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Mountain View’s amenities easily make it one of the better places to live in both the Bay and California in general. If you want to move to this incredible city, hiring our excellent Mountain View movers will allow you to do so without having to prepare for the relocation months in advance. Contact us right away to learn more about our professional service and get a free quote.

This City Is the Best Suburb in the Entire Bay

Mountain View easily takes first place on Niche’s list of best San Francisco suburbs, showing that there are more than enough good reasons to move here. Being the birthplace of Silicon Valley has many perks, and the sheer range of amenities makes the city an excellent choice for everyone from families to young professionals. It houses some of the biggest companies in the world, providing an abundance of excellent highly-paid job opportunities.


The City Offers an Abundance of Excellent Job Opportunities

As the birthplace of Silicon Valley and one of its principal cities, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest corporations in the tech industry have their headquarters in Mountain View. Besides being the home of Alphabet and its subsidiary Google, it also houses NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC). The complex conducts all sorts of scientific research while also participating in key space exploration missions. Some of the other major companies with a large presence in the city include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Samsung, Symantec, and Synopsys. With the abundance of excellent job opportunities in the area, it’s not surprising that this Bay Area town is one of the best suburbs for young professionals in the region and California in general.

What’s the Cost of Living in the City Like?

Living in one of the best places in the Bay doesn’t come cheap. With all the big-name companies operating in the area, it’s not surprising that the city has a median home value of $1.4 million, which rivals even San Francisco’s prices. However, the median household income of $140,000 shows that most of the locals don’t have a problem meeting the standards. If you’re just starting your career, don’t worry. The median rent cost of $2,450 a month is on par with most of the cities in the Bay. Renting is also a more popular option, with almost 60% of people choosing to rent instead of buying.

Commuting to San Francisco Won’t Take Too Long

One of the better things about the city is that you won’t have to worry about long commute times. Whether you’re planning a weekend staycation in San Francisco or have some unfinished business in the city, the US-101 will take you there in just 40 minutes. You can also get to San Francisco without a car relatively quickly. The local Caltrain takes about sixty to seventy minutes to reach SF, with departures occurring almost every hour, making it a solid alternative to driving.

Move With One of the Top Moving Companies in Bay Area

Do you want to move efficiently without using a ton of relocation hacks just to manage everything? That’s precisely what hiring our professional San Francisco moving company enables you to do. Founded almost thirty years ago, Golden Bay Relocation is one of the oldest Bay Area moving companies working today, providing countless customers with excellent services. Hiring one of the best movers in San Francisco will allow you to move anywhere in the region without having to worry about a thing.

What Services Can You Get by Hiring Our Mountain View Movers?

Hiring our Bay Area moving company will give you access to several excellent local moving services. We made sure that every customer has an option that would suit them, no matter what their main reason for relocating might be. If you’re planning to move to this incredible Bay Area city, get one of the following services:

  • Residential relocation – This is the perfect service for anyone planning on relocating to a new home. It covers a truck and several of our excellent Bay Area movers, providing all the necessary labor and transportation.
  • Apartment relocation – While the common house relocation is already complex, having to carry everything up and down a tall building is even more excruciating. Avoid all the unnecessary relocation stress and let our team handle everything.
  • Commercial relocation – If you’re planning to move here to expand your business, this option will allow you to do so quickly and without any unnecessary delays.
  • Packing and moving – Getting this service will enable you to move in a hurry without having to do any packing whatsoever. It’s the only option that covers things smaller than a cubic foot, making it the perfect choice for those with a ton of fragile items to pack.


Our Mountain View Movers Can Also Provide Storage and Labor Moving Services

Besides the more common services we just went over, our company also provides labor-only service. Getting this service will help you with all the heavy lifting, allowing you to move large items without having to worry about suffering a painful injury. We’re also one of the few local movers in Bay Area who offer storage facilities for rent. If you have a bunch of pots and pans that can’t fit into your new home, why not place a few things into storage until you decide what to do with them. Those already renting a unit can book our in- and-out-of storage service, which covers packing and transportation for all belongings you want to store.