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If this article finds you googling Palo Alto movers, you must be at least considering settling into a home in this Silicon Valley gem. And if you are, you would probably want to hear more about the place to get the picture of what it’s like to live here so you can make a final decision. And, of course, find the right local Bay Area movers that can have you settled safely and smoothly. Well, guess what? We have all that you need, so tilt your head back and delve into this article – it will be well worth it, and it won’t be long before you’re ready to go.

Welcome to Palo Alto, California

This famous charter city is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara County, a short distance away from San Francisco. It got its name after a namesake coastal redwood tree, and it means ‘tall stick’ in Spanish. It’s one of the most expensive zip codes in the county and highly coveted, especially by those working in the tech industry. People working in the tech industry mostly reside here, and the residents, around 66,000 of them, are among the highest educated people in the country. So, what’s it like to live here, and why is it one of the best places to live in the Bay Area?


Cost of Living in Palo Alto, California

If you are dreaming of living here, you would first want to know about the cost of living. And, the city is famous (or shall we say, infamous) for its high cost of living. So, let’s delve into that a bit. The overall cost of living index is a staggering 471, which is almost five times higher than the national average and pretty high even for the Sunny State. What’s the biggest factor in such a high index? Housing – the housing index is 1275, per BestPlaces. That means that the median home around here would cost you just short of $3,000,000. If you are thinking about renting, go through San Francisco tenants’ rights before you sign your rental application. And expect a monthly rent of about $2,900 for a 1-bedroom apartment. But, the salaries in the area are in line with the cost of living, so if you work around here, you will be able to afford it, and living here is totally worth the price.

A Place Filled With Opportunities

This is a place (tech) dreams are made of. The most famous and desirable tech giants like Google, Tesla, HP, and many others are located here and offer job opportunities with salaries high enough to afford the cost of living. Other major companies are located here as well as some of the greatest educational opportunities for children. This is the place people come to thrive and succeed – it gets a bit competitive, but you are among the best. Most people here are highly educated and professionally fulfilled, so if you would like to challenge yourself professionally or educationally – think no more and head here.

A Picture-Perfect Beach Town and Community

This is an impeccably maintained place with clean sidewalks and lots of trees. The residents really care about the environment and nature, and it shows. If you are an outdoorsy type – you will love the outdoor activities, plenty of places to hike and explore, and the beautiful nature. If you are relocating with pets – your furry buddy will love it here, as well. For those of you that are shopaholics, check out Stanford Shopping Centre. The restaurants are amazing, and the food is excellent. There are theatres and art galleries for art aficionados. Big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and others are within short distance.

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If you are looking for local Bay Area movers, look no more – our company has the finest movers in Palo Alto, California. We are a licensed and registered moving company in Bay Area that has been in this business for a long time – since 1992. If you don’t want to have any moving stress in this period, put our Palo Alto moving company on your moving expenses checklist. We have all the moving hacks and know how to provide you with a smooth relocation – leave that up to us and focus on your moving-away party instead.

Our Palo Alto Movers Have You Covered From Day 1

If you put our team on your payroll, you won’t have many things left on your moving to-do list – we’ll handle it all. There aren’t many items our movers don’t move – we can even move your piano. We can handle packing for you in case you are having trouble packing fragile items or even packing books. Our local team is hard-working, experienced, and will treat you with respect. Here are some of the services we provide in your new area.


Choose a Service From a Wide Range of Moving Services Our Local Movers in Bay Area Provide

We strive to help each customer in every way possible and in every aspect of the relocation process. That’s why we have an abundance of services available for you to choose from in each one of the Bay area towns, regardless of the distance of your relocation. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Residential moving services – Pack your bags, and enjoy a San Francisco staycation while our team moves your belongings into your new home.
  • Packing service – If you don’t want to deal with packing dishes nor even packing plates, contact us. Our team of professional packers will have you ready to go in no time, making sure everything stays intact in the process.
  • Labor service – If you have rented a truck to move by yourself, make sure you don’t forget the most commonly forgotten things to pack. And contact us if you want professional relocators to carry the heavy load, so you are all set in your new place in no time.
  • Commercial relocating service – If you have a business that needs relocating – we can handle that in a professional and efficient manner, without long delays. Contact us, and have your business back on track in no time.
  • Storage units – We can provide you with affordable storage lockers on ground level, saving you time loading.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – We also provide you with the service of transporting your belongings to and from a storage facility of your choice.