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Sylvia Teves

I had a great experience working with Golden Bay Relocation. They were punctual and very professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that our furniture was place in the right place(s). I would definitely work with them again!

Marco Varga

These guys arrived on time and helped us pack the remaining stuff into boxes and labeled them just like we asked them to. Very affordable movers in Bay Area, especially since they didn’t waste any time during the paid time. Will use them again for sure!

Will L.

Had a great experience with Golden Bay Relocation. Tahir, the foreman for my move and the other two movers were fantastic! They came in ready to work! Everyone was very professional, efficient, and honest. Will use them again in the future.

Vanessa Martel

Movers arrived on time, they were hard working and efficient. Moving is always stressful, and hiring Golden Bay Relocation for the second time ( in 1.5 years) was a very good decision. The staff was professional, pleasant, hard working and strong as they were able to lift heavy items with ease. I recommend their services to all.

Alexandra N.

They were on time, efficient and super impressive with the speed and care they moved my daughter in. The crew of 3 busted their backs going up and down several flights of stairs at the new place. I would absolutely recommend using them!

Valerie D.

The moving team (3 people came for a 2 bed) came at the start of the move window (8 am) and were very friendly. We were moving during a pandemic, safety for everyone was a concern but the team wore face masks the entire time and were careful to keep space.

All towns in the Bay Area are fantastic, but if Cupertino is the one that stole your heart and you decided it is time to relocate, we might have a solution for you – our Cupertino movers. A team of professionals with great reviews can help you relocate to one of the top-rated suburbs in no time, all you have to do is to contact us.

What is Living in Cupertino Like?

If you decide to move to Cupertino, you will indeed find the best possible home for you and your family. No relocation stress in the world is too high a price for coming to such a lovely Bay Area town. So, check out what we had to say about this amazing suburb and see if it’s the right destination for your local relocation.

Is Cupertino An Expensive San Jose Suburb?

We won’t lie – your moving expenses checklist will be lengthy. This is one of those excellent suburbs that everybody wants to live in, so the housing prices aren’t affordable for everybody. The median home value is $1,711,300 – at first, you might wonder if it’s worth it and how you can even move efficiently here. But, the benefits you will have at this place are all the reasons to move that you need. Besides, if you’re not up to buying real estate, you always have the option to rent. The median rent in this suburb is $3,160, and it’s worth every cent – especially if you’re a young professional who is moving out for the first time.

The Benefits of Moving to Cupertino

This is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the Bay Area. Since it’s a part of San Jose, it means that it’s located in the heart of Silicon Valley – it’s a heaven for every young professional, plus it is only 15 minutes away from the center of San Jose and 45 minutes from San Francisco. When we tell you that even a company as huge as Apple chose this neighborhood for its headquarters, everything will be clear to you. It’s a safe suburb, where you can enjoy walks in the park (important for those moving with pets), quality restaurants, and excellent coffee shops.

Why Is Cupertino Suitable for Everybody?

We mentioned that it’s a top spot for every techie in the world, but it’s also a very family-friendly neighborhood. In fact, there are many families in this region, and schools with outstanding reviews must be one of the reasons for that. The diversity is on a grand level here, so you can expect to fit in quickly and easily. Basically, whoever you are and wherever you come from, this suburb will be welcoming to you – isn’t that enough to make you want to pack to move in a hurry?

Our Bay Area Moving Company Has the Most Professional Cupertino Movers

If you want the best house or apartment relocation, our local company with excellent reviews is the one you have been looking for. We can make your local moving effortless – our services are on the highest level, and we follow all the newest trends in the relocation industry. You won’t find better local movers in the Bay Area than our crew. They are professional, skilled, and quick. The help they will provide you with is more than a few simple moving hacks. You will be surprised how easy it can be to move your home to another location if you have a reputable moving company by your side.

Which Local Moving Services Do We Offer?

Besides relocating items movers won’t move, Golden Bay Relocation can provide you with every local moving service in the book. We’ve been in the business for so long that we have a plan for every type of move – our reviews can back up that claim. There won’t be any crazy relocation scams during your move if you decide to book one of our services. So, it’s time to get that free quote and start packing your household items.

Our Best Bay Area Movers in Cupertino Can Provide You With the Following Moving Services

What can we do to help you arrive at your new home without destroyed fragile items or lost boxes? Our services work like magic – let us take over everything and help you while you relax and organize your going-away party or research how to approach packing books. Let’s see what you can contact us for:

Residential moving – This is one of our most popular services, and the one our movers can do in their sleep. Hiring us for this service should undoubtedly be on your to-do list – we have only positive reviews from customers.

Commercial moving service –Relocating your office is a whole different thing than relocating your home, and it’s better left to pros. Packing computers is complex, but our movers are well-trained for that and will ensure your screens stay intact.

Packers and movers – Our local company can provide you with a team of packers who will handle all the tedious packing instead of you. You won’t have to worry about packing dishes and other tricky items – check out our free quote.

In- and-out-of storage service – If you have read our reviews, you might have noticed that our company also offers storage lockers for storing items you have no space for. Your stuff will be kept in optimal and controlled conditions – there won’t be any damage.

Labor-only service – Get your quote for our labor-only assistance if you need a few workers to move a piano or carry heavy boxes. They can handle that, and you can have control over the rest of the relocation.