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Sylvia Teves

I had a great experience working with Golden Bay Relocation. They were punctual and very professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that our furniture was place in the right place(s). I would definitely work with them again!

Will L.

Had a great experience with Golden Bay Relocation. Tahir, the foreman for my move and the other two movers were fantastic! They came in ready to work! Everyone was very professional, efficient, and honest. Will use them again in the future.

Alexandra N.

They were on time, efficient and super impressive with the speed and care they moved my daughter in. The crew of 3 busted their backs going up and down several flights of stairs at the new place. I would absolutely recommend using them!

Marco Varga

These guys arrived on time and helped us pack the remaining stuff into boxes and labeled them just like we asked them to. Very affordable movers in Bay Area, especially since they didn’t waste any time during the paid time. Will use them again for sure!

Vanessa Martel

Movers arrived on time, they were hard working and efficient. Moving is always stressful, and hiring Golden Bay Relocation for the second time ( in 1.5 years) was a very good decision. The staff was professional, pleasant, hard working and strong as they were able to lift heavy items with ease. I recommend their services to all.

Valerie D.

The moving team (3 people came for a 2 bed) came at the start of the move window (8 am) and were very friendly. We were moving during a pandemic, safety for everyone was a concern but the team wore face masks the entire time and were careful to keep space.

Berkeley Movers 

Movers In Berkeley Who Know, Want, and Deliver

Berkeley movers who have gained the trust of thousands of individuals, families, and businesses in the area through their dedicated work, motivation, and skills can be found among the crew of, undoubtedly, the best Berkeley movers – Golden Bay Relocation.

The great opportunities this university city offers, with all the accomplishments waiting ahead of you – should all begin with a successful start and the best moving experience that only the best moving companies in Berkeley can provide you with. 

Choose The Volume Of Service You Wish, As Our Berkeley Movers Can Do It All

Unlike many Berkeley moving and storage companies, we don’t provide rough, unflexible types of services that somehow need to work with what you need from your movers. No, we will bring you the vibes of the best Berkeley moving experience by allowing you to choose the options that will work for you best, and create a unique moving plan, consisting of exactly what you need.

If you are currently looking for moving companies in Berkeley CA, what is it you want them to deliver? Golden Bay Relocation offers three different volumes of moving services:


  • Standard Service – By choosing standard service, that means your Berkeley movers will load, transport, and unload your items at your destination. Of course, we wouldn’t be the best movers in Berkeley if we wouldn’t also pad, wrap and disassemble your furniture pieces before moving – it’s not even questionable;
  • Partial Packing Service – This means you want your movers to provide you with some light moving assistance; usually, people need help in packing kitchenware or another specific area in the house they won’t finish packing in time;
  • Full-Pack Service – Do you want your Berkeley moving company to fully pack and move you? In that case, all you need to do is open the door, and our Berkeley movers will do it all!

How Much Do Moving Services In Berkeley CA Cost?

Great question! There are so many Berkeley moving companies offering their services, and you can find any price and quality range of movers you can possibly imagine! Usually, the high-quality local movers in Berkeley CA will offer their services at high prices as well, but it isn’t always the case!Golden Bay Relocation spends a great deal of time and effort in market research, making sure our prices are competitive with other Berkeley movers. However, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality movers in Berkeley, and it’s what we try to accomplish! 

No hidden costs policy is the most important feature of our pricing system, and you will not only be informed about our prices over the phone, but in writing as well, so if it turns out there are any confusing parts – you can react right away and give us a call so that we make sure we are on the same page!

Life in Berkeley

This city is located in Alameda County and populated by around 123,000 people, and it attracts many young people seeking education. The oldest university center in California brings thousands of young people into the city, as well as families, and individuals seeking careers in different fields. 

There are many factors that decide whether a city is a great place to live or not, and many that decide whether moving into the city was great or not – but relying on our Berkeley movers will make sure the moving part goes as smoothly as possible!

Median Household Income of $91,259 exceeds the national average by around $30,000 which is quite a significant amount. Given the data that Berkeley is #7 among the best cities for young professionals in America, it seems that the work market is inspired by the educational base of the city. 

High income is probably what motivates high housing median prices for buying, but when it comes to rental average prices, they are in accordance with the national average, and most people rent – again, given that most people who move to Berkeley are currently on their education journey.

Why Is Your Choice Of A Berkeley Moving Company That Important?

The most important impression that stays in your mind long-term is the first impression. When it comes to starting a new life chapter by moving, it all depends on that event, doesn’t it? Don’t you think that the choice of your Berkeley movers will greatly affect and paint the first picture of this amazing city for you?

To us, this sounds like a serious responsibility! That is why you can freely rely on Golden Bay Relocation, whose Berkeley movers will go above and beyond in order to show you how simple and stress-free moving services in Berkeley CA can actually be.

The Healthiest American City

It’s also the healthiest area to live in America, according to the census and the CDC. The city’s greater quality of life is attained by easy access to healthcare and healthy living practices, resulting in extremely low rates of smoking, obesity, and alcohol misuse within the population. Berkeley’s long-running student protests in the 1960s became known as the Free Speech Movement, and the city is still regarded as one of the most liberal in the country.

Berkeley is A Great Place to Live for Young Professionals

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that Berkeley’s population is primarily made up of college students and alumni. In fact, every fourth inhabitant is between the ages of 18 and 24, with 18 percent between the ages of 25 and 34, making it an ideal location for young professionals. The majority of adults are highly educated – 74% have at least a bachelor’s, and 40% have masters or higher degrees.

High Real Estate Prices – But Affordable Rents

Given Berkley’s many advantages, it’s not a surprise that the city’s cost of living is higher than that of other East Bay cities. This is especially true in the housing market, where the $1 million median value of a home is nothing to laugh at. However, because most of the residents in Berkeley are college students and grads, someone migrating here is significantly more likely to be interested in renting, which is thankfully much more affordable. The region’s median rent price of $1,700 is low, with over half of the rentals falling into between $1,000 and $1,999 price ranges.

Many Green Transportation Alternatives to Choose

As thousands of university personnel and students drive into the city, finding suitable parking is becoming increasingly difficult. The good news is that Berkeley has a variety of alternative transportation choices that will make getting about the city much easier. Non-drivers can feel safe in the city because there is a separate grid for cycling called Bicycle Boulevards. As a result, it has some of the country’s highest rates of bicycles and pedestrian commuters. The city also hosts car-sharing services such as Zipcar and Uhaul Car Share to help minimize the number of vehicles on the road.

The Neighborhoods Are Different and Offer a Variety of Things to Do

This community has it all, whether you want to develop your network, take a walk in Tilden Park, or perhaps view an extraterrestrial pilot installation while walking down the street. Although being a college town has a significant impact on the local lifestyle in its neighborhoods, we can assist you in locating several options based on your needs and desires.

Berkeley’s neighborhoods, like its citizens, have distinct identities. Each area has something special to offer, so take your time to look around before deciding where you want to call home.

  • The North District is brimming with shops and restaurants where you may sample a variety of cuisines. It’s primarily a residential neighborhood, with tranquil tree-lined lanes providing peace and quiet to those who choose to call it home.
  • The Central District is a major foodie destination, with eateries lining the streets. A fantastic public high school is located just off the main street, but it is also no stranger to the student culture.
  • Downtown is a cultural hotspot, with vibrant local enterprises and a diverse range of delicious cuisines. The view here is lined with high-rise apartments, as well as a variety of music venues.

Berkeley Movers Who Will Make, Not Break 

Finding a good fit for what you need among all the local movers in Berkeley CA can be a bit tricky, but if you know where to look – it’s rather simple. Golden Bay Relocation has over thirty years of experience providing moving services in the area and has developed strategies, skills, and techniques that can’t be beaten by other Berkeley movers.

We believe that moving companies in Berekely can be easily noticed by these main characteristics:


  • Punctuality – which is why our Berkeley movers will always be there at the agreed time and space;
  • Professionalism – that comes in all shapes and sizes, but you will be able to see it from the very first contact with our Berkeley moving specialists;
  • Satisfied customers – That you can see and hear all over Berkeley – and of course, the internet. 


The Most Common Berkeley Moving Services We Provide

Unlike many other moving companies in Berkeley, we have decided to provide enough training for our Berkeley movers and develop as many types of moving services as possible. And while we offer everything from labor-only moving services, to residential or commercial moves – we provide our services both locally and long-distance.

Golden Bay Relocation provides both Berkeley moving and storage services and allows our clients to choose from three different ranges of volumes of Berkeley moving and storage services.

What we have noticed is the demand for our Berkeley movers is the highest for these types of services:

Residential movers Berkeley: By far the most common type of moves that Golden Bay Relocation has been delivering in an immaculate way for over thirty years now;

Commercial Berkeley moving services: Moving an entire corporation, a small office, or just some office furniture is no riddle with a crew of our Berkeley movers who will handle it in a blink of an eye;

Storage Berkeley movers: We are one of the Berkeley moving and storage companies, with our own storage space, but we can move you in or out of any other storage facility for sure;

Packers and Movers Berkeley: Our clients trust us tremendously, and often choose to simply open the door for us, while we do the rest!

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Why would you waste your time trying to find Berkeley moving and storage companies that will promise you the world, and not be able to even pack a box when you have the best Berkeley moving company right here?


The best local movers in Berkeley CA can be found with Golden Bay Relocation, and by giving us a call at 415-668-9562, emailing us at, or filing out a form on our website, you are scheduling yourself with the best Berkeley moving experience!