How to Have a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving to a New Bay Area Town

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Did you know that, on average, 95,000 new yard sales are listed on Craigslist every week? If you wonder how to have a successful garage sale and make yours stand out from the crowd, we can help you. If you follow our garage sale tips, you’ll manage to organize everything like a pro and still have enough time and energy to prepare for your upcoming move. 

Some Basic Garage Sale Organization Information to Keep in Mind

No matter if you’re relocating in a hurry or have plenty of time ahead of you to plan everything, decluttering is one of the most important parts of an efficient relocation process. Going through your household inventory and deciding what to relocate to your new home is one of the first steps on every substantial moving to-do list. Once you decide what to do with objects you want to relocate, you must be wondering what to do with everything else. Although 85 cents is the average price of objects sold on yard sales, selling is still one of the best ways to declutter before relocating.

What Is the Best Month to Have a Garage Sale?

When you live in one of the Bay Area towns, every time is a perfect time for these events. Weather conditions are usually pleasant year-round, so just check to ensure there’s no rain coming your way before you opt for a date. On the other hand, these events usually take place in spring and summer because most people are relocating then.

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What Is the Best Day of the Week for Yard Sales?

Usually, the most convenient days for these sales are Saturday and Sunday, since that is when people don’t have to go to work and can casually bump into your small bazaar while strolling. On the other hand, you can check if your area or neighborhood already has some days when these events are usually organized, so you get better advertising and more visitors.

Do You Need a Permit for a Yard Sale in California?

There is no need to go through additional moving stress, so following your state rules and regulations about these events is very important. For places in the Bay Area and other parts of California, the organization of yard sales is permitted on the seller’s personal property. You don’t need a seller’s permit unless you set up sales more than once in 12 months.

Person counting money
With every cent you earn, you’re one step closer to your goals – it’s always better to earn extra cash than to give your stuff away for free

What Things Sell Best at Garage Sales?

In case you don’t know how to move a piano or other bulky furniture pieces, yard sales are a perfect opportunity to get rid of them. You can earn extra cash you can later invest in other relocation-related needs like getting packing supplies and professional services. If you want to maximize your chances to set up a memorable and most successful event in your neighborhood, you should sell:

What Should You Not Sell at a Garage Sale?

We are sure you have many great garage sale ideas, but you shouldn’t sell stuff such as worn underwear, swimsuits, bras, and socks. Sell those only if they still have tags on. Don’t try selling broken objects or items that are too old and in bad condition. If you sell shoes and clothes, just ensure that they aren’t dirty and too worn out.

Shoes and heels
Don’t sell clothes and shoes to other people unless they are in a good condition

How Do You Price Items for a Garage Sale? Make Sure to Get Pricing Stickers and Labels

You should put clearly visible prices and signs, preferably on loud colored stickers. Rules are following – the bigger the item, the bigger the price. For example, small household items can be priced anywhere from 50 cents to $3, while low-quality furniture pieces can go for up to $30. Also, make sure you have some change and a comfortable place to sit and take payments. This video might give you some interesting garage sale tips.

Earn More Money by Following Our Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

If you want to make sure you have a lot of visitors and you strongly believe you have good things to offer, don’t miss out on the advantages of good advertising. A Garage sale finder is a place where you can check events around you and advertise yours. Although placing signs and posters all around your neighborhood can do no harm, social networking can also help spread the word. Create an event on your Facebook profile and invite all of your friends and neighbors to join the event and invite others.

Sticky notes and signs
Ensure you put visible price tags on every item

Now When You Know How to Have a Successful Garage Sale, You Can Afford to Hire One of the Best Bay Area Moving Companies

Besides finding out how to prepare for a garage sale, you also need to take care of many other responsibilities such as rental application and researching tenants’ rights. These tasks might take you a lot of time and energy, so why not leave all the hard work to professionals? Professional Bay Area movers can offer you excellent terms and conditions, affordable prices, and great local moving services. If you need to move your household inventory in a short time, a residential relocation service might be a perfect fit, while the commercial relocation service might be a suitable option for a business office move.

Our trained and experienced packers and movers in Bay Area can help you pack fragile items and relocate everything to the desired location. We are a trustworthy moving company in the Bay Area, so with us, there is no risk of moving scams. Golden Bay Relocation can even offer you a free quote, so you’ll know the price of required services in advance. Contact us today to find out more about all the things we can do for you.

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