them will save so much time and space. The space you can actually use for other belongings that you need and want to relocate. You’ll also have more unoccupied space for a new pair you can add to the new closet once you move to one of the best Bay Area towns.

Pile of sneakers
Get rid of pairs you do not need before packing shoes for moving

Decluttering Is the Next Step

After you finally decide which ones go with you to the new home’s closet, you’ll need to decide what to do with the rest. One look at your relocation expenses checklist can help you make the right decision. Are you on a budget and could use some extra money? Consider selling some of the valuable pieces that you do not wear anymore. Most people have some elegant pairs that they wore only once in their life – for prom, wedding, or other ceremonies. If you strongly believe you won’t be wearing them anymore and you keep them only for sentimental value, it might be a good idea to sell them. Especially if you believe you can get a good deal for them.

Check If You Can Donate or Sell Some of the Best Items

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to organize a garage sale or any other kind of sale, donating items you do not want anymore might be a kind thing to do. If this seems like a good idea (but you never donated clothes or footwear before), you can check out local’s most popular charity donation places:

Packed sneakers
You can donate old sneakers you do not wear anymore

Use Suitable Packing Supplies – You Can Get Some Materials at Local Stores

After donating your old sneakers and heels, the next step in the boxing up process should be a local store that sells suitable packing materials. Some of the basic supplies you’ll need in this process are:

These supplies are something that you will definitely find useful for protecting the footwear during the process. Of course, you need to know how to use them properly. If you do not know what to do with these materials and want to avoid learning how to protect fragile objects or some other items from your home, such as delicate dishes, you can always hire professional Bay Area movers for assistance.

If You Don’t Have Original Packing Boxes, You Can Rely on Some Other Methods to Pack Your Shoes for Moving

If you’re on a budget, there are some cool relocation hacks you can rely on instead of buying all of the packing materials. Obviously, you can reuse original packages instead of buying new containers, or you can get free cardboard boxes at local stores. Footwear is usually dirtier than other household inventory, so you don’t have to worry much about getting a completely sterile box.

If you don’t want to waste money on the backing paper, an old newspaper will do the work. You’ll usually have to make small balls by rolling newspaper and put them inside the shoe to keep it in shape. If you want to wrap your delicate footwear in the newspaper instead of clear paper for protection, at least ensure they aren’t white because the ink from the newspaper might leave some black stains on them. Furthermore, you can achieve the same thing if you wrap socks – and this method is also free.

Quality supplies professional Bay Area movers provide
Good packing supplies are essential for this process

Ensure All the Pairs Are Clean and Tidy

If you do not want to waste time cleaning after relocation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to clean everything in advance. Obviously, like any other person, you probably have some super clean footwear and some dusty or muddy ones you keep for hiking or running. It is important that you clean them before placing them inside the box. This is especially important if you plan to mix clean and dirty ones in the same box.

Also, if you find some smelly sneakers, wash them in the washing machine and let them dry before you pack them. You can also buy special shoe cleaners or simply wipe them with wet wipes – this is the method most people find convenient. Another cool DIY cleaner hack is to use vinegar to polish leather footwear and make them look fresh and new.

Tea-Bag Trick Will Help You Keep Your Sneakers Smelling Fresh

One of the cool hacks that will keep your footwear smelling nice during and long after your move is to put dry, unused tea bags inside them. Look for whatever kind of tea with a good smell, and place one bag inside each shoe. You’ll be surprised how much this can affect your whole closet scent!

Elegant heels
Every elegant pair should have its dustbag

Once You Start Packing, Ensure You Follow Some Categories

Now that you organized and cleaned everything, as well as got the suitable materials, it is time to move on to the packing part. Here’s a method you should follow – divide your footwear into categories – for example:

This will make the whole boxing up process much easier – it will also be easier to find everything you need once you start unpacking after the move. Also, don’t forget to put one extra pair of comfy sneakers or flip-flops inside your bag with essentials. You’ll probably need them before you unpack everything else.

Don’t Mix Delicate Footwear With Thick Pieces

Another essential rule to follow is that you do not mix different types of footwear, especially if you have some harsh leather boots and extra delicate sandals. It’s more than obvious that boots can harm your sandal’s delicate surface or smudge it inside the box during the relocation process.

If You Must Mix Them, Put Heavier Pairs on the Bottom

In case that you decide to relocate just a few pairs and do not need to make separate categories, it is always recommended that you put heavy pieces on the bottom. These can be boots, for example. On top of them, you can put sneakers – like something in the middle. And the top of this pile should be reserved for your super classy and extra delicate pairs.

Use Special Dust Bags For Elegant Pairs

Even if you do not use extra protection for previously mentioned styled pairs, you could use additional protection for these. Fill them with packing paper to keep them in shape and roll them in another piece of paper or put them inside the dust bag. These bags are soft and they will protect your more delicate pairs from dirt and dust. 

Another Cool Hack Is to Tie Sneakers Together Using Their Laces

If you have a lot of sneakers and you decide to put them in a box together, one of the hacks that you might find helpful once you decide to look for a particular pair is to tie each pair together with laces. Imagine yourself digging through an endless pile of sneakers because you only found one part of your favorite pair? You have to admit this genius and easy technique is a must-follow, and it will definitely help you reduce the relocation stress – you’ll stay organized and in control.

Man footwear
The smartest way to pack shoes for moving is to divide them into categories

Secure and Label Your Boxes

After you made a well-organized pile and protected all the delicate footwear following the proper instructions, you should close and seal your box with plastic tape. Ensure it’s not too heavy because all that weight might cause the cardboard to break. After closing it, put the appropriate label. You can use a permanent marker to write “shoes,” or if you are making separate categories, you can write a different sign for every category.

If you have a box containing delicate pieces only, ensure this particular box gets the special treatment or mark it as fragile. You should put this one on top of the other containers and other objects you’re relocating to prevent any damages.

How Do You Pack Store Shoes?

Some of the basic storing rules apply for all the categories, and they’re pretty simple to follow. If you are wondering should shoes be stored in their boxes, know that this is one of the most common storage options. However, if you do not keep them in original boxes, it is good to get clear plastic bins for storing them. That way, you won’t waste your time opening a bunch of boxes looking for the perfect pair. You can see through every container and save your precious time. Also, you should store fancy pairs on top of your closet.

Check out this video to get some inspiration on different creative ways you can store your favorite footwear.

If You Still Do Not Know How to Pack Shoes for Moving Consider Hiring Professional Bay Area Movers for Assistance

Once you finally have enough reasons to move and find a perfect home in one of the most popular places to live in the Bay Area, your only responsibility should be making a going-away party. Everything else should be a job for a professional Bay Area moving company.

We are one of the highest-rated Bay Area moving companies that can offer you outstanding local relocation services, so there is no need to hesitate or, worse, try to move a piano or something else on your own. With our residential relocation service, you can put all your worries to an end – our trained packers and movers can prepare all of your household belongings for relocation and move them safely to your house. Also if you choose an apartment relocation service our movers will carry all of your stuff up and down the stairs.

Obviously, they will show you how to pack shoes for a move the best way possible. Just contact us to check what items movers won’t move, and everything else is our concern. We can also offer you a commercial relocation service if you want to relocate your business office or additional labor relocation services if you lack a workforce for heavy duties. If you need to relocate your stored footwear or other storage belongings, we can provide you with affordable storage relocation services and convenient storage lockers. Just give us a call for anything else you want to know, and we’ll try our best to assist you in a timely manner.

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