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Genius Moving Hacks To Save Money During Your Bay Area Move

Your moving date is getting closer by the day, and you might be in the need of a few genius moving hacks. Planning and setting up a moving budget is a tricky part of your move, one that you need to do right in order to make sure everything is going according to plan. With the help of some genius moving hacks provided by our trained professionals at Golden Bay Relocation – we will make sure that your entire moving experience is an affordable one. 

Moving is known to be everything but cheap – no matter if you might be doing a self move, or one with Bay Area professional movers. It costs a lot of money to round up everything that is needed for your upcoming move, and a lot of effort then needs to be invested to have it all completed smoothly and without any damages. 

We are here to show you how to save money during your Bay Area move, and still have a safe and stress-free moving experience.

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Genius Hack #1 – Start With Your Budget

It’s best to approach the problem right away and tackle your budget situation. Our genius moving hacks suggest that the earlier you establish a budget and plan out your future expenses, you will know exactly how much room you have to work with. Gathering supplies and actually moving your items to their new location are two different things, and you will have to dedicate some money to both phases of your move because they are equally important.

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Be Realistic 

Being realistic on how much full service movers cost and how much you will be spending on bubble wrap and boxes because frankly – they aren’t free. What you can do in this situation is give the best you can, and move onto our favorite tips on how to cut corners on needless expenses during your move – and make it a reasonably priced one. 

Think About Decluttering 

The more you get rid of before your move, the more: 

  1. Room you will have in your new home 
  2. Money you will save because you are moving less items 
  3. Energy you will save packing 

Separating your unwanted items into categories will help you with organizing everything in one spot – you will know which items are being donated, tossed, repaired etc. Be objective with your belongings and how much you actually make use of them, and get rid of them based on that.

Sentimental value is important, but if you haven’t touched that music box in five years — maybe someone else will grow to love it and actually use it. Donate and sell everything you don’t see yourself needing in the future – and be realistic.

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Set Up Separate Packing And Moving Budgets

You will need to set up budgets for both phases of your move as they are equally important – so make sure to think about that before you hire anyone or buy anything. Give yourself some time to think about your priorities for this move – is it to have it done quickly? Or smoothly? 

Genius Hack #2 – You Don’t Have To Hire Full Service Movers

Hiring movers provides you with many different options – from professional packing to only loading up your moving van. One of our genius moving hacks is to hire movers for a part of your move – and even that can go a few different ways.

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Packing Only 

If this is what you consider the toughest part of your move, hiring movers to professionally pack you up for your future move can be the best decision you could ever make. Having professionals pack you up and ensure the safety of your belongings for your move can make the entire experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved. You will only have the moving phase to take care of.

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Loading / Unloading

Loading and unloading your truck can seem like an easy process, but when you actually start moving those furniture pieces from the truck to your home and vice versa, the help of professional movers can seem like the only solution. Hiring movers to help you load or unload your rental truck can be a great way to ease your move for a cheaper price. Remember, your movers charge by the hour.

Moving Only Large Furniture Pieces

Your movers can only take a few of the heaviest pieces that you left in your home, while you take all the boxes, lamps and small appliances by yourself. Your movers can only take a few heavy things and make it ultimately easier for you in the end.

Genius Hack #3 – Packing Supplies

Use What You Already Have

What you already have around your home is already going to be packed – so why not use what you have to pack other things in it? Everything like baskets, luggage and bins can be used to pack light unbreakables like shoes and clothing, while fragiles should always be packed in professional moving boxes.

Shop Online For Supplies

You might find some better deals, bundles or kits online with a simple search. Looking for moving boxes in the Bay Area can be an easy task with the right amount of research. Check your Facebook Marketplace as another alternative for supplies.

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Local Businesses Might Have Leftover Supplies

Your bookstore probably has great, quality boxes – and so does your local grocery or liquor store. They might even have boxes designed for bottles that are great alternatives for dish packs.

Genius Packing Hacks

Where there are genius moving hacks, there are some genius packing hacks, too. Take the time to look at some of our most important tips and hacks to save up some money and energy during your move.

How To Pack Shoes 

Pack them together, secure with plastic wrap and pack in suitcases or bins that you might be using as makeshift supplies. Taping your shoes together after they’ve been wrapped will add more cushioning and help everything stay together during the trip.

How To Pack Clothes

Instead of taking everything off of your hangars and packing your individual clothing pieces into boxes, simply use a couple of trash bags to cover your hangars and poke a hole for the hangar to come through. Besides, your local moving company most likely has free wardrobe boxes to offer you anyway. 

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Pack In Bundles 

Keeping similar items together and bundling them before packing them inside a box will help with unpacking as you will know exactly where everything is. Taking the time to pan out what will go where and how you will be packing up for the move will help you keep everything on track.

Lighter Boxes = Quicker Move

Having more boxes but lighter ones can result in a much quicker move than having a few very heavy boxes. They are prone to falling apart, your items getting damaged and it will overall slow down your move when it doesn’t have to. Pack lighter boxes and keep each box under 50lbs.

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Genius Hack #5 – The More Work You Do Before, The Cheaper Your Move Will Be

Disassemble Your Furniture 

It’s a simple thing to do that can drastically change your move and make it much more efficient as your movers don’t have to disassemble every individual piece of furniture before they start loading up the truck. If you have the time and resources, definitely do the disassembling and thank yourself later.

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Move Everything Closer To The Entrance 

Taking your boxes and moving them close to your door can help out with the efficiency of your movers on the big day. Having your movers just be in and out of your home with not much effort will result in a quicker and therefore cheaper move. Move only the pieces that are not heavy and leave the tricky parts of your move to the professionals.

Wrap Your Large Pieces 

Another small thing that you can do to make the entire experience a bit more quick is to wrap your large furniture pieces before your movers arrive so they don’t have to do so. Saving even 15 minutes during your moving experience can save you a lot of money at the end of the day.

wrapping furniture in bubble wrap

Give Your Movers A Hand

Helping them out with some simple tasks on the big day can result in them finishing much quicker than expected, and help is always appreciated. While you might’ve hired professional movers so you wouldn’t have to do a thing, saving money this way can be a smart way to get a professional service where it matters and cutting corners where it doesn’t. 

And Last, But Not Least – The Most Genius Moving Hack Is To Hire Golden Bay Relocation As Your Reliable Local Mover

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