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How to Pack a TV for Moving it Safely to Another Bay Area Town

Learning how to pack a TV for moving is not an easy task, particularly when relocating to a different Bay Area town. This device is very fragile, meaning you’ll have to be extremely careful when handling it. If you’re not sure what to do, this guide has everything you need to know about securing this expensive piece of electronics.

Make Sure the TV Is Properly Packed Before You Attempt to Move It

A TV is usually one of the most expensive and fragile items we have at home, which makes it even more important to box it up properly before you try to move it. If you ever had to secure a computer monitor, you’ll likely already know what needs to be done. Otherwise, it’s better to contact some Bay Area moving companies to assist you with boxing up electronics or anything else on your packing list.

Local movers in the Bay Area lifting a TV
It’s often best to let professional movers take care of the TV

Have All the Necessary Supplies and Equipment Before You Start Boxing Anything Up

You can’t keep a TV intact when relocating to a different Bay Area town without all the appropriate supplies and equipment. Boxing up a TV is significantly easier when using the original packaging, as these materials fit the device they came with perfectly. However, it’s not uncommon for people to throw these out in the trash. Don’t worry if you didn’t keep the original packaging or can’t seem to find it. Most of the supplies you require can be bought in almost any supply store or from one of the local San Francisco movers.

How to Pack a Television for Moving Without the Original Packaging?

Not having the original packaging means you will have to go out for supplies as soon as possible. If you’re not sure what materials are needed for securing a TV, add the following items to your shopping list:

  • TV kit – These specialized boxes come in several sizes, so be confident that your device can fit in the packaging before buying it.
  • Bubble wrap – This is easily the best material to use for wrapping a TV.
  • Foam padding – Placing corner protectors will further increase the stability of your wrapped TV.
  • Blankets – If you’re not using containers, these will keep your device intact during transportation.
  • Shrink wrap – This material is perfect for keeping all the wraps in place.
  • Plastic bags – These are great for keeping screws, cables, and any other parts that can be detached from the device.
  • Screwdrivers – Depending on your current setup, you’ll need these tools to dismount the TV from the wall or detach its base.
  • Tape – Adding several layers of tape will keep the wraps in place.
  • Twist ties – These small plastic strands are needed for cables and other wiring.
  • Labels – Labeling the TV correctly will prevent a lot of problems and accidents.
One of the Bay Area movers holding the bubble wrapping
Bubble wrap is one of the best materials to use when securing a TV

It’s Best to Start With Disassembling the TV

Just like how you disassemble all the smaller pieces when packing furniture and many other large items, you should also remove all the secondary parts of the TV first. Although this means you won’t be able to watch anything on it in the last few days before relocation, taking it down earlier will help you move efficiently. After all, you’ll have nothing to distract you from completing all the tasks on the to-do list.

Start Unplugging All the Peripherals, Cables, and Cords First

Wrapping the TV is almost impossible with all the peripherals still attached to the cable input. That’s why you have to start preparing the TV by unplugging all cords, cables, and peripherals. It’s best to turn off and detach the main power cord first, as this will prevent the electronics from getting damaged by voltage surges, increasing their longevity. Once that’s out of the way, unplug secondary cables and gadgets like the Blu-ray player and the Smart-TV box. Although wiring can easily get mixed up during transport, coiling it up and using twist ties will keep each cable from unraveling and getting all tangled up.

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Take the TV Off Its Base or Unscrew It From the Wall

Trying to move the entire TV without taking it off its base will prevent you from adequately boxing it up later. While a lot of smaller ones have easily detachable bases, large TVs mounted on a wall will need to be carefully taken down. Dropping the screen while removing it from its base or the wall is always a possibility, so it’s best to invite a few people to help you hold the entire thing. This will allow you to carefully remove all the screws from the mounting bracket and plate without having to worry about breaking the TV by accident. If you want to learn how to mount the device in your new home properly, the video below has some excellent tips you could use.

How Do You Pack a Flat-Screen TV for Moving?

Now that everything is prepared, you’re finally ready to start wrapping the TV. Although the process is a bit harder than boxing up books or securing pots and pans, you should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly. If this is your first time doing this, you’re probably wondering, “How do moving companies move TVs?” 

For starters, cover the entire thing with two or three layers of bubble wrap, which should be enough to protect the delicate display from any scratches. To ensure the wrapping doesn’t unfold, add several layers of tape or cover it with plastic shrink wrap. Once that’s done, place the styrofoam corner protectors, cover the entire thing with a blanket and lower it in the box. If there’s still some room left, add more padding material before taping the container lid.

What’s the Best Method for Packing a TV That Doesn’t Have a Flat Screen?

Did you happen to discover an old CRT TV while going through storage? Also known as a fishbowl tube, this device is particularly hard to secure and transport safely. This is primarily due to their weight, as a 27 inch TV can weigh about 60 to 70 pounds. That’s why it’s often easier to sell this device on a garage sale than move it to your new home. However, if you’re keen on keeping it, start wrapping the TV with a sheet of bubble wrap. 

Once the wrapping is done, it’s time to prepare the container. To keep the bottom from falling through from the weight, reinforce the container with several layers of tape. You also want to put a ton of padding on the bottom right away and fill in the remaining space once the TV is in the box.

Don’t Forget to Label the Box Holding the TV

Although it might be easy to spot a well-packed TV among the rest of the boxes, it’s best to label the container properly. Placing printed labels or writing down “FRAGILE” and “FRONT SIDE” will prevent a lot of potential problems and keep the television from getting damaged during transport. This is particularly important when hiring a Bay Area moving company, as this will tell the movers how to handle the item when loading it onto the truck.

An old CRT TV
Older CRT television sets require a lot more materials to secure properly

How Can I Move My TV Without a Box?

While it’s always better to have a proper container, you can actually learn how to move a flat-screen TV without a box. Even though this might seem impossible at first, the process is pretty similar to what we already described earlier. Once all the bubble wrapping is placed, simply cover the entire TV with several blankets and secure everything with ropes or plastic shrink wraps.

Blankets used by professional Bay Area moving companies
If you don’t have an appropriate container, using a few blankets should keep the TV safe during transport

How to Move a TV to a Different Bay Area Town?

Although wrapping the TV is very important, it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t get damaged during transport. Fortunately, you can minimize these chances by carefully loading the device onto the truck. Many wonder, “Can you lay a TV down when moving?” While laying the TV flat on the bottom of the truck won’t damage the plasma or its crystals, placing anything on its display could easily crack it under pressure. Keeping the device upright during transportation is crucial, so you’ll want to wedge it between soft items like the mattress and upholstered furniture. If you’re planning to move the TV in a car, fastening it with seatbelts should be enough to keep it stable during the trip.

These Few Tips Will Allow You to Quickly Set up the TV After Relocating

While tech nerds won’t have a problem reattaching all the TV’s peripherals and cables, someone relocating for the first time will have trouble remembering how to set up the entire thing. If you don’t know what plug goes where, take a few pictures of the cable inputs before unplugging anything. It’s also good to place all the wiring next to the TV when boxing it up, or you won’t be able to set it up right away after relocating. Many San Francisco moving companies in the Bay Area also suggest you wrap each cable with a labeled piece of paper. This will prevent you from losing track of all the cords, allowing you to quickly unpack after relocating.

A TV cable input
Taking a few pictures of the TV cable input slots will help you set it up much more quickly after relocating

Still Don’t Know How to Pack a TV for Moving? Contact Our Local Movers in Bay Area to Assist You

As you can see, learning how to pack TVs for moving is not an easy task, and it’s only one of the things you have to do before relocating. You still have to organize important documents and learn how to change your address, which means those relocating in a hurry likely won’t have enough time to do everything on their own. Instead of worrying about skipping something, hire Bay Area movers to assist you with all the preparations. If you need any assistance on your move, contact Golden Bay Relocation, one of the best movers in San Francisco.

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