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Sunnyvale is such a great place that you cannot go wrong with choosing it as your new home. However, planning a relocation in the Bay is certainly not easy, so you’ll want to hire the top Sunnyvale movers to do all the work. Our company provides all the professional services you might need, so feel free to contact us and request a free quote.

The City Is Easily One of the Best Places to Live in California

Sunnyvale is, without a doubt, one of the best places to live in the Bay Area and California in general. It’s right up there with San Francisco in terms of amenities, offering everything from excellent housing and schools to an abundance of job opportunities in various tech fields. No matter what your main reasons for moving might be, you won’t have a problem finding exactly what you’re looking for right here in the city.


Housing Prices Are Appropriate for the Region

If you’re planning on living in this excellent Bay Area town, be aware that the cost of local real estate is not that different from other cities on the Peninsula. According to Niche, the median home value of $1.2 million almost matches the housing prices of San Francisco, with only one in four properties costing less than $750k. Although the median rent of $2,500 is also a standard for the region, it’s still a lot more affordable than buying. If you manage to find a place that costs less than $2,000 a month, don’t think twice about getting it. Only 25% of rentals fall in that price range, so start filling out the rental application immediately.

Many Are Moving Here to Find a Job in One of the Countless Tech Companies

Sunnyvale is one of the major cities that comprise Silicon Valley, the famous Californian high-tech development area. Besides being known as the birthplace of the video game industry, the city is home to many other technology companies, including defense and aerospace companies. Apple, LinkedIn, and Google are only some of the most famous businesses operating in the area today, meaning that there’s plenty of opportunities to find a job in almost any tech industry you can think of.

Commuting to Any Part of the Bay Will Be a Breeze

The city’s position next to several major highways will allow you to commute to almost any part of the Bay fairly easily. Despite it being on the opposite side of the Peninsula, the US-101 and I-280 will allow you to get to SF in about 40-45 minutes. Getting to Oakland is also very easy, as the I-880 will get you there in about the same time. Finally, the I-680 can take you to Walnut Creek and many other East Bay cities in 50 minutes. If you want to get around San Francisco without a car, you can. However, be aware that the journey won’t be as quick, as the Caltrain takes about an hour and a half to get to the city’s 22nd St. Station.

Want to Have an Easier Relocation? Our Bay Area Moving Company Is Here to Help

Whether you’re relocating in a hurry or want to move efficiently, hiring local movers in Bay Area is the best choice you can make. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional service provider that will allow you to move quickly and stress-free, Golden Bay Relocation is always ready to help. We’re one of the few Bay Area moving companies that operate throughout the region, allowing you to move quickly no matter where you’re currently located.

Countless Great Customer Reviews Prove We Have Some of the Best Movers in Sunnyvale

While anyone can claim that they have the best movers in San Francisco, we have a ton of great reviews that can prove it. Our customers are particularly impressed with our services and affordable prices. Feel free to check out some reviews and join the long list of our satisfied customers.


Our Sunnyvale Movers Provide All the Necessary Moving Services

No relocation is complete without some incredible local moving services. While using some relocation hacks might make your move somewhat easier, nothing can compare to getting professional assistance. If you’re not sure what service to get, don’t worry. Our San Francisco movers certainly have just the thing you need:

  • Residential relocation – No matter where you’re relocating within the Bay Area, this option will allow you to move and prepare most of your belongings in a single day. The service covers a professional crew and a truck that can fit everything.
  • Apartment move – This service covers everything the previous option does, but it’s much better suited for people living in large apartment complexes.
  • Commercial relocation – Booking this option will allow you to move a company in record time without any delays. Just like the previous two services, it covers a large enough team and a truck.
  • Packing and moving – Anyone who doesn’t want to worry about any relocation preparations should get this option. Besides covering everything we mentioned in the previous services, it also includes packing for all your belongings, both big and small.
  • Labor-only move – Even if you have already secured a truck and packed most of your belongings, you will still need some assistance with the heavy lifting, which is exactly what this option covers.
  • Storage services – We’re one of the few local moving companies in Bay Area that offer storage, allowing you to store any fragile items that can’t fit into your new home.
  • In- and-out-of storage service – If you’re already renting storage, getting this option will ensure all your large items are safely transported to the storage facilities without you having to do anything.