How Many Movers Do You Need For Your Golden Bay Move

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It’s time to move out – but you don’t know where to begin?

One of the most important parts of your move is getting quotes for your move and calculating the approximate cost of the entire experience. One of the parts of getting a quote is determining your move size and therefore – which crew size will be the best to tackle your move as best as possible.

The number of movers will also determine the hourly rate upon which you are going to be moving, and while it might make sense to hire less movers for a lesser hourly rate – that doesn’t always mean a lower final cost for your move. Remember, the total for your move is time based, meaning that the less time it takes, the less it’s going to cost you in the end. 

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Move Size 

Your move size determines the number of movers, but it isn’t the only factor. Your relocation specialist might take the square footage of your place into consideration, or the complete list of items that you are moving. It is best to have and know both so you can provide it to your relocation specialist upon calling to get a quote for your move.


A studio apartment move is generally the easiest move size to handle, and in 9 out of 10 cases it’s done by a two person team. Unless you have seven flights of stairs in your apartment complex – two people shouldn’t have much trouble with moving your possessions out of your studio. Keep in mind that a mover may be added in case of stairs, heavy items or long carry, and we will go over each factor individually. 

Studio + Packing 

A full pack of your studio apartment will require another pair of hands for the job, but what might make more sense in this case is to ask for a partial packing service. This way, your two man team can also pack up your kitchen and clothing (which are usually the toughest parts of packing anyway) and get the job done with ease. If you want to speed up your move, feel free to ask for an additional pair of hands on the big day.

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1 Bedroom 

A one bedroom place is similar to a studio in the sense of volume, but there are some factors that can make a 1 bedroom move a bit more complicated for a two person crew. Your one bedroom one office home is a two bedroom, and will be looked at as such when you are getting a quote, so this would be accurate for 1 bedroom homes up to 900 square feet. A two person crew should not have trouble tackling your move, considering there aren’t many obstacles in the way.

1 Bedroom + Packing 

You will need at least 3 people to help complete a full pack service of a 1 bedroom home. In order to keep everything organized and streamlined, 1 additional person to help with packing will help your 1 bedroom move to be completed much, much faster. Instead of having two burned out movers by the third hour – having three men movers in this case might be the best solution.

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2 Bedrooms 

Two bedrooms are where sizes start to vary with homes – but a three person crew should not have much trouble handling an average 2 bedroom place. Depending on the volume of your move, the amount of furniture that needs to be moved and if there are any other special obstacles during your move, most of these projects are completely doable with 3 pairs of hands.

2 Bedrooms + Packing  

A four person crew is usually ideal for packing up a two bedroom place. Think about all those things you’ve managed to accumulate in your home over the years and how long it would take 3 movers to pack it up, disassemble everything and load the truck. Then think about the unpacking process at your destination. Four people can achieve a lot in a small amount of time and this would be the ideal crew size if you are looking for Golden Bay packers and movers.

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3 Bedrooms 

At least four people should be involved in your three bedroom move, especially since it can be a simpler move – or an extremely difficult one. A three bedroom place can be sparsely furnished and still represent a hassle for an average moving crew, but add in a tightly furnished space in your home and we definitely advise another pair of hands in this case. The more efficient you are with your large move, the more cost effective it will be in the end.

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3 Bedrooms + Packing

Consider hiring at least one, if not two people to help with packing on the big day. Not only do you want to avoid your move stretching into another day, but you also want to have it done as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Hiring at least 5 people for this task is strongly advised by our relocation specialists at Golden Bay Relocation.

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4+ Bedrooms 

This is where our relocation specialists can recommend you splitting your move in two days, especially if packing is involved. However, if you are looking for a standard moving service, a two-day move can be a lot less chaotic and stressful for everyone involved. Not to mention that it will be way more cost effective than cramming it all in one day. You will receive a fresh crew of movers on both days that will be well rested and ready to work. Just that can save you at least two hours of work and two hours worth of money.

4+ Bedrooms + Packing 

We recommend that you have your professional Golden Bay packers help pack your small items on the first day, and finish up the entire packing process before the move. On day two, our movers would simply swoop in and take everything – making a much more efficient relocation for you. Not to mention that you will have smaller crews on both days instead of a giant crew in one. 

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Heavy Items 

Heavy items are an exception where you might need to expect an extra mover added to the job. For example, gym equipment can’t be disassembled by most moving companies due to liability reasons. If it can’t be taken in one piece with two movers, your moving company will probably recommend a three man team. Your moving company of choice should never jeopardize the state of your belongings for the sake of taking a job. If they think an extra mover is needed, then you should probably take their advice. 

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If you have more than two flights of stairs in one location, expect a third mover on the job if you are looking at a two man team otherwise. This is simply to keep our movers, and your belongings safe during the process. Having a two person crew carry heavy items up and down three flights of stairs can’t possibly be the best and most efficient solution for your move. A reliable moving company will always offer a safe solution for your move, and it is up to you whether you will take the advice or not.

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If some of your furniture pieces can’t fit through a doorway – you are going to need to hoist them through a balcony. Your moving company will require at least 3 men movers for the job, and will also throw in an additional fee for hoisting the item in question up the balcony. In this case, it might be more cost effective and less stressful to get rid of that item, sell it or donate it, and buy a new furniture piece for your new home. One that can fit through the doorway.

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Long Carry

Long carry can result in a much slower move than you might’ve anticipated. If your movers don’t have a designated parking space and need to park a bit farther from your pick up location, they will have to carry the items or move them with dollies out or in your new home. In this case, your relocation specialist might require another mover on the job to cut the time, speed up the move and turn it into a smoother overall experience for everyone involved. 

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