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If you are intending to live in Lafayette, CA, possibilities are you are also searching for a reputable local relocation company. You can count on Lafayette movers to help you relocate your belongings in the best way and guide you through the whole process. Before moving there, find out more about this neighborhood to see if it is the perfect place for you.

Lafayette, CA: Is it a Good City for Living?

Lafayette is located in Contra Costa County in California. This city was named for Marquis de la Fayette, a French and American war hero. The community has also been known as Dog Town, Alcalanus, Brown’s Mill, and Brown’s Corner. During the 20th century, Lafayette was transformed into a suburban city and a residential community.


Living in This California City

A lot of people in this area work in other places, which requires them to travel a lot. Located in San Francisco’s Bay Area, this town lies within Lamorinda, a collective term for Walnut Creek, Orinda and Moranga. Lafayette is known for its excellent schools and minimal crime rate, making it a safe place to live. There is public transportation nearby, and a 35-minute drive from San Francisco, but residents still enjoy the comforts of a small town.

The High Cost of Living You can Expect in Lafayette

Based on an index of 288, living costs here are higher than the average in the US. It is very expensive to rent a house here, with a 682 housing index. This means that it is approximately seven times more expensive than the United States median and three times more expensive than the average in California. Houses are typically priced at $1,570,500. It is an excellent idea to live here if you have the budget. The good news is that other costs are close to the national median. The index for food is 117, 102 for utilities, 109 for healthcare, and 124 for transport. Renting or buying a house here will enable you to live a comfortable life.

Prepare for the California Climate 

The region has a Mediterranean climate, with long, hot, and dry summers and snowy winters. Forests of mixed species and oak woodlands are prevalent in this area of California. Located in the northern part of the city, Briones Regional Park is home to a variety of animals, including squirrels, black-tailed deer, cougars, coyotes and hawks. There is a two-mile-long bicycle trail in Briones Park that is ideal for people who like to be active.

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Take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate unnecessary items and simplify your life. As a humanitarian act, we encourage you to donate clothes or toys in the Bay Area. Still, you may find that you need more space for your items. In that case, our storage services allow you to store your belongings in our secure and comfortable storage space.

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