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Cali has so many hidden gems one can only dream of relocating to, and Petaluma is definitely one of them. If you found a perfect home to start a new chapter of your life in, you’re already off to a good start. Now all you need are our Petaluma movers to help you make your dreams come true. With our employees on board, you’ll get the top-notch service you deserve and relocate efficiently.

Living in Petaluma, CA

Many consider Petaluma to be one of the best places to live in the Bay Area. This beautiful, diverse town that houses 60,767 people is located in Northern Cali, just 37 miles from San Francisco. And it’s no wonder so many chose to live here – it is beautiful, safe, and entertaining with great possibilities for education.


How Much Does Living in Petaluma Cost?

The majority of residents here own their own homes, however, both the median home value and the median rent are higher in cost than the national average. According to data provided by Niche, the median home cost is around $633,900, while the rent is about $800 more than the national median amounting to $1,830. Generally, the costs of living here are on the pricier side, which is why we recommend approaching your moving expenses thoroughly and in a timely manner.

The Town Is Known as a True Foodie Heaven

Maybe you’ve heard about the Egg Basket of the World? Well, this is how this Bay Area town was known in the early 20th century due to its high production of poultry and eggs. Even today, it is known as foodie heaven because of its numerous highly-rated eating-out venues ranging from five-star restaurants to street food to die for. We also recommend packing your wine glasses because here, you’ll drink some of the most wonderful wines in the region.

You Are Bound to Have Fun at the Town’s Quirky Manifestations

Normally, if your reason to move is to find the perfect place for calm family life or retirement, you don’t expect to live against a picturesque background of widely known films like American Graffiti (1973), Basic Instinct (1992), Scream (1996), and Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), to name just a few. And you surely wouldn’t expect to kick back at the World’s Ugliest Dog contest or relax at the Butter and Egg Days parade. So whether you are into art, food, gardening, or ugly dogs – Petaluma surely won’t let you down!

Golden Bay Relocation Has the Best Petaluma Movers

Scouting professional Bay Area moving companies can be a tiring full-time job. Not only do you have to avoid all those ”moving companies” in the Bay Area that employ moving scams, but actually find someone to help you move efficiently. If you hire us for packing and relocation assistance, you’ll save valuable time and effort and get the best movers in San Francisco and the area helping you with your local move.

We Have Perfect Customer Reviews

Our previous customers are more than happy with their relocation experience. Whether they were packing to move in a hurry or not, they found our assistance to be excellent and professional in times of need. If you are to believe word of mouth (and we think that you should), hiring our company should definitely be on your to-do list of all the things to do before moving.

Our Bay Area Moving Company Provides the Best Services in the Region

Whatever type of relocation assistance you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide stellar assistance and will assure you get to your destination in no time. You can be certain that none of your fragile items will get damaged in transit, and your move will go according to plan.


Services You Can Get With Our Movers in Petaluma

Depending on how much you want to be invested in the process, we can provide you with various services. We’ve listed them all here, so take your time to think which one suits your needs, and feel free to contact us for any additional questions you may have:

  • Residential relocation service – Rest assured that your move will go as smoothly as can be. Leave the relocation stress aside because our local movers in Bay Area are unmatched when it comes to any type of local move.
  • Packers and movers – Our skillful crew has years of experience in handling all sorts of items, wrapping, packing, transporting, you name it, we do it all.
  • Commercial relocation service – Relocating an office is difficult because you don’t want the move to impact your work routines. We’ll ensure that your business will have the least possible downtime. Let us assist in packing your electronics and relocating the office supplies so you can continue business as usual in the blink of an eye.
  • Storage facilities – Golden Bay Relocation has convenient storage facilities where you can safely store everything you don’t want to relocate.
  • In- and-out-of storage relocation – If your belongings can’t fit in your new place, and you are considering renting a storage unit, for the time being, feel free to call us for any help with transport.
  • Labor-only move – When you have to move large items, you’ll require a strong team to help out. Our manpower knows exactly how to handle items so they don’t get a scratch, and is physically prepared to ensure you avoid any lingering back pain.