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The Best Places To Live In The Bay Area For Families In 2022

It finally came the moment when you with your family wanted to move. Searching on the internet what are the best places to live in the Bay Area for families indeed got you some information. For sure you also have searched if it is safe to live if the education meets your criteria, or even if the Bay Area is ecology acceptable. 

Since you have a lot of questions about moving with your family to the Bay Area, here are the simplest answers that could lead you to accept and move there with your family. 
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Is the Bay Area a good place to raise a family?

San Francisco itself is a perky city that offers activities for all ages including good jobs, a good education system, beaches, shops, and many things you could find in the city. It is the most desired place in America to live. 

The San Francisco Bay Area ranks high when it comes to you raising a family in California. The most factors that affect whether is it good or not for raising a family there, are the education system, transport system, crime rate, and even some opportunity for your spare time. 

The Bay has a dozen of family-friendly neighborhoods, low crime rates, good schools, affordable houses, and family-friendly activities. So while you are working, or spending time in the area, do not worry about your kids being bored. There are plenty of fun activities for your children.

Not only the Bay Area is good for families, but it is also one of the prettiest places to move

Education system

Schools in San Francisco have an average ranking in California. Public schools have an average math proficiency score of 49% and a reading proficiency score of 56%. Those numbers are pretty high, which leads its schools to rank 8/10 in California. 

The university system is excellent. The Bay Area is also known for its best university such as Stanford University, University of California – Berkeley, Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco, and Saint Mary’s College of California. 

Not only do they have the best university, but you also won’t need to let your kid move to a better university outside the state.


The weather in the city is usually really nice, so you could walk around with your family every day and admire the Bay Area. For sure, San Francisco is one of the best cities for walking in the US. 

On the other hand, it is also known for its best transportation system. So, if you do not want to walk, you can always go by bus, subway, or train. No need for you to worry. 

In the end, the best ways to get around San Francisco Bay Area are by foot and public transportation. Most of the popular interests are within walking distance with excellent weather. After all, neighborhoods in the Bay Area could be explored in basic shoes thanks to their easily navigable streets. Of course, consider using a taxi or public transportation if you find yourself in some dark streets or unfamiliar areas.

Transport San Francisco tip: If you want to go by car, feel free to. But make sure finding where to park could ruin your moment. 

Remember there is a small amount of parking in the Bay Area, so you will probably be using the transportation system via bus, subway, or train


The Bay itself is a home of wildlife, especially marine, and it represents California’s most important habitat. Many endangered species of birds are also found here such as the black-crowned night heron, the California least tern, the snowy egret, and the California clapper rail.


Besides your family, you may like to play or watch some sports. The most popular sports in the Bay Area are basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and baseball. Make sure that San Francisco has a lot of sports events on may you want to attend. 

An American basketball team settled in San Francisco, one of the most popular teams, is Golden State Warriors. So, if you like them, and want even to meet them surprisingly, San Francisco Bay Area is a good choice.

Food and more food

One of the best parts of living in the Bay Area of San Francisco is the food. Imagine all that juicy and tasty food you can try. Chowder in a Bread Bowl, Focaccia, Cioppino, Prime Rib, and much more specialty dishes you may eat there. 

San Francisco has the most number of restaurants in the city. If you and your family are food lovers, San Francisco is a great decision of yours. 


Many celebrities have grown up in or nearby San Francisco, and many others have chosen to live there. As we said, San Francisco is a perky and vibrant city, where many celebrities live which you may meet on the street. Mark Zuckerberg, George Lucas, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Francis Ford Coppola are some of them. 


If you are planning to move with your family to the Bay Area, living with your family does not mean you do not have nightlife. San Francisco is so to speak blessed with so many clubs and bars that everyone can explore. Do not neglect your nightlife. 

Since the Bay Area is family-friendly, you could explore the area and meet new friends. There are so many bars and clubs, so we do not think you will be bored with your new friends.

Do not worry about your nightlife. There is plenty of events and clubs to make your nightlife live


Since moving with your family to the Bay Area is already settled, you may now choose the neighborhood. Choosing the right neighborhood may depend on your demands. The most often features that families are looking for are crime rates, cost of living index, transportation, and quality of education. 

You already picked the neighborhood, but you do not know if it is safe. Check this article, and make sure you have picked the right neighborhood in the Bay Area.

Choosing the right neighborhood could be hard. Make sure to get to know your neighbors, and how well is safe

San Ramon

Perfect for families who like to go outside. The city is mostly known for its beautiful weather and eye-catching locations. The scenic views of Mount Diablo could leave you out of breath. Hiking trails with a panoramic view really could entertain you and your family. Shopping areas, cafes, Diablo plaza, many parks, and a lot of festivals and events could take your decision into moving here. 

The crime rate is 58% lower than the national average, and 38% higher cost of living index than the California average.


If your family and you like hiking and paddle sports, Lafayette is an excellent choice. Lafayette Reservoir Nature Area Rim Trail and Lafayette Reservoir Loop are the most beautiful trails with eye-catching views. On the other hand, if you are into art, there are many cultural centers such as Acadian Cultural Center. So if your family including you like hiking and art, Lafayette is a great place to live in the Bay Area. 

The crime rate is 27% lower than the national average, and 61% cost of living index than the California average.


Surrounded by green space, with most of the parks and Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, makes the best place to live in the Bay Area for families. On the other hand, Orinda is making a mark with the most beautiful restored art deco Orinda theater. 

The crime rate is 58% lower than the national average, and 63% higher cost of living index than the California average.

Noe Valley

Noe Valley is known as a family-friendly neighborhood. Residents have turned a big parking lot into space to hang out and relax in the warm weather, which leads to the feeling of a united community. Noe Valley is known for its farmer’s market, which opens on Saturdays, Noe Valley Spa where you can fully relax from the job, and Chocolate Covered where you can find gourmet chocolates from around the world. 

The crime rate is safer than 88% of San Francisco neighborhoods, which leads to one of the best places to live in the Bay Area for families.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto, also known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley, is crazy expensive, even by the Bay Area standards. On the other hand, there are a lot of best-educated citizens. It also has recreation for families like Palo alto Baylands Nature Preserve, culture, and arts. 

It’s known as an 8% lower crime rate than the national average, and a 64% higher cost of living index than the California average.


One more key Silicon valley city, Cupertino is as famous as the home of high-tech giant Apple Inc. Besides that, Cupertino in the Bay Area is known as a city with excellent public schools. More than 60% of residents aged 25 years or older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Also, it is known for its low crime rate. 

The crime rate is 43% lower than the national average, and 64% higher cost of living index than the California average.

Why the Bay Area is the best place to live?

The best place to live for families is the Bay Area, San Francisco. As we said, Bay Area is the home of some of the best companies in California, such as Apple, Adobe, eBay, etc. It also has one of the largest media outlets in the States. 

The Bay Area has one of the highest graduation rates. It’s known for being its best university, as we already said. Besides you can not always find parking, transportation quality is on a higher level. Do not forget they have many job opportunities. 

For a family, it is a safe and good environment. Many outdoor activities start here such as running, surfing, hiking, etc. If you have pets, there is no need to worry. The Bay Area is a dog-friendly environment. 

If you are looking into moving to the Bay Area, make sure it has the all facilities you need for you and your family

Final Words

Moving to San Francisco and searching for the best places to live in the Bay Area for families could be rough. You have so many options, but the main decision is on you and your family. We hope we helped you on making a good decision for your moving to the Bay Area with the family. 

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